Stalked by a Reality Star (2018 Lifetime)


Stalked by a Reality Star 

Stars: Cynthia Preston, Emily Bader, and Robert Scott Wilson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a teenager, Kendra, lies about her age to get into a Hollywood party, she meets a handsome reality TV star, Brad. But when she discovers that Brad is not as charming as he seems, Kendra rejects him, only to realize that he has become obsessed with her and will stop at nothing – including dating her widowed mother – to be near her.


Kendra is a high-school actress, and a bad one. (She recites Shakespeare and loves arms gestures.) When her friend Misha gets tickets to The Hollywood Helps Charity Bash AND gets fake IDs in an attempt to peer pressure Kendra into going. Kendra turns it down because she watches a show with her mom (Linn) on Thursdays and can’t get out of it. It is a blatant rip off of The Bachelor, called Finding Love starring the hunky Brad Banton.

Kendra and her mom aren’t as close as it would seem on the outside. Linn is busy working off hours at the hospital and Kendra resents her Mom for dating other men since her father passed away. She even accuses her mom’s current BF (a doctor at the hospital) of inappropriately flirting with her.

After a fight with her mom, Kendra joins Misha at the Hollywood charity event. They chug dirty martinis and then go around the party attempting to network. Kendra is literally bumped into the arms of Brad Banton. He is charming and they have a brief conversation before being whisked away by one of his managers. He sneaks away and takes Kendra on a walk where they realize that they went (she still goes…) to the same high school, talk about their past acting gigs, and her dead veteran father. Since it is getting late, Brad offers to give her a ride home and gets her number.

Kendra, of course gets caught by her mom and is grounded. Brad doesn’t know that and brings her bubble gum cotton candy to her house (or her mom’s house) and invites her on a date for Saturday night.

Fash forward to Saturday night. Kendra goes to a fancy Italian restaurant, where Brad has reserved the entire place. They talk acting and everything seems normal until Brad notices a spot on her wine glass. He goes to the kitchen in a rage and yells at the server. “Strike One!” Brad reminisces about Alison, his girlfriend who died in a car crash and whose death was exploited on the reality show. After “Strike Two!” (a overcooked lamb shank) Brad takes Kendra to her place, takes a polaroid of her and then aggressively kisses/grabs her. To get him to leave her alone, she pushes him off and tells him that she is seventeen, but he is not letting up. Thankfully the manager arrives and takes Kendra home and tells her to STAY AWAY FROM BRAD!

At school, Kendra is shocked to see Brad delivering a Shakespeare sonnet at her acting audition. He corners her in the hallway (those cool outside hallways that are only in LA) and tells her that she is special and he has never shared so much with one person before.

Meanwhile, Linn gets broken up with by her work boyfriend and is sad she tells Kendra. They make up from their fight and Linn lifts the grounding sentence on the condition that Kendra tells her the truth always. They go back to watching Finding Love on Thursdays and their normal routine.

Paranoia wont let things go back to normal so easily. Kendra tells Misha about Brad stalking her and starts to notice that someone is following her. When Linn brings Brad home one evening (he was helping her with car trouble) Kendra breaks down and tells her mom the whole story. Linn is surprised to hear it, but not because her daughter tells her that she has been assaulted and stalked by this man, but because her daughter would lie and be so jealous! Linn even agrees to go out on a date with Brad. Linn then goes inside and yells at her daughter to making her have to be a parent.

43:00- “I know that losing your dad was really hard on you, and I’m really tired of having to do this on my own again. I thought we’re going to be a team again but now I see that I’m going to have to drive you to school and pick you up from school and get someone to sit with you when I have a late shift.” You know like PARENTING.

Kendra is desperate to prove that she isn’t lying. She makes her mom stop at the Italian restaurant and confronts the waiter (who denies meeting her); she recruits her friends to use their technology-savvy brains to uncover that spyware has been installed on her laptop. She calls the police who take cyberstalking very seriously.

Linn isn’t convinced and admits to adding the spyware. She is so enamored with Brad that she continues to not believe her daughter, who is telling the police that she is being stalked and was assaulted. The police take it more seriously and go to talk to Brad and his manager, who deny the whole thing. Linn continues to date Brad and goes out to visit him on set.

