Girl Fight (2011 Lifetime)

Anne Heche doing TV movies, is a very good thing!

Girl Fight (2011 Lifetime)

Cast: Anne HecheJames TupperJodelle FerlandChanelle Peloso

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A video of an assault on a teenager surfaces on the Internet.


Alexis is a popular bully in high school, and she is threatened by Haley, a younger student who kipped a grade. Alexis is relentless, manipulating Hayley at lunch, in class, online, and her place of employment.

Anne Hache plays Hayley’s mother, Melissa, who encourages her daughter. Melissa is worried because Hayley is only fifteen, and her classmates are seventeen. She brings Haley over to a party at Alexis’ house and meets her grandmother. The party seems pretty tame, and Melissa leaves her daughter as long as there is no drinking. 

The party involves some good old fashion spin the bottle and, of course, drinking. Haley kisses two boys and Alexis. She recaps the night to her friend to Dana and tells her that Alexis is actually cool. Dana is confused because they have been trash-talking Alexis in private messages online. Later, Dana confronts Haley in the bathroom and can’t understand why she is changing herself for girls she doesn’t even like. (One of Alexis’ crew overhears the conversation.) Then the popular girls find the message online and plot to take Haley down.

Haley’s birthday happens, and Kristen finds out that Haley called her classless and beats a pinata. It is intense. Haley is grounded for blowing off a family party for Alexis’s party. She is grounded, and things are stressed at home. 

Alexis calls Haley and tells her that she is suicidal. Haley disobeys her parents and defies her father leaving to stay at Alexis’ house. They are becoming very close, and Haley moves in for spring break. 

When Alexis sees the social media post, she ends things with her. Haley wants to understand what is going on and goes over to Alexis’ house. The popular girls plan to beat her ass, Kristen is fired up. The girls gang up on her and call her names. They get into a “girl fight” and record it with their cellphones. Haley is knocked unconscious, then dragged to a car. The teens drop her off in a parking lot with no shoes. Haley wanders around, crying and saying she is sorry. 

In the hospital, the doctors confirm that she has a concussion and tells her parents that her friends jumped her. They are horrified. Melissa goes to Alexa’s house and confronts the teen. They play dumb and claim not the have a video. Alexa’s grandmother finds the video, watches it in horror, and turns it into Melissa. It is half an hour. 

The parents watch the video too, and honestly, I’m not sure I would be able to. They take the footage to the police, and a DA is on the case. They issue arrest warrants for battery, and kidnapping is out for the teens. They are held in Juvie, and it seems like the perfect place with them. 

The DA talks to Haley and convinces her that she is a victim and witness in this case. She wants Haley to testify. For some reason, the video is released to the media. Haley is horrified, but the popular girls are thrilled they are famous. 

The media circus follows the family. Once the teens make bail, it becomes even worse. Haley is intimidated and struggles to decide to testify. Dana tells her not to blame herself and shows her the video to see what happened to her. She chooses to testify. 

The girls are released on bail when a TV show pays for their freedom and can even go back to school! Haley decides not to get even begs her mother to show compassion.

In court, Melissa makes a plea for leniency from the judge. The judge rules that they all are banned from social media and given some sort of probation. Haley leaves the courtroom empowered for being the bigger person. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Doctor, DA, Judge,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2011 Lifetime

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