Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny (2023 Lifetime)


Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny (2023 Lifetime)

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Cast: Matthew Blade, Yolanthe Cabau, Monroe Cline

Director: Dylan Vox

Writer: Richard Clark, Jeremy M. Inman, Jason-Shane Scott

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When aspiring writer Gabby becomes nanny to the daughter of international superstar Justice Grace, she is thrust into a seductive and sinister world of celebrity stalkers affairs and even murder.

Recap/Wine Thoughts.

 The movie begins in a spoiled child’s room; Willow has everything she could ever want except her celebrity mother, Justice Grayce, who is always away working. Blonde Nanny tucks the kid into bed, raids the celebrity closet, and sings into an air mic. (Which is so spot on to what I would do!) Then, the nanny is killed by someone who suffocates her with a fur coat. (haha!) Her body is dropped into the pool to make it appear as a drowning accident. 

Aspiring writer Gabby is hard up for money and living with her actress friend Hannah. Gabby gets a surprise visit from an old family friend, who is now famous Justice Grayce—Paparazzi hound Justice, who has questionable fashion taste. She is looking for a new nanny and has trouble finding one due to the bad PR of having a dead one. Gabby is convinced to take the job after learning Justice’s ex-husband is in publishing. They leave for the job immediately.

Maddy signs an NDA and meets Willow, who is a total brat. The head of security shows Gabby around, and some creepy rocker guy looks at her while fiddling with his guitar. He is Justice’s rocker boyfriend, Ian. (What a basic name.)

At an event, Ian publicly proposes to Justice, and she agrees to marry him before they sing on stage in full. The song leaves a lot to desire, but Ian does take his shirt off, so there is that! 

During the concert, Gabby leaves the kid in the limo and meets a handsome guy who wants to deliver a message to Justice. The guy chases Gabby around, but some balloons fall, and she loses him. Justice crowd surfs in slow motion and then is pulled off stage. 

Once they are home, the family argues. Justice feels like she was put on the spot, and Willow screams at her mom for dragging her along just to stay in the limo. Gabby learns the man who was chasing her is a super fan named Issiac. 

Gabby wakes up the next day and sees Damian talking to the police. She also meets the ex-husband, Hudson, who offers to read some of her writing. Gabby focus on writing when she isn’t babysitting Willow, who is actually starting to like Gabby. After putting Willow to bed, Gabby sees Justice and Hudson having sex. Then she finds a burner phone taped under the stairs. 

At an engagement party, Gabby sees the handsome stalker Issac and chases him around, creating a scene. Then, a cater waiter pulls out a gun and attempts to assassinate Justice. The security team freaks out, and Justice asks to keep Hudson out of it because he will take custody of Willow if she is in danger. 

Ian gets wasted at a bar and asks Gabby to help him. She picks him up and is his sober driver. While drunk, Ian overshares and admits to cheating on Justice. He also makes a pass on her, but she removes herself from the situation. 

Gabby makes the family breakfast and has an interesting conversation with Hudson. He asks about her book and wants to read it. Gabby sends him the email while he watches and sexily eats an apple. 

Justice practices for her concert, and it is 90’s Dance Music at its worst. The rehearsal is interpreted by one of Ian’s floozies. (Who also happens to be Jusctice’s sister.) She begs Ian to be with her an not her sister. When he rejects her, she screams and storms off. 

Honestly think the rehearsal looked better than the show

The movie takes a montage break to Justice signing a song called “Ride or Die.” while the floozie sister is strangled in the balcony. Gabby also gets a message to meet up for more information about the nanny’s murder, and she is led to the body sprawled out on the edge of the stage. The cops view Gabby as a suspect. 

Hudson finds out about the shooting at the pool party and barges in to take Willow somewhere safe. On the way out, he punches Ian and takes Gabby with them. Willow and Gabby feel safer at Hudson’s house. Hudson admits he and Justice still have feelings for one another, but she has to keep things quiet for her celebrity image.  

While working on edits of her book, Gabby finds another copy of the burner phone. Hudson catches her and explains that he uses it to communicate with Willow and leak news to the press.

The argument is interrupted by an attempted kidnapping event. A masked man and woman drag Willow into a van, but the head security guy shoots the woman, and Willow can get away. The van drives off, leaving the wounded kidnapper behind. 

Hudson and Justice argue over parenting issues. Gabby gives her resignation because she didn’t sign up for all of this. Willow feels personally betrayed. The stalker follows Gabby home and tries sedating the out-of-work actress, Hannah, into letting him in. Gabby and Hannah try to push the door shut, but the stalker pushes back. That is, until Damien, the head of security, shoots him in the back. The stalker died on their doorstep. 


Gabby goes to the concert venue to let Justice know what happened. Justice explains how hard it is to be a star and how she would have done anything to hold onto it. The fake relationship with Ian revitalized her career, but she is so unhappy. 

It is the night of the show, and Justice dances with shirtless hunks, which I’m all about! Then, she slows things down and sings a ballad, “Ride or Die,” for her daughter, which I am less into. 

This was a whole moment!

Gabby gets a call from Hannah because she is looking for Gabby’s earrings. Damien took them from the house to plant on the floozie sister’s body, which has publicly now been ruled a murder! Gabby locks eyes with the head of security, and he knows she knows. Damien runs onstage and fires his gun, screaming, “Shooter.” The crowd scatters, and it is chaos. He whisks Justice off stage, and Gabby follows them. 

Willow is scared of Gabby because Damien tells her that Gabby tried to hurt them. Gabby learns that Damien hired actors to look like suspects to distract her from his wrongdoing. Gabby tries to tell Justice what is happening, but Damien slaps her.

Damien is obsessed with Justice and wants to make himself vital in her life. He views himself as protecting Justice, but Gabby knocks the gun out of Damien’s hands and saves Justice. Justice knocks Damien out, and the police take him away. 

Uhhh, since the concert has gone viral, the single “Ride or Die” is the most downloaded song EVER! (I’m not sure if a mass public shooting would be considered going viral, but whatever.)

Gabby writes a book about the whole ordeal, and it becomes a best seller. Justice, Willow, and Hudson are one big happy family and show up for the signing. The end! 

Side Note/Stray Thoughts

Hannah is swearing off men after having just one stalker; come on, girl! 

Waiting on the soundtrack release, haha!

One if Dylan Vox’s better movies.

Overall rating

 Numbers of Kills: 🔪🔪🔪 (3 knives)

Enjoyment Level (1-5 scale) 

🍷🍷🍷 (3 Glasses of Wine)

Should you watch it?

Pour it up! (Give it a shot)

Put a Cork in It (Skip It)

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  1. I literally come to your website while watching the new movie. Idk what it is about me that have to read the whole movie then watch it ! lol Thank you so much for doing this ! You are a gem! In case you don’t hear this enough please don’t stop ! You the best & I knew it was a reason I was in love with ur personality in these descriptions and it’s cause of the Chicago in us automatically connected lol , XOXO LEX . If you need help let me know

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