Honeymoon From Hell (2016 Lifetime)

Honeymoon From Hell (2016 Lifetime)

Stars:  Lexi GiovagnoliAdam HagenbuchCatherine Hicks 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

While honeymooning in South Carolina, Julia and Rivers McCoy are terrorized by an unknown assailant when they are stranded at a Bed & Breakfast during a hurricane. Are they victims of an elaborate prank, or is someone–something–after them?


A woman looks out into the vast darkness; it is a bad daydream. Her name is Julia, and she has recently been married to a man named Rivers. (Adam Hagenbuch with a WILD southern accent.) They are on a ghost tour and visit the grave of a woman named Alice. (The story is Alice intended to get married to someone her family didn’t approve of and died of a broken heart and something about a necklace and walking around the grave 13 times.) The ghost story resonates with Julia and Rivers because her family doesn’t approve of their marriage either. Rivers runs around the grave 13 times, taunting Ghost Alice. (Which, just don’t, people.)

The couple stays at an Air BnB with Catherine Hicks!!! (She plays the kooky BnB owner and is delightful as always.) A hurricane is coming up the coast, but Catherine Hicks promises that it will miss her house, they always do! (Reassuring.) There is no cell reception in the house and a little ghost girl in the window. Another newlywed couple, Frank and Sally, are also staying across the hall. On their way out, they see a scary ghost girl on the road. A hot lady visits next, and she walks around in a bikini. This makes Julia insecure because she is pregnant and trying to hide it from everyone. 

Catherine Hicks is widowed and took in a foster child named Bear. The house used to be owned by Alice’s family, and she haunts the halls of the house. Catherine Hicks tells everyone ghost stories. 

Julia comes clean with Rivers about her pregnancy, and he is upset she kept it from him. That paired with Alice popping up all the time and spooking Julia puts a strain on the relationship. The hurricane warning intensifies, and a voluntary evacuation is issued. Julia’s parents demand that River take her away from the coast.

Alice attacks Julia, and she is freaked out that her visions are coming to get her. The sheriff stops by to check in about the hurricane, and he sees Julia is not mentally well. It turns out Catherine Hicks has been drugging her and is working with Rivers to stage Julia’s suicide. Rivers plans on inheriting a lot of money.

Julia wants to leave and makes a scene when her wedding ring goes missing. Rivers agrees to take her away but has car trouble, and they have to stay through the hurricane. The bikini lady, Janelle (Who loves to drinks wine and is very LA.), babysits Julia. Walter, the groundskeeper, plans to get a boat to take them all to safety, but Rivers and Catherine Hicks kill him. (Electoruction in a pool in the middle of a hurricane.) 

Julia has a nightmare about her unborn daughter, and Alice stabbing everyone with a knife. She also dreams that Rivers and Janelle sleep together. (Which isn’t far off from reality. They do the hookup.) 

The Deputy Sherrif stops by, and Catherine Hick maks him some of her special tea. The generator goes out, and the rest of the movie is very dark. The Deputy dies, and Julia finds the body; she realizes that Catherine Hicks is the bad guy. Julia tells Janelle, and they run around the house with a knife screaming. Bear also chases them. Some nice moments of comedy are woven in here (a director trademark.) 

The woman who was pretending to be Alice holds Rivers hostage. At the same time, Catherine Hicks throws gasoline on everything and locks them all in a barn. This ending is so convoluted. For some reason, Julia stands by Rivers as the place is burning down. He begs her to leave him. (Did she not realize he was planning to kill her?)

Julia wakes up in the hospital with her parents. She was saved from an explosion by hiding in a freezer. Once she is better, Julia visits Alice’s grave with her daughter and places a ring on the tombstone. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Walter, Stanly

Not your typical Lifetime movie. I’d say is you are into a ghost story that has a Lifetime twist at the end. This is for you. 

The amount of shirtless Adam Hagenbuch made the movie for me. 

Written and Directed by my favorite Lifetime cutie Jake Helgren.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 🍷 🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2016 Lifetime

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