Watch Your Back (2015 Lifetime)

Watch Your Back (2015 Lifetime)

Stars:   AnnaLynne McCordMark GhaniméGracyn Shinyei

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman and her husband become increasingly scared as an anonymous person begins stalking their family.


A woman showers and comes out in a towel to find a red balloon. (Ummm is Pennywise from IT going to pop out because I WILL stop this movie right now.) Oh, no, they are from her husband, Robert. The red balloons have love notes on then and lead the woman downstairs to a candlelit champagne toast. Then the lead her out back to the pool and says things like “Getting closer.” Once she is outback, the last card says, “Sorry, Robert Couldn’t Make It.” The woman is shot in the heart and looks so disappointed.

Two years later, Sarah works out to techno music and then joins her husband, Kurt, and young step-daughter, Teri, for pancakes and toast. Oh just kidding, Sarah is going to eat an apple and coffee. 

On her way to work in an advertising agency, Sarah is photographed with a telephoto lens. Sarah hates her boss and throws literal daggers at a photo of him in her office. 

When Sarah comes home from work, she finds Teri going through her things and gets upset. Then she receives photos of herself in the mail, and texts of the images start coming in. They contact the police who write it off as a secret admirer. (Which is so gross.) Sarah changes her cellphone number and gets a new phone. The photos continue to come in. Sarah is distracted and paranoid at work.

Sarah’s assistant, Julie, gives out her new phone number to Kurt. Sarah tells Julie to keep her new number on the DL because she has a stalker. Then Sarah takes Julie out for lunch, and they try on dresses. (They are the same size!) Julie talks about being single and assures Sarah that she is very lucky to have Kurt. As they are trying on dresses, Sarah sees a man in the window taking photos, and she chases after him. He is hit by a car, and Sarah stealthily steals his camera. Back in the office, Sarah reviews the photos, and they are just of the city. (Then why was he running?!?)

The paranoia seeps into Sarah’s home life. She notices the photos have been rearranged in her house. Later she thinks she hears a noise at dinner and pulls out a gun terrifying Kurt and Teri. Kurt demands to know why she has a gun. Sarah tells him she was mugged and has had it ever since. They run down the laundry list of suspects, and I’m annoyed because I hate a Lifetime mystery. 

Kurt and Teri are getting ready for school and see a sketchy man dropping off a package. He is convinced it is a bomb. Kurt then speeds away and calls his wife frantically and calls the police. The police arrive and find nothing suspicious.

Sarah gets a call from the stalker, and it turns out he is an assistant for fire. Sarah tries to figure out who the assassin is y having her assistant look into things. Sarah and Kurt go on the run. Sarah heads back to her house with a gun and finds her assistant Julie in her house. Julie was fired from work, and she was checking in on Sarah. Okay, so Julie isn’t the assassin, we knew that already. A clock goes off, and Sarah smashes it finding a clue to who her stalker is.

Sarah goes to the stalker’s apartment and learns that he is a cop. She calls Kurt and tells him to stay put in the hotel, which he doesn’t. The assassin is there and knocks out Kurt. Sarah comes home and fights with the assassin. As they fight, the assassin says that Sarah doesn’t understand. Julie is tied up on the floor, and Kurt tries to untie. Sarah pistol whips him because SHE IS THE ASSASIAN FOR HIRE. Sarah had been using Kurt and his daughter as a cover, and she killed the woman at the beginning of the movie. The stalker was a retired police officer, letting her know he was onto her. He was avenging his daughter’s murder.

Sarah throws gasoline all over the house and plans to burn it down, and Kurt and Julie along with it. They fight her and Julie eventually shoots Sarah, when Kurt can’t. It seems like Kurt and Julie might have a thing going soon. Nothing like trauma to bring a couple together. I’m sure that has happened in a few Hallmark Christmas Movies, Right?

Side Note

Minority Report: Post office manager

Also Known as Killer Photo

I can see why AnnaLynne McCord wanted to do this movie and play the bad guy. However, did she only read her part? This movie was poorly written, much like most of my blog posts. (haha!)

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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