Boy in the Attic (2016 Lifetime)

Boy in the Attic (2016 Lifetime)

Stars: Abbie CobbMax Lloyd-JonesGina Holden

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Angst-ridden over her new mundane small-town life, a teenage girl, discovers a mysterious boy living in her attic and befriends him. Unknown to her, he is harboring a dark secret.


Folksy music plays while a cop arrives on a murder scene. A man lies dead on the ground. 

Rachel and her daughter, Callie (Giving off some real Jennie Garth vibes.), come to town to help settle affairs. Rachel’s mother passed away, and her brother Marty needs help cleaning the estate. It is an ornate and creepy old mansion. They wast no time and throw out food, put away dishes, and get things in order. 

In the middle of the night, someone walks through the house in a hoodie. Callie hears strange noises at night coming from the attic. It is because someone is LIVING UP THERE!

A neighbor boy, Jordan, takes Callie for a walk around town. They talk about her grandmother, and Callie thinks it is strange that her mother kept her away from her grandmother for her whole life. At a coffee shop, a handsome boy writes notes to Callie; he amuses her. 

We discover that the person living in the attic is the cute boy from the coffee shop. His name is Michael. He is the boy in the attic and spies on Callie and Rachel as they pack up the house. He follows Callie to the coffee shop and sits with her. He tells her that his name is Luke. Luke/Michael overshares with Callie about becoming homeless and getting kicked out of his house by his parents.

Callie almost discovers that Luke/Michael is living in their house when she catches him in the shower. The door is locked, so she doesn’t find him exactly, but she is onto him. Rachel explains that it is an old house and not to worry. 

The funeral happens, and Rachel gives a speech about her mother’s solitary life. Luke shows up and supports Callie, but sneaks off before anyone can see him. Rachel comes clean about Callie’s father, Garrett. He wasn’t a good man, and Rachel’s mother didn’t approve. Garrett died in prison. Callie is upset because Rachel has been keeping so many secrets from her. 

Callie runs off and cries at the cafe. Luke/Michael is there, and he comforts her and talks about family, not defining who you are. They kiss, and it is sweet. (Minus the living in the attic and stalking things.) 

On a particularly rainy day, Callie is left home alone in the middle of the day and notices a leak in the ceiling. She calls her mom, who runs errands and is sent up to the attic to see where the leak is coming from. Callie goes up to the attic and finds Luke’s notebook and hears a phone going off. She grabs a candlestick to defend herself. Luke promises to explain himself. 

Through flashbacks, we see Luke helping Callie’s grandmother and eventually moving into the attic. He was the one who called 911 when her grandmother fell. Callie surprisingly understands and promises not to say anything. She even lets him still live in the attic; they eat pizza together and have a great time.

Feeling like she understands her grandmother a little bit better, Callie helps her mother sort through things. The grandmother wrote names on items she wanted to leave for people and left an item to Michael Collins (Luke). Rachel looks up the name and discovers he is wanted for the bludgeoning death of his stepfather. Rachel calls the sheriff and then starts freaking out when she sees Luke/Michael in the house. Luke/Michael runs out of the house. The police arrive, and Callie tells them that he was living in the attic. 

Luke/Michael comes to Callies room and tries to explain herself. She holds him at gunpoint while he pleads his case. We see flashbacks of his stepfather trying to kill him. Michael/Luke was fighting for his life and did what he had to do. He asks Callie to let him take her grandmother’s car to get to the border. She believes him and goes on the run with him!!!!!

Rachel calls her daughter and learns that she is on the run with a criminal. Rachel calls the Sherriff, and he tells her to let him handle it. Rachel goes down to the station, and the police officers say they haven’t heard from the Sherriff. They help Rachel track down her daughter.

In the middle of the woods, Callie and Luke/Michael run into car problems. Callie struggles to find a cell signal, and it begins to rain. Instead of running in the dark, they cuddle in the car and are cute. I’m in love with these two, awww! The Sherriff finds the vehicle the next morning. Callie and Michael hide in the woods. He comes after them.

Callie shows herself to the Sherriff and cries that she was kidnapped. She asks him to call her mother and tries to send him in the wrong direction, but the Sherriff doesn’t believe her. He chases after Michael. Callie runs to the car and tries to call for help on the CB Radio. 

Rachel and the police officers arrive on the scene and want to help. They stop the Sherriff from killing Michael. Michael hops the fence and runs to Canada. Hipster folky music plays as police gather evidence. 

Back at Grandmother’s house, Callie and Rachel finish packing up and head out of town. They look forward to new beginnings. Callie gets a video message from Michael, and he thanks her for everything. They plan to meet in Tuscany. (So random. Haha!)

Side Note

Minority Report: Police officer

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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