Lethal Seduction (2015 Lifetime)

Lethal Seduction (2015 Lifetime)

Stars: Caleb RuminerAmanda DetmerDina Meyer

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

High School senior Mark has never minded his overprotective widowed mother, Tanya, and is a good son to her as he prepares to go off to Princeton in the fall. One day, he goes to a hardware store where he meets an attractive middle-aged widow, Carissa, who convinces him to come and fix the shower at her house. She seduces him, and they have sex. When he comes under the spell of this rapacious, manipulative woman, he finds himself in the middle of two strong, unreasonable women – one of whom is insane. After learning that Carissa’s ex-husband was found dead at her house, Tanya visits Carissa to make amends, but Carissa rejects her and threatens to convince Mark to do whatever she wants, including cutting Tanya out his life.


The movie starts with images of fish and sharks in an aquarium and a woman swimming. This very artistic. 

A teenage boy, Mark, is celebrating his 18th birthday. It is a pool party, so he puts on his bathing suit and checks out his butt in the mirror. Walter scopes out girls at the party, and Mark has a crush on one girl, particularly Melanie. He plans to throw a party. To get him, mom, Tanya, out of the house, Mark set her up on a date with some guy named Randy. 

With mom out of the house, Walter and Mark have girls over and make them drinks. The party is cut short when a deacon shows up and wants to play bible bingo or something. Tanya babies Mark, she has people check in on him and sings, “You are my Sunshine.” to him while she makes him breakfast. 

While out running errands for his mother, Mark runs into an older woman named Carissa. She asks him about a showerhead and buys it when he says his mom loves her. Carissa invites him to help her install it and flashes some money. Mark installs the showerhead, and Carissa celebrates with a beer. Then she drops her robe and gets in the shower. She asks Mark if he wants to try it out with her. Since he is a teenage boy, he does. They have sex in a very steamy shower and then on the bed and then in the kitchen and then in the shower again. When Mark recaps to Walter in the pool, Walter is extremely jealous. 

Tanya and Randy continue to date, and so does Mark and Carissa. When Carissa picks Mark up for a martini date, Tanya is suspicious of Clarissa’s car. It is too nice for a high school student. Tanya is upset when Mark starts spending all his time away from home.

On the date, Mark tells Carissa about an app he has created. She is impressed and says it is a million-dollar idea. When Carissa leaves to use the bathroom, another young guy comes to the table and warns mark to “get out while you can.” Mark ignores his warning and shops for suits with Carissa. He swims in her pool and has such a teenage bod; I’m not sure what she sees in him. When he asks Carissa bout a shed in the back yard, she tells him it is her “torture chamber.”

Tanya goes through Mark’s phone and finds texts from Carissa. Tanya invites her over for dinner, thinking she is a high school girl. When Carissa shows up, Tanya goes mama bear and gives her a proper death stare. The most awkward dinner happens. Carissa brings up the app and how impressive it is. Tanya takes it that Carissa suggests Mark not go to college and reminds her that Mark is a boy. Carissa smiles and says that Mark is definitely not a boy; he is very much a man. Tanya pops off on Carissa and calls her a desperate middle-aged woman. Carissa mentions that Tanya needs to cut the apron strings and suggests that Tanya is worse than a shark mom. Shark moms eat their young.

Mark leaves with Carissa, and they have sex in the pool, and she handcuffs him to the stairs and almost drowns him while they are having sex. The next morning she gives him a morning BJ, and he says, “That is the way to wake up in the morning, it means you are going to have a good day.” Then they talk about having sex on the beach. This movie is too horny. 

Tanya researches Carissa and then talks to Carissa. They really get into it and name-calling. It is the cattiest conversation I’ve seen on Lifetime. I LOVE IT. Meanwhile, Mark is getting dressed and finds a gun in Carissa’s room. She asks Mark to move in, and he turns her down. Carissa sends him home cooly. Mark video calls her and apologizes. Carissa accepts his apology as long as he doesn’t listen to his mother. She wants him to choose. 

Tanya sets Mark up on a date with someone more age-appropriate, Melanie! The date goes well, and they even kiss. Mark likes her, and Tanya is thrilled. Carissa is not. She waits in Melanie’s back seat with a knife and slashes her face warning her to stay away from Mark. 

The reasons for the sharks finally comes into play. Randy works at the aquarium. Tanya brings him muffins at work, and he breaks up with her because she is annoying. (Or he doesn’t want to be a safety net.) Carissa also shows up