The Pregnancy Promise (2023 Lifetime)

The Pregnancy Promise (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Macy Jacob, Alexandra Swanbeck, Rachel G. Whittle

Director: Jose Montesinos

Writer: Steve Turner

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Best friends Lucy and Skye (17) accidentally fall pregnant at the same time which creates a huge rift between them and their families. But when Skye starts to suspect someone of meddling with her birth control, she wonders if there’s something more sinister at play. Stars Rachel G. Whittle, Alexandra Swanbeck, and Mary Jacob (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

The movie begins with a pregnant girl in literal pigtails, gagged and tied. She calls out for help in a drippy ass cave. 

Nine months earlier, we see the same teen, Skye, studying with her baby-obsessed best friend, Lucy. Skye focuses on getting into college. 

Two mins in, I have no idea what is going on. (Poor directing and writing here throw exposition out without establishing anything concrete first. Like names!!!) Skye’s dad lands some big architectural deal and gives everyone presents. (Except Lucy, she isn’t family.) There is some tension between Syke’s brother and father. There is also some sexual tension between Lucy and the brother. Oh, and it is causally dropped that Skye has diabetes.

More exposition happens; Lucy’s home life isn’t great. Her mom is a wino on anti-depressants. The mom can’t wait for Luct to graduate from high school and get a full-time job to help pay the bills.

 At school, Lucy is obsessed with a teen mom on campus and makes Skye promise to have kids together one day. They do a secret handshake and make a “friend promise.”

In addition to being intellectual and artistic, Skye is also a random cheerleader who lacks focus. (Kind of like this movie.) She almost drops a flyer when Jake Dawson passes by. The coach yells at Skye, and then Brooke, a 30-year-old who wants to be captain, yells at Skye too. (Just to be clear: I LOVE 30-year-olds playing teenagers on Lifetime. I’m not trying to shade her teenage dream!)

Lucy sneaks Skye out for a party, even though Skye’s mother forbids her from going because of her diabetes. (It’s not enough to get pregnant, but we must get the baby in the oven soon!) Lucy makes out with Skye’s brother Aaron, and Skye kisses Jake Dawson.

Skye starts spending more time with Jake, and it pisses Lucy off. Lucy whines about not seeing Skye and worrying about life without her BFF.

Skye throws up while fighting with her mother, which only means one thing in a Lifetime Movie. She is pregnant. (This fight dialogue was cringy.) 

Lucy comes to Skye’s rescue and helps her take a pregnancy test in the woods. She holds Skye while she cries. Then later, Lucy takes a pregnancy test, too, and she is pregnant with Aaron’s baby. Skye thinks that Lucy did everything on purpose. (And she probably did.)

Aaron freaks out on Skye when he finds out, and she tells him she is pregnant. Aaron tells their parents, and the parents blame the girls for masterminding the whole situation. (They are incredibly unsupportive and rude.) 

Jake Dawson’s dad thinks that Skye’s parents should pay for his son’s college tuition. (The father claims Skye’s dad took his business.) Lucy asks to move in with Skye’s parents and pisses off her mother. The parents meet to discuss options for the baby, and the dad gets into a pissing match about architecture. 

The girls at school find out that Skye and Lucy are pregnant and shun them. They are also kicked off the cheerleading squad for their own safety. Skye feels betrayed by her best friend. 

I had to take a break from this movie and am jumping back in!!!

Skye’s parents think that Jake Dawson and his family are orchestrating the whole thing to ruin their business. (Which would be VERY elaborate.) The mother receives MANY threatening text messages, and then the family house is vandalized. She also gets threatening; distorted voice calls, like Scream! 

Brooke, the 30-year-old high school student, calls Lucy fat and bully’s her with piggy photos. (Umm, Brooke, you’re 30. Grow up!) Lucy stops showing up at school. 

Skye’s parents and Jake’s parents get into a physical altercation, and Skye’s dad is arrested. 

Jake apparently helped the school set up their “IT stuff” and is very tech-smart. He helps Skye track down who has been harassing her family. He discovers Lucy is behind everything.

Skye confronts Lucy, who at first denies it, but quickly changes her tune after Skye calls the number and her cell phone rings. Skye tells Lucy that she doesn’t want to keep the baby BFF promise, and Lucy screams that her planning was all for nothing. Yes, Lucy planned the pregnancy promise and tampered with Skye’s birth control. 

(Which we uselessly see in flashback. Yippie?) 

Three months later.

Lucy’s mom gets charged with a DUI after a fender bender after a house showing. (She is a real estate agent, apparently.) Lucy’s mother blames her daughter for driving her to drink. 

Skye complains to her mom about cramps and feeling like “planet Jupiter.” Skye’s mom wants her daughter to be happy and encourages her daughter to study art in college! (If she doesn’t keep the baby, I’m assuming.)

The court case happens for Skye’s parents, and they are found not guilty of whatever that was all about. Then more threatening messages come to Skye’s mom’s phone, and someone throws a rock through their window while eating dinner. It isn’t over. (Whatever “It” is!”

Lucy lures Skye to the woods and syringes the pregnant teenager. (She is wearing the pigtails from the movie’s beginning, so we are soooo close to the end. Yay!) 

Skye wakes up and sees Lucy is also gagged and tied to a chair. 

Skye’s parents split up to save time and check James and Lucy’s houses. Skye’s dad picks Lucy and is syringed himself. Lucy’s mom tells Skye’s mom to wire money or else! 

Jake Dawson helps Skye’s mom track Lucy and Skye’s cellphones. He talks a lot of tech jargon while Skye drives randomly around time. Jake Dawson triangulates the signal or whatever, and they head to save the pregnant teens! (Who are in one of Lucy’s mom’s unsold houses.)

Lucy’s mom shows up with a gun and demands the money. There is a brief mom fight scene, before Lucy talks sense into her mother.

Skye has an emergency cesarean section and gets to hold her full grown newborn. They decide to keep the baby and Jake Dawson joins the family business. Lucy has her baby too and wants the babies to be friends for life. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Jake, Jake’s Dad, Coach, 

The multiple confusing/pointless plotlines were painful to watch. Can we just have an old fashion pregnancy pact? 

Wow! So many topics were handled poorly! Teen Pregnancy, Mental Health, Economic Inequality, Achocolism, Bullying. 

This movie must have had some sound issues on set because there is a lot of ADR used!  

This movie is in the running for The Worst Lifetime Movie of 2023.

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  1. If you saw the commercial, you didn’t need to see the movie, as 90% of the plot is in the commercial.

  2. Husband and I LOVE your reviews! This movie was so bad, and you’re review so accurate. BUT can we agree the baby shouldn’t have been sooo white?

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