A Mother’s Instinct (2015 Lifetime)

A Mother’s Instinct (2015 Lifetime)

Cast: Josie BissettSarah GreyRichard Harmon

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When a boy goes missing, clues lead his sister and mother to believe their asocial neighbor was involved in the abduction, forcing them to take the law into their own hands.


Inspired by true event! 

Nora is a busy mother of two who is rushing to work. On her way out, she finds a dead cat by her car. NO BIG DEAL! 

Scarlett and her kid brother Gus head off to school and run into a new (creepy) neighbor named Seth. Seth is goth and has an online screen name, “Lord of Death.” He messages Scarlett and follows her around the school. She is creeped out when he sends her pictures of her self changing in her window. Instead of hiding it as most teens would do in a Lifetime movie, Scarlett shows everything to her mother.

Nora tells her daughter that it is cyberbullying and goes across the street to talk to Seth’s mother, Iris. (WHO I LOVE. Beverley Elliott is an icon.) Iris could not give a fuck. 

Kid brother Gus goes missing, and the police show up. Nora and Scarlett scream that the neighbor Seth is the number one suspect. When police go across the street, Iris tells them they are trespassing. She does let them take Seth in for questioning because she doesn’t care about him at all.

Nora breaks into Iris’ house and searches for her son. Iris catches her, and they get into an argument. Police drag Norah out of the house and don’t press charges. Scarlett also goes wild on Seth at school after getting a message. The family puts up flyers and hold a press conference. Then Nora screams at the police some more. 

The mother and daughter decide to take matters into their own hands. They follow Seth around town and then beat him with a bat and throw his body in a trunk. They drive his car into their garage. Then they strip him to his underwear, ties him up, and lock him in a dog crate. (What true event is this based on because this is WILD.) 

Nora interrogates Seth and screams at him. ” I WANT MY BOY,” Seth maintains his innocence, and the interrogation intensifies. Eventually, Seth admits to knowing who took Gus. He uses the information to try and get some food and water. The dude is being held captive. Oh, and also Nora and Scarlett are hiding the fact that they are holding a man agast his will in the garage from husband/father, Chris. (This man must be so oblivious.)

Meanwhile, detectives search Iris and Seth’s home. She is unconcerned and even slams back a martini. They find incriminating evidence and arrest her. 

Seth convinces Scarlett to open the cage and give him some water. He frees himself and attacks Scarlett, but she hits him in the face with a hammer. He escapes but doesn’t go to the police.

Scarlett rides her bike around and talks to drug dealers. She finds Gus in an abandoned shed and saves him. Then she is hit in the face with a shovel by Seth. Seth DID kidnap Gus because his brother used to do the same thing to him as a kid. Seth blames Iris for neglecting him, and when she randomly shows up at the shed, he kills her. 

Nora and Chris find the shed and save their daughter and son. They kill Seth as a family… awwww? Then they all hug. This movie fell apart at the end.

Side Note

Minority Report: Police officers, Captian, 

Richard Harmon, in his underwear, the whole movie wasn’t a bad thing. He is hot. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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