A Mother Betrayed (2015 Lifetime)

A Mother Betrayed (2015 Lifetime)

Cast:  Lynn CollinsAdam KaufmanBree WilliamsonCaia Coley 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Newlywed Monica is committed to a mental hospital for hallucinations but soon finds out that her husband has a devious plan to steal her life, including her daughter.


A happy couple walks along the beach; their voices have clearly been recorded in post because of the waves. The woman tells him that she is pregnant, and he is delighted. On their way back from the beach, they get into a terrible car accident. Johnathan dies, and Monica cries over his body in the middle of the street. 

Monica wakes up in the hospital, she has given birth to a baby girl, and some time has passed since the accident. (8 months, actually) Her mother, Barbara, and BFF/Co-worker, Lisa, are both by her side and encourage Monica to love her baby even though it is hard because Monica is still healing from her brain injury. (From the accident.) 

Five more years pass, and the family continues to work together in an architecture firm that Johnathan founded. They are pretty well off. Monica is a single mother and raises her daughter, Maddie, the best she can. Monica still suffers from traumatic flashbacks and headaches from her brain injury. Lisa encourages her friend to take a break from work and maybe start consider dating again. 

At a company party, Lisa attempts to set Monica up with her handsome friend Kevin. The meet-cute is an unusual one. He asks to change in her office and leaves his street clothes in her office. They hit it off and make out in the middle of the party. It is a whirlwind romance, expedited by a dating montage at a carnival and around town. (The music here is not romantic at all.) 

I guess they are married now? Monica and Kevin get married on the beach. Is it the same beach she told Johnathan that she was pregnant? At least Monica has the decency to wear off white. Lisa tells Monica that she wishes she had her life. Because she feels bad, Monica gives Lisa a promotion and says she loves her like a sister. Lisa is jealous because she wants to be partner. She makes a phone call and tells someone she loves them and has been working hard for seven years.

Kevin seems like the perfect new husband. He cooks, takes care of Maddie, and wears tight v-neck t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves. Monica is impressed that Kevin has taken to parenting so well and kind of makes fun of him by calling him “Maternal.” Kevin wants to adopt Maddie and convinces Monica to agree to make him her daughter’s father officially.

Monica is struggling to hold things together. She forgets stuff for work, continues to have migraines/migraine lapses, and still is having terrible nightmares about the accident. When Monica goes out of town for a business meeting, Lisa suggests that Monica talk to a psychiatrist. (Cia Coley) Dr. Sommers prescribes some medication and sets up a standing weekly appointment.

While looking through some of Kevin’s old boxes, she finds a college picture of Kevin, Lisa, and Johnathan together. He gaslights her and tells her that she sees something that is not there. Monica screams at him and tells him that she doesn’t trust him. Kevin tells Monica that she is acting paranoid. It only makes Monica more enraged. She takes Maddie and leaves in the middle of the night.

Police find Monica by the beach and take her into custody. They think she is having a psychotic breakdown. Monica wakes up in a panic. A nurse calms her down and beings in Barbara. Monica’s parents are concerned about Maddie because Kevin hasn’t let them see her while Monica has been in a mental institution for over a week.

Monica stops taking the pills that Dr. Sommers gives her in the hospital. She is ruled mentally incompetent. 

Kevin has been working with Lisa all along. They are married and have been working a long con on Monica. Everything has been done legally, so Barbara and her husband have no legal rights. Kevin throws Barbara against the car and screams at them for trying to take his daughter.

At the hospital, Kevin visits Monica and comes clean about his past. He did know Johnathan in college, and Lisa is his wife. Lisa and Kevin have been plotting to steal her money and daughter. Monica listens to his evil plan while she pretends to be sedated. Kevin doesn’t know Monica is recording the whole conversation with a cellphone she stole from Dr. Sommers. 

On his drive back, Kevin gets a call from Monica. She tells him that she is onto him. Lisa is also on the call. It is the strangest threeway I’ve ever seen on Lifetime. 

Kevin rushes back to the hospital and sees Monica escaping from the mental institution. He chases Monica and wants the phone with the recording back. She calls the police, who arrest Lisa. Monica and Kevin continue their high-speed chase. Kevin drives off the road and over a cliff.

Monica reunites with her parents and daughter. She thanks Johnathan for watching over them, and they all hug. The end.  

Side Note

Minority Report: Client, Nurse Michelle, Judge, Police officer, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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