Her Deadly Sugar Daddy (2020 Lifetime)

Her Deadly Sugar Daddy (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Lauren SwickardBrent BaileyAubrey Reynolds 

Director:  Brooke Nevin

Written by: Brooke Purdy

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After graduating from college, 21-year-old Bridget moves to a new town with her best friend, Lindsay. Desperately needing a job to support her budding writing career, she takes a job as an Executive Assistant to business tycoon Anthony Gloss. The salary is eye-watering, and the perks keep on coming, but she will soon learn that a life of luxury can come at a deadly price. Lorynn York, Aubrey Reynolds, Brent Bailey star. (2020)


Bridget and Lindsey move into an LA apartment. Bridget is a writer, and her mom is attempting to convince her daughter to start a blog. (The first mother to do this in history.) The job hunt is slow, and Bridget spends more time brushing off ber ex-boyfriend, Zack.

Lindsey is obsessed with two things. 1) LOBSTER 2) Making a dating app for Bridget and sending her on dates. The dates don’t go well. Bridget’s date is three hours late and a total jerk. When he gets aggressive, a handsome man offers to give her a ride home. He gives her his card and drops her off. The jerk from the date attacks Bridget and almost rapes her. The handsome man comes back, pulls the jerk away in his car, and then PAYS HIM IN A PARKING LOT?!?!

Bridget hustles and gets an interview at a Devil Wear’s Prada type job, with a Lifetime budget. Kathy (the boss) tells Bridget that she needs to start blogging, and then MAYBE she can work as a blogger.

To make money, Bridget messages the handsome man and agrees to work for him as an assistant. The handsome man’s name is Anthony. She has no idea what his business is but decides to work for him. Late at night, someone creeps on Bridget in the parking lot. Her defense? Screaming, ” I KNOW KRAV MAGA!!!!”

Zack still is trying to get back with Bridget, but Anthony stops that by beating him up and threatening his life. Yikes! Then he takes Bridget to a work dinner. Bridget starts to feel that Anthony is pimping her out to clients. He explains that she can set her boundaries but is expected to “make the clients feel good.” Bridget asks him if he is her sugar daddy, and she is a sugar baby. He tells her just to do her job and keep making $10,000 a month.

The job serves as an inspiration for Bridget’s blog. She chronicles the job, and Carrie Bradshaws out. Except she calls her followers “sweet readers.” Things get out of hand when a client gets too handsy. Bridget storms out and runs into Zack. He gives her a ride and tells her that he is concerned for her and loves her. (Zack is such a sweetie, why does Bridget hate him?)

A party happens, and Lindsey tags along. The attendees are high profile people in LA who all use Anthony’s services. When Bridget finds one of her father’s novels in Anthony’s office, she almost kisses him but pumps the breaks. Lindsey encourages her friend to go for it.

Bridget’s mother finds out about the hoeing without putting out and tells her daughter it is not right. Then Bridget is called away to have a “drink” with the District Attorney. The meeting goes as you would think, but Bridget somehow maintains her boundaries. Later that night, she is attacked in her sleep. Zack shows up to protect her because he is the best. He comforts Bridget, and she should really reevaluate breaking up with him.  

Anthony calls and invites Bridget and Lindsey to stay with him after the break-in. Zack warns the girls about the last assistant who drowned and tells them that Anthony has a criminal record and uses them. Bridget doesn’t appreciate it and storms off. 

When Bridget takes some photos at work while looking into the former assistant, Anthony catches her. He gives her a stern talking to and insists she delete the photos. It is intense. Bridget deletes the photos and apologizes. She promises to take down the blog and then smashes her phone with an eagle statue.

Zack has a laptop with information on it, but he is attacked in an ally before telling anyone. Bridget’s mother is supposed to meet with Zack, but when he doesn’t show up, she knows something is wrong and goes to SAVE HER DAUGHTER!

Meanwhile, Bridget has a dinner date with Anthony and then swims naked in his pool. She has a change of heart and tries to leave. She finds Anthony looking at survivance footage of her and uses it to blackmail her. He admits to killing his last assistant. 

Anthony’s cronies show up with Zack. Anthony shoots Zack and Bridget tries to escape. She is surprised to see her mother and Lindsey are there to save her! Lindsey drops a vase on Anthony. That doesn’t keep him down, and Bridget runs upstairs (stupid move.), leaving her boyfriend (ex), BFF, and mother downstairs unconscious. Anthony almost kills her, but Bridget’s Mom gets a gun and shoots him.

Zack is taken away in an ambulance. Bridget finally realizes that he is perfect and kisses him. Bridget starts her new career path and life with Zack. Her blog went viral, and now she works at Swerve! Happy ending. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Bitchy Assistant, Jim, Kathy, District Attorney Intruder, 

So happy to see Brooke Nevin in the director’s chair!!! Congrats GURL!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime


  1. Great on your seat thriller , but one question that puzzles me. If this supposed to a sugar daddy where’s the sex in this movie ?

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