Maid for Revenge (2023 Lifetime)

Maid for Revenge (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Kathryn Kohut, Matt Wells

Director: Alexandre Carrière

Writer: Shawn Riopelle

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a struggling young maid wakes up next to her client’s pool covered in blood, she discovers the owner dead in the water and her eight-year-old son’s life is in jeopardy. With no memory of what happened, she races to uncover the truth. Inspired by true events. Starring Kathryn Kohut, and Matt Wells (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts

Inspired by Actual Events 

A maid/single mother named Annie walks the streets of rainy woodland suburbia with her arms full of cleaning supplies. She calls her eight-year-old son, Tate, to tell him when she will pick him up from school and heads to the last house of the day.

When Annie arrives, she notices a note tacked to the front door that reads:

“Let yourself in. I’m upstairs in a phone meeting. Please start in the kitchen.” (Written in cursive, so I had to call my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Perizer, to translate for me.) Annie is unphased and literate, so she gets to cleaning while generic uptempo hold music plays. 

Annie takes a water break from a cucumber water pitcher that sits out with a note (written in the same handwriting) that reads, “Help yourself!!!”

While scrubbing dishes, Annie starts to feel unwell and incredibly tired. Her vision blurs, and her breathing slows until she passes out on the floor and wakes up next to the pool with blood on her hands and a dead body floating in the pool.

Annie sees the floating woman in the pool but grabs fishes her cell phone out instead of the body. Annie doesn’t call 911; she books it out of there after wiping down everything she touches. (The whole sequence is pretty suspenseful, especially when you consider no dialogue has been spoken.) Annie throws her cleaning supplies in a dumpster and outruns the cops arriving on the scene. 

A bearded hunk named Billy catches Annie attempting to steal his car. After she explains her predicament, Billy offers to drive Annie home to her son. On the way home, Billy shares a little about his family, and Annie notices he has a stack of fake IDs. 

Tate isn’t home when Annie finally gets back, and she frantically searches for her son. Katy, the babysitter, brought Tate to Elizabeth, Annie’s ex-mother-in-law’s house. (It seems like Annie has a lot of DRAMA!) Billy gives Annie his cell phone since hers is waterlogged. Annie thanks Billy for helping a (beautiful) stranger. 

Elizabeth serves as the expository lump here, dropping backstory on Annie’s husband Jared dying three years ago and Annie’s struggles to make ends meet/make friends ever since. 

Annie takes her son home and then cleans all the blood off her clothes in the sink. Since she is a maid/intelligent person, she also cleans the bathroom with bleach afterward.  

The news gets out about the murder of the woman who turns out to be a juror from Annie’s trial Lydia Mosley, and Annie realizes she is in trouble. Annie goes to her lawyer or therapist, maybe, Hank. He tells her to go to the police, but Annie asks him to investigate what the detectives know. Hank tells her an anonymous phone call reported the murder. 

Annie realizes that she needs to solve the case before the detectives to clear her name and avoid jail time. (Annie previously served two and a half years for drunk driving and killing her husband with a charge of involuntary manslaughter.)

Billy is back to help Annie figure things out. He helps her break into a house, and they talk to the man who was involved in the accident. His name is Samual, and he was the one REALLY responsible for the car crash; he was texting while driving. His lawyer and the police worked together to imprison Annie for the crime wrongfully. 

Annie tells Elizabeth about everything that has been going on and recognizes the handwriting on a check as the same as the house notes. Elizabeth admits that she did it for Tate to keep Annie in jail so she could take care of her grandson. (It seems a little early for a villain monologue tho!) 

Then Elizabeth goes for the fire poker and takes Annie out! Then some jabronies drive Annie to a remote area in the woods. They argue about kidnapping Tate and blackmailing Elizabeth. Annie uses that time to free herself from her restraints and run into the woods.

Annie breaks into Hanks’s house and steals his clothes. She accuses him of secretly working for Elizabeth and being aware of the fake charges. Hank tries to explain and tells Annie to turn herself in. 

She doesn’t, of course, because she has to save her son! (He is being held at a cabin by the jabronies.) Elizabeth also goes to the cabin and brings Billy along with her, he is unaware of the danger he is in, and Elizabeth beats him with a crowbar. Then she pays the men in cash to get her grandson back.

Annie arrives and creates a distraction with a car alarm. She fights with the men while Elizabeth gets away with the kid. Elizabeth thinks she has gotten away but accidentally drinks a bottle of water she drugged. Elizabeth pulls over and realizes her mistake. She tries to make a run for it with Tate but doesn’t even make it out of the parking lot.

Annie and Blake pull up and put Tate in their car. Annie has a voice recording of Elizabeth admitting to everything and decides she wants to lay low. Billy asks to join her. 

Annie ties up Elizabeth and writes a note on HER. It explains her villainous plot to kidnap her grandson. 

The vacation looks like it sucks. A rainy, cold, beach. At least Annie and Billy kiss. The end! 

This movie is dedicated to Ronald David Leach, a well-renowned casting agent in Canada and an AIDS activist. 

Side Note

“Inspired by a true story” means a real person or event (or events) only triggered the idea for the script but does not follow the trajectory of the true story. Often the material takes a “what if” approach to explore the issues. Example: many Law and Order television episodes.

Are Chocolate and Blueberry ANYONE’s favorite pancake? I’ve never heard of that. 

Annie’s sweaters in this movie look super comfy. 

Minority Report: Katy, 

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Overall rating 

Number of Kills: 

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Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

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  1. Lifetime seems to have gotten away from backseat stranglings. Feels like we haven’t seen one in while. Kinda makes me want to check mine less.

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