Mommy’s Little Girl (2016 Lifetime)

Mommy’s Little Girl (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Fiona GubelmannEmma HentschelJames Gallanders

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Growing up under terrible circumstances in a loveless home, a girl who finally finds happiness refuses to let anyone take it from her.


Sadie lives with her controlling and emotionally manipulated Grandmother named Elana. Elana tries to teach her granddaughter right from wrong by locking her in the basement when she misbehaves. Sadies’ mother, Theresa, lost custody of her daughter when her boyfriend Kyle died because she was a drunk. Now clean and remarried to a man named Aaron, Theresa is thrilled to raise her daughter. Sadie is excited too, to leave her abusive Grandmother, that is. (Something shady also happened to her Grandfather falling down the basement stairs, did Sadie push him?)  

Aaron and his teenage son Josh welcome Sadie to the family with a cute surprise party and a huge teddybear. Sadie settles in and loves her new home. Josh is pretty angsty and not excited to have a little sister. At dinner, Sadie spills her drink and apologizes profusely. She offers to write what she did down one hundred times, like her Grandma used to make her do. Then Sadie almost burns down the house with a candle. Sadie cries because she can’t do anything right. Theresa explains that it is an adjustment period and asks Sadie to be in her wedding. (A shopping montage happens later, don’t worry.)

Sadie has nightmares about her Grandfather, who used to take her to the basement and lock her in. The last time he took downstairs, she killed him by accident and has horrible flashbacks.

Josh drinks a beer in the bushes, and Sadie catches him. He tells her not to say anything. She snitches on him because she doesn’t want him to become an alcoholic like her mother, and then she will have to go back to her Grandma. 

At school, Sadie gets bullied by some Beiber knock off. So she stabs a doll and calls it Dillion. After school, Theresa talks to Sadie and asks her to speak to the teacher next time something happens to her. 

Elana makes an unannounced visit and demands compensation from Theresa for raising her daughter. When Theresa takes a phone call, Sadie runs through the woods with her Grandmother and promises to tell Aaron a secret. The game of hide and seek goes awry when Sadie pushes her Grandmother off a cliff and says, “Bad Grandma’s get punished too.” Elana dies, and Sadie fake cries about it. 

Sadie keeps getting trouble in school, and a tutor named Lisa is hired. The tutor teaches her less about math and more about how to kill someone. Her teacher has an allergy and uses an EpiPen. She also burns one of Dillion’s action figures. The teacher tries to talk to Sadie and reason with her. Sadie daydreams that the teacher will send her away to a boarding school and find her address and devise a plan.

The teacher is surprised when Sadie shows up at her house with the action figures and a piece of cake. Sadie tells the teacher about her grandparents, abusing her as the teacher realizes she accidentally ate nuts. Sadie fake calls 911 and then tells her teacher that she is going to die and should have never sent her to boarding school. A neighbor almost catches Sadie and finds the teacher unconscious. Lisa, the math tutor, sees Sadie on her bike by the teacher’s house.

It is time for the wedding shower, and Sadie’s bullies show up. She tries to kick them out and causes a scene. Aaron talks her down and tells her to ignore the little bitch. He can tell that something is wrong with Sadie. Josh confirms with his dad that he is also concerned about her. He finds a picture of a kid hanging with the name Dillion underneath. 

At school, when the teacher doesn’t show up, all the kids are concerned. When it is announced that the teacher died, Sadie asks how she died and is upset to learn the police are looking into the death. Aaron picks up Sadie and asks her a bunch of questions. He suspects her of something. 

Sadie realizes that Arron is on to her, and she hits him in the head with a bat. Aaron wakes up just in time to stop Sadie from smashing his head with a bat. Sadie pulls a knife on Aaron and tells him he will not send her away. Theresa shows up and tries to calm down her daughter. Aaron asks about the teacher and the Grandmother. They realize that Sadie killed a lot of people. 

Theresa gets her daughter to drop the knife and tells her that she loves her. Sadie us placed into a mental hospital and is going to receive a lot of therapy.  

Side Note

Minority Report: None

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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