Lust, Lies, and polygamy (2023 Lifetime)


Lust, Lies, and Polygamy (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Alicia S Mason, Tremayne Norris, April Hale

Director: Amy Barrett

Writer: Adam Rockoff, Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Ellen believes she has the perfect life. When her new husband, Paul, isn’t traveling on business, he dotes on her and her daughter. But after a stranger is caught prowling around their house, things don’t add up. Why is Paul always away on business? And did he know the prowler? Ellen begins to discover a web of lies that she must expose to in order to free herself and her daughter. That is, if Paul doesn’t stop her first. Starring Alicia S. Mason, Tremayne Norris, Maya Walker, Malynda Hale, and April Hale (2023).

Recap/Wine Thoughts. 

A woman runs through her house screaming for “Kelsey” and comes downstairs to find her daughter about to be shocked with a taser. “MOMMY!” cries the daughter with, tears streaming down her cheeks.  

Flash to two weeks earlier, where we find a home invasion in progress. Ellen is the homeowner, the intruder is a drunk, and the police drag him away. Ellen’s daughter Kelsey sleeps through the ordeal and is unphased when a police detective questions her mother. Ellen calls her husband, Paul, and tells him what happened. He travels for work and rushes home to check on his wife and stepdaughter. Then they have sex on the kitchen counter and forget about the Peeping Tom. (Paul is buff!) 

Who wouldn’t want to touch this body!

They are a religious family who go to church with neighbors Jim and Cindy, and they say grace at the table. Kelsey is pulling the typical Lifetime Teenager behavior and literally storms away from the table mid-meal, with pigtails, while shouting, “YOU’RE NOT MY REAL DAD!”

Ellen runs a jewelry business, and it has taken off. Meanwhile, Paul is up to shady things like sending a card to his OTHER WIFE?!

While Paul is out of town for work, Ellen checks in with the detective and looks for more information about the intruder. The detective tells Ellen that Paul dropped the charges. She is perplexed and has brunch with Cindy to vent. Cindy laughs it off; Paul is a salesman! That doesn’t stop Ellen from trying to break into Paul’s filing cabinet or doing online research while he is away. Then she watches a wedding video of the other woman!!!!!!!

“Ummm, that’s not me!”

Ellen is hyper-emotional (understandably), and her poor daughter is like, “WTF is going on?” Ellen throws herself into her work, and when that doesn’t work, she continues to look online and finds the intruder’s phone number. His name is Carl Hoff, and she asks him to explain what is going on. He is reluctant to say anything but confirms that Paul broke up his marriage. 

Cindy is back for some more venting. Ellen tells her friend what she has learned and shows her bank statements. Cindy helps pick the lock on the filing case; she is the BEST!!! They find bills Paul has been paying for the other woman. Ellen still loves Paul and wants more evidence. She plans to catch him in the act!

Find yourself a BFF like Cindy! She listens and can pick locks.

Paul comes home with flowers and lays it on thick. He is adoring and attentive until Ellen suggests she join him on his next work trip. Paul tells his wife that it is against the rules. (Ummm, okay.) Ellen turns down his sexual advances and calls Cindy for help. Cindy reminds Ellen that she is gathering evidence to prove he is cheating. (She searches his breadcase and finds a card from wife number 2, Grace.)  

After thinking things over and realizing Ellen is onto him, he agrees to let his wife accompany him on his next (next) work trip. Which only raises her suspicion even more. Ellen decides to follow him anyway after talking to Cindy. Cindy worries that it could be dangerous and loans her car to Ellen. (Could she be any better of a friend?!?!!??!) 

Ellen finds Paul’s car and looks in the window. She takes pictures of him having sexy time with Grace in the kitchen. Instead of leaving, Ellen rings the doorbell after Paul leaves and has some tea with Grace. Ellen is shocked to find Grace wearing her jewelry, has the same spice race, and learns they met at church, too. 

I respected her bringing car snacks for this stake out

More recaps with Cindy! Ellen decides to change the locks and starts filing for divorce. She tells Kelsey what is happening and asks her daughter to stay away from Paul. That will be hard to do because he bangs on the front door and pretends not to know what is happening. He screams for Ellen to “let me in” like he is the Big Bad Wolf. 

Paul breaks in through a backdoor or something, and Ellen calls the detective. Paul tells Ellen that he has needs, and Ellen is overreacting. Then, he uses wedding vows as a threat… “Till DEATH do us part.” 

Ellen and Kelsey stay with Cindy while detectives work on an order of protection. Cindy comes up with a brilliant idea to send the divorce papers to Grace’s house so she knows what her husband is up to. Jim also gives Ellen a stun gun…

Paul is served papers for a restraining order and intercepts them at Grace’s house before she can see them. He knows Ellen is not playing around. 

Of course, Paul blows off the restraining order and peeps through the windows at night. Then he sneaks into the house, replaces the spice rack Ellen threw away, and holds Kelsey hostage with the stun gun. (We are back to the beginning of the movie.) Paul totally shocks Kelsey after basically blaming Ellen for everything. 

Paul chokes Ellen while screaming, “You ruined everything!!” Ellen grabs a vase of flowers and knocks him out. As she calls the police, Paul goes missing like Michael Myers.

One week later, there was still no sign of Paul. Don’t worry; he is picking up another woman at a bar to be his next victim. 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Minority Report: The principal characters were all BIPOC. 

The title was misleading here.

Overall rating 

 Numbers of Kills: (0 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

🍷🍷 (2 Glasses of Wine)

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