The Wrong Blind Date (2022 Lifetime)


The Wrong Blind Date (2022 Lifetime)

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Cast: Vivica A. Fox, Meredith Thomas, Matthew Pohlkamp, Clark Moore, Lesli Kay

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Laura recently divorced, is encouraged by both her therapist, Beth (Vivica A. Fox,) and her daughter, Hannah, to get back into the dating game. While hesitant at first, Laura registers for an online blind dating service and gets an incoming message from a man named Kevin. On their first date, Kevin appears to be Laura’s perfect match. All seems to be going well until Hannah suddenly realizes that Kevin is more interested in Laura than he lets on. Kevin has a sinister motive behind his kind gestures and matters only seem to get worse when it’s discovered that Kevin does this all under the command of Laura’s ex-husband. Meredith Thomas, Matthew Pohlkamp, Sofia Masson, Clark Moore, Rainer Dawn also star. (2021)

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Ms. Vivica A Fox enters a house looking for someone named Laura. She opens a few cabinets and casually grabs a hammer before finding two women tied up in the bedroom.

Flash to one week earlier; Laura is in a therapy session with Ms. Vivica A Fox. Laura opens up about having trust issues since calling quits from her second marriage. Her first husband died, and her second police officer husband Michael, isn’t taking the separation well. He is controlling and wants to stay in Laura’s life for their college-aged daughter Hannah.

Ms. Vivica A Fox encourages Laura to get back out there and date. Laura is too focused on her graphic design company but decides to consider dating, as long as it isn’t on an app or anything like that. 

Hannah is on her way home from college, and she gets a call from a shirtless hunk named Noah. He invites her to a pool party, where he will inevitably be shirtless more. (I am not complaining!) Hannah blows off her mom for her friends, but not before shaming Laura for separating from her father. 

While she is home alone, Laura signs up for a dating website called Blind Date Online. A shadowy figure lurks outside her window and breaks into her house as she fills out her profile. It is Michael with a teddy bear, looking to see his “Hannah Banana.” He finds the dating profile online and online stalks Laura as well.

Hannah returns home from her pool party and helps her mother sift through online messages. A handsome man named Kevin sends Laura a message, and it rhymes. Hannah loves his profile, but Laura has second thoughts and deletes her profile. Laura focuses back on work with her co-worker Angela.

Kevin tracks Laura down and calls her to set up a date. Laura answers despite deleting her profile, and they talk about a shared love of Soap Operas. He asks her out for a date to a wine bar, and Laura agrees after some flirty banter. 

On their date, Kevin gives Laura a single red rose. Laura is impressed with Kevin’s level of maturity and kindness. He orders her an Uber home and is sure to save that home address. When Laura is gone, he beats up an old man who bumps into him.

A high fashion burglar, probably Kevin, breaks into Laura’s house and is almost caught by Hannah, who rushes in to grab her laptop. Kevin places nanny cams around the house while sauntering in his skin-tight black ensemble. He is almost caught AGAIN by Laura, who comes home early from work. (Maybe Kevin shouldn’t be robbing them in the middle of the day!) 

Ms. Vivica A Fox meets with Laura and encourages Laura’s dating. She reminds her client that she deserves to be happy and to find love. (Something we should all remember, thanks, Ms. Vivica!) Michael finds out that Laura is dating again and angrily storms into her office to warn her to stop dating, or else.

It turns out that Michael hired Kevin, or Steven, to get Laura to come back to him. Kevin/Steven has been earning her trust with knowledge fed to him by Michael. 

Noah, unfortunately, puts a shirt on, all be it a tank top, to ask Hannah out on a pizza date. They see Kevin at the bar flirting with the bartender on the date. The bartender turns out to be an old prison buddy of Kevin/Steven’s. The bartender blackmails Kevin/Steven and asks $15,000 or he will tell Laura the truth about him. (Kevin kills the shirtless bartender in his home gym. He ain’t paying no money.)

Hannah sees a new story about the murder and overhears her father and Kevin/Steven arguing, and then later Michael is attacked and put into the hospital. She is starting to become very suspicious of her mom’s new boyfriend. She recruits Noah to help her investigate.

The college detectives follow Kevin/Steven to his home and find out he is leasing an apartment, lied about his job, and then tell Ms. Vivica A Fox everything. (Which doesn’t make sense, but let’s roll with it. Who wouldn’t go to Ms. Vivica A Fox with their troubles!)

Kevin/Steven “clones” and lures Noah to him while impersonating Hannah. Kevin/Steven knocks Noah out and then kidnaps Laura and Hannah.

Ms. Vivica A Fox finds Kevin is named Steven, and he was in prison. His parole officer was Michael, and that is how they knew one another. She rushes to save the women.

Laura is confused and tries to reason with Kevin/Steven. Hannah explains everything to her mom so she can realize the true danger that they are in. Laura is horrified and tries to protect her daughter, but they both end up tied up.

We are back to the movie’s opening, where Ms. Vivica A Fox is grabbing hammers. She takes Kevin/Steven and says the titular line of the movie. “Laura, it Looks like you picked the WRONG Blind Date.”

Kevin and Michael are in prison for a long time. Hannah heads back to college, leaving her mom alone. Laura says she has given up dating, maybe for good? 

Side Note

Lifetime Movie Club “Exclusive.”


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Overall rating

Number of Kills: 

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