After tricking the babysitter into drinking half a bottle of wine and passing out, Kendra and her guy-friend Jake sneak out of the house to head to Brads. They are on a mission to get the polaroid photo her took of them together as proof. They break into the house and find a disturbing psycho wall with pictures of Alison with her eyes crossed out. Jake stays to take a picture with his phone for proof and Kendra grabs the polaroid and leaves the house. Brad comes home and finds Jake on the stairs. He chases him and then we see something being placed in the trunk of a car. (This all happens in the middle of the day, by the way.)

When Kendra goes to the police about her missing friend, they find the house is empty and the psycho wall gone. Jake is still missing, but Linn wants to know why Kendra wont stop lying!

Linn decides that she needs to focus on her daughter and goes to Brads house to break up with him. She finds Kendra’s shoe under the couch and realizes that her daughter is telling the truth. (It’s like Cinderella!) They both go to the police, who ask them if they have ever heard of the little boy who cried wolf.

Back at home, Linn and Kendra try to regroup. While getting some water from the fridge, Kendra is tased and taken out of the house. Turns out the manager is the one who took Kendra. She is Brad’s mom and is also responsible for kidnapping Jake and killing Alison. She ties Kendra up and locks her in a room. Apparently, Brad isn’t in on it and he finds Kendra and Jake and tries to get them out of the house. Brad’s mom pulls the taser on them and won’t let them out of the house. Not to be out done, Brad pulls a gun on her. Taser beats gun in this scenario and Brad’s mom tases him to get the gun

Meanwhile, Linn is attempting to break in. She gets in just in time and hits Brad’s mom in the head with a blunt object. Linn rushes to help Jake (who has a concussion, haha) and is distracted when Brad’s mom wakes up, grabs the gun, and attempts to shoot Kendra. Brad jumps in the way and takes the bullet while Linn wrestles the gun away from Brad’s mom. The police take them away, never to be seen again.

Everything goes back to normal and another season of Finding Love is on the TV. Kendra and Lynn decided to play a board game instead.

Side Note

So much shade thrown at The Bachelor, I loved it. (Especially after this Ari season.)

Overall rating

❤️ ❤️ (2 Hearts)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

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Cooking with Love (2018 Hallmark Channel)


Cooking with Love

Stars: Ali Liebert & Brett Dalton

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

Hardworking and optimistic television producer, Kelly, doesn’t have time for love. Along with her mentor Amanda, Kelly dives into another season of The Little Gourmet, a kids cooking show, when hot-headed Chef Stephen drops into Kelly’s life as a last-minute replacement host. As the two struggle to make peace and a successful show, they realize they have a lot more in common than they thought—a love of food, the kids they encounter, and each other.



Kelly is a reality show producer (we know this because she wears airport headphones) with a heart of gold. Oxymoron much? She is a people-pleaser and just the nicest person. I mean she works with kids on a kid cooking show, The Little Gourmet. When Chef Betty slips a disk in her back the production team is tasked with a finding a replacement. Instead of going with the sweet red-headed Canadian chef, they go with hot-headed Stephen Harris. Stephen throws spaghetti on a food critic at his restaurant, but he would be good for social media engagement!  

Stephen’s manager, Adam, comes to the restaurant to convince him to do the kids’ cooking show. It will improve his image because his book tour has been cancelled and restaurant is less popular than ever. This is his opportunity to show the world he isn’t such a bad guy!

On set, Stephen and Kelly don’t hit it off. He is a total diva and refuses to wear the chef Boyardee hat (A Toque!), only cooks with copper pans, and won’t talk with the kids off camera. Since things aren’t going so well, Kelly is assigned to babysit Stephen by Amanda, her lady boss (who is moving on to an executive position and this will be her last season on The Little Gourmet). It is also revealed that Jeremy, the new guy, is up for the lady boss’s job, superseding Kelly’s rank/experience.

At a farmers market, Stephen tries convince Kelly to elevate the menu with things like radicchio. She tells him he needs to connect with the kids, because they are chefs… just like him! So they make hamburgers and sloppy joes! He gets what he wants and radicchio is added to the show! Too bad, his personality isn’t. Kelly tells him to try smiling, but it is terrifying. He won’t even let the kids make mistakes (it is a reality show); he just takes over for them.

