The Wrong Prince Charming (2021 Lifetime)

The Wrong Prince Charming (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Vivica A. FoxCristine ProsperiJames Nitti

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Successful entrepreneur Bridget (Vivica A. Fox) has just scored a meeting with the famed Prince of Devonshire about a possible multi-million-dollar investment in one of her properties. She and her young lawyer, Anna, feel like they are living in a fantasy with the handsome prince who seems like the perfect partner for Bridget and the right guy for Anna until they discover that he’s not what he seems. Cristine Prosperi, James Nitti, and Tracy Nelson co-star. (2021)


The movie begins with a loser on a couch watching TV; oh wait, is that me? A woman breaks into the house and demands to know where “he” is. She screams about a man who promised her money. The TV man rented out his house while he was away on business. 

Ms. Vivica A Fox is Anna’s boss and owns her own company. (Maybe they do real estate or are lawyers, it doesn’t really matter.) The Prince of Devonshire invites Ms. Vivica A Fox for drinks and business talk; she invites Anna to come along. 

Anna ditches her roomie/BFF Heather for a night out in favor of researching Prince Edward while drinking some wine. 

At Drinks, Ms. Vivica A Fox looks fantastic. (They are meeting the Prince of Devonshire after all.) Prince Edward and his partner Liam offer 300 million dollars to expand a hotel. They talk about money and taxes, blah blah blah. Anna is suspicious. So is the woman from the beginning of the movie who is watching the meeting from afar while wearing a leather jacket. After Ms. Vivica A Fox and Anna leave, the woman screams at the prince and stops midsentence. Then she tracks Anna down and warns her, giving her a business card. The woman’s name is Mia Phillips.

Anna doesn’t take Mia’s advice and meets with Prince Edward for some more drinks. They make another date to go around the city. Ms. Vivica A Fox tells Anna to do ANYTHING to get the deal. (Who cares about the fine print!)

Meanwhile, Mia meets up with her stepsister Carrie at a dive bar while Prince Edward watches from afar. Mia begs Carrie to hire a PI and help her get her money back. Mia leaves, and Prince Edward makes his move. He picks up the check and flirts with Carrie while using a maybe Boston accent.

Prince Edward and Anna grow close as they shop around town. Anna opens up about her father’s failed sub shop and death. They kiss. (Are sad stories his aphrodisiac?) Afterward, Anna gushes to Heather. Her friend is excited, but she says that something doesn’t seem right. Anna invites Heather and her boyfriend on a double date to calm her fears.

On the double date, Prince Edward brags about knowing Elton John and walks about racing cars. (Heather catches Prince Edward say miles per hour instead of kilometers. Her suspicious are confirmed) After the date, Anna goes home, and Mia shows up trying to get that money still. Edward invites her up to his room in the hotel and poisons her. Carrie notices her sister is missing and tries to talk to detectives, who aren’t helpful. 

Anna brings Heather’s suspicions to Prince Edward, and he laughs them off. Proving Heather wrong with a Wikipedia page about him. (Haha.)

Prince Edward tells Liam about their new problem. I kind of feel like these two guys are sleeping with one another. They are just hanging out in a hotel room with their shirts off and one bed. Hmmm.

A masked figure puts a tracker on Heather’s car. Heather finds some files online and sends them to Anna. As she is calling and leaving a voicemail, Heather is attacked in her home.

Anna ignores Heather’s phone call to spend the night with Prince Edward. The next morning, Anna rushes off to work, and Ms. Vivica A Fox tells Anna that Heather has gone missing and appears to have been abducted. A lady detective questions Anna and also isn’t very helpful. 

Anna calls Mia’s cellphone and gets a hold of Carrie instead. Carrie tells Anna that Mia is missing too. Carrie tells Anna about a man named Harry who conned her stepsister out $200,000. Carrie tells Anna that Harry is Prince Edward. Anna rushes to tells Ms. Vivica A Fox to stop the deal. 

Ms. Vivica A Fox cancels the transfer and tells Anna to call the detective. They plan to play it off like a technical snafu and hide the fact that they know the truth from Prince Edward and Liam. 

Prince Edward and Liam, of course, know that the ladies are onto them. Prince Edward shows up at Anna’s house and tells her that he killed Heather. He isn’t leaving until Anna transfers the money. Anna calls 911 and locks herself in her room. The detectives show up and scare him off.

The next day at work, Ms. Vivica A Fox tells Anna to take the day off. Anna goes home and lays in bed; she nods off and is awakened by a knock at the door. Anna grabs a large butcher knife and almost stabs Heather’s boyfriend, who is stopping by to check on her. 

ANOTHER knock at the door, and this time it is, Prince Edward. Good thing she has that knife because she quickly stabs him.

The lady detective tells Anna that things aren’t looking to good for Mia and Heather. Liam is also missing too. Ms. Vivica A Fox really rubs it in this time when she says, “Look like you picked the wrong prince charming.” Like, two people died, Ms. Vivica A Fox. Show some respect!

Side Note

Minority Report: Bridget, Anna, Heather, Joey, Carrie, Detective, 

James Nitti also played a Prince Edward in A Royal Christmas Engagement

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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