Obsession: Her Final Vengeance (2020 Lifetime)

Obsession: Her Final Vengeance (2020 Lifetime)

Stars: Celeste DesjardinsTravis NelsonKelly Hope TaylorAnastasia Phillips 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Blake Collins is now dead, and his ex-girlfriend Madison Turner is trying to forget the horrific ordeal he’s put her through. But little does Madison know that Blake’s psychotic sister, Lisa, is determined to punish the woman she blames for the death of her adored brother.


Lisa, Blake’s sister, who was in a psych ward, is now pregnant and “hormonal.” When her husband, Rodney, calls her a Bitch and says Blake is lame, she stabs him with a box cutter. Lisa is playing the villain right from the get-go, plus she has the best Lifetime motive. Revenge.

Madison still has nightmares about Blake kidnapping her and is now working in fashion marketing. Her boss is NOT Meryl Streep and talks very fast. (Wow! That is a skill.) At a work event, Madison spills on her dress, and a handsome guy helps her get the stain. His name is Wesley. They go on a date where he raves about martinis and charcuterie boards. (Can I go on a date with Wes because he seems fantastic.)  

Lisa tracks Madison down and starts her revenge plan. The first part of her project is stabbing a pillow while stalking Madison on social media. Lisa gets a job as an intern RN in a mental hospital, posing as Courtney. Lisa takes a particular interest in a patient named Bethany. Then she even sits in on a group for victims of abuse/violence. Madison is a member and talks about killing Blake. After the group therapy, Lisa stops Madison to thank her for her openness. 

The ladies get coffee and become fast friends. When Madison goes to the bathroom, Lisa takes a picture of her ID. Madison cuts the coffee date short for a proper date with Wes. Lisa makes sure to walk Madison to his car “for safety.” but really to keep tabs on her. 

Lisa immediately goes to Madson’s apartment and criticizes her taste in dishware. Then she makes a fake dating profile to lure Wesley away from Madison. At work, Lisa skips giving Bethany her pills and calls her a friend. Bethany will now do whatever Lisa has planned. Trust me; this woman has a plan. She later steals pills. 

BFF’s Madison and Lisa do yoga together while talking about boys, which defeats the purpose. Lisa notices a picture of Evie and has a new target. After yoga, Lisa wants to show Madison her dating profile and is “surprised” to see she matched with Wesley. Madison is so upset she goes upstairs, allowing Lisa time to swap out some medication and put Madison’s phone in a bowl of water. Then she finds Wes and attacks him in a parking lot.

The plot with Bethany continues. Lisa reaches out to her sister. I’m not sure what the endgame here is. When Lisa meets with the sister, she learns that Bethany, when off her meds, is very violent. (BINGO!) Lisa tells Bethany about Madison murdering her brother and how she is a horrible person. Later, Lisa continues to bribe Bethany with gifts and cries about Madison trying to get her fired. Bethany offers to bomb her house. (Woah. A little too extreme Beth.) 

While Madison is at work, she takes some anti-anxiety pills (which were swapped out.) and starts to feel groggy and out of it. She makes work errors, and her boss casually mentions Wesley getting attacked in the parking lot outside his restaurant. Madison pops more pills and calls Lisa to help her visit Wesley in the hospital after work. 

Wesley is in the hospital, still looking adorable. Madison checks in on him. I’m in love with Wesley. #SorryNotSorry! 

Lisa suggests a letter-writing session to get out their emotions and past trauma. Lisa writes a letter to Madison about her killing Blake to express her feelings. To cover up that it is actually about Madison, Lisa changes the name to Sherri. Madison writes a letter about the scars Blake has left on her emotionally and physically. They read them out loud while drinking wine. Lisa gets so upset she has to remove herself. Madison is weirded out, but not as much as she should be. 

Madison continues to take her meds and start dropping the ball at work. She calls Evie because she is concerned about her health. Evie recommends Madison stop taking the pill and identify the pill number. Evie looks up the pill number and warns Madison she is on bipolar medication. Madison is helpless without her sister. Poor thing. 

Lisa tampers with the gas in Madison’s house, setting off the carbon monoxide alarm. Needing to get out of the house and nowhere else to go, Madison packs a bag and spends the night at Lisa’s condo. Who knew Lisa’s Wifi password would send her plan crashing down. It is Nicky6133 (or something.), and Madison’s ears finally perk up. She realizes that she knows nothing about “Courtney.” When Lisa goes to work to calm down Bethany, Madison searches online and finds Lisa’s mugshot. Little does she know Lisa is right behind her. 

Madison realizes everything and asks Lisa each question like a check marked list. 

  • Are you Blake’s Sister?
  • Did you follow me here?
  • Did you attack Wesley?
  • Did you swap my pills?
  • OMG!

I’m glad Madison pieced it together. Lisa won’t let Madison leave and syringes her stages a suicide attempt that has Madison admitted into the psych ward. She is put on a 72-hour hold. (#FreeBritney… I mean #FreeMadsion.) 

Evie is called, and she knows that Madison could never do those things. She calls Wesley to help her look into and drives to Chicago. Wes realizes that Lisa is the person who attacked him randomly. He calls 911.

In her cell, Madison screams for help. Lisa comes in the nurse, and Madison is horrified. Lisa tells Madison that she will never forgive her and plans on keeping Madison there for a long time. Then Lisa gives Bethany a knife and Madison’s room key and promises to get Bethany out if she kills Madison for her. Bethany goes into Madison’s room and waves the knife around while calling her a “backstabbing bitch.” Madison kicks Bethany in the stomach, steals the knife, and cuts her restraints. The two patients struggle, and Madison stabs Bethany. (Correction, Bethany was strangled. Thanks, Gail!!!) The orderly finally looks at the cam and rushes to Madison’s room.

Meanwhile, Lisa leaves the hospital and runs into Wesley. She takes out Blake/Nick’s knife and tries to stab him with it. Since he is so strong and manly, he gets the knife and stabs Lisa. She falls to the ground and slowly dies. 

Wesley and Madison are reunited. He is worried about her and tells her that he killed her. They hug.

Flash forward to another group therapy session, and Madison shares her story of survival. Wesley is very proud of her and gives her a key to his place in a ring box. Fake-out, Madison. Evie shows up finally right at the tail end of the movie. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Nurse Pamela, Police, 

This was the best

Very happy that a female wrote this. (Melissa Cassera) I thought her dialogue we very good. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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