Stephen is creeply listening to Kelly as she talks to a kid contestant and then later reads her idea notebook. He tries to talk her into pitching an idea. Later, In a production meeting, Kelly pitches the dea of doing Hometowns… just like The Bachelor. Basically, they would film on location with the kid’s families. Jeremy doesn’t like it (he is a hater), but Amanda does and greenlights the idea!

On set at the firehouse, Kelly is HEAVILY being flirted with by a fireman (Rick) while Stephen jealously, watches on. Right before filming the big chili cook off, Cody (one of the kid contestants) decides he wants to quit the show. He is worried he will let his dad down. Stephen talks him down by sharing a personal story about the time her cooked a burnt turkey for his dad. Kelly is impressed and maybe even falling in love??? After a successful day of filming they call a truce.

Out of the kindness of his own heart, Stephen takes Kelly to the kitchen to cook. She admits she doesn’t really cook, I mean she DOES make a “mean tray of ice.” They cook a sexy pizza together, somehow without getting into a flour fight! While they’re cooking, we learn that Stephen was an army brat who moved around a lot growing up. Jeremy totally interrupts just as things are getting hot and heavy (and by hot and heavy I mean Stephen touches Kelly’s face). Then Jeremy steals Kelly’s idea notebook!!!!!!!!

In case you forgot, this is a Valentine’s Day movie. Stephen and Kelly both realize they don’t have plans and awkwardly agree to meet at Stephen’s restaurant on Valentine’s Day. It is not a date though, it is a work thing. Kelly’s co-worker helps her get ready, she was going to wear jeans and a sweater!!! (We do NOT get a getting ready montage, so that was disappointing.)

At Stephen’s restaurant, Kelly is in red dress. (I’d say it was sexy, but it was pretty conservative.) Over dinner, Stephen and Kelly share more about each other. We learn that Kelly’s mom passed away four years ago and worked with kids too. That is why Kelly is so good with kids, but she wants to do more—make a real difference. Later, on a stroll through the city, they eat chocolates that the kids made, Stephen buys her flowers (Yellow for friendship…), and they talk about relationships and love finding you when your ready for it. Stephen walks Kelly to her door and tells her that he is glad he is working with her on the show—instead of kissing her.     

Kelly makes a home cooked meal! (Spaghetti with meatballs and chocolate chip cookies.) This time we get a montage. Kelly calls Stephen to tell him the good news. They have witty banter and after hanging up Stephen receives a call from his manager. Chef Betty is back and Chef Stephen is out.

Kelly immediately goes to the restaurant to invite Stephen to the taping of the grand finale, but he is flying out to LA for a new show he got to cross promote his new cookbook. He thanks her for everything because none of these new opportunities would be happening if it wasn’t for her.

Back at work, Kelly walks into a meeting where Jeremy is successfully pitching her ideas from the idea notebook. Kelly confronts Jeremy in the hallway; he denies everything and tells her that if she had the same ideas that she should have shared them sooner. Defeated and alone, Kelly receives a thank you card (A Hallmark Card, of course) from Tommy the first winner of The Little Gourmet.

At the grand finale, Stephen stops by (I thought he had a flight to LA??) to tell Kelly that he is offering an apprenticeship at his restaurant to the winner. While filming the LIVE episode, Chef Betty throws her back out picking up some peppers. (Seriously!) Kelly chases after Stephen to get him to host the show. Chef Becca wins! (Rightly so, because she shared her chocolate with Cody, who forgot to grab his.)

Jeremy’s sneaky notebook stealing gets found out and Kelly gets the rightful credit and the promotion! Kelly tells Stephen about her promotion and he tells her that he is turning down the LA gig to stay in town. He could say goodbye to New York, but not Kelly. He gives her a single rose and they kiss.

Side Note

Ali Liebert’s first starring Hallmark role was A Gift to Remember. (She has played the best friend role in MANY MANY TV Movies.)

Cooking Fact? “A julienne cut is ⅛ inch cut no more, no less!”

I didn’t hate the kids in this one, I guess child actors are better when they aren’t obsessed with Santa and snow.

First Hallmark movie I’ve seen where the girl gets the guy, promotion, AND he changes HIS plans to fit into her life.

Overall rating

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  (4 Hearts)

🍷🍷 (2 glasses of wine required)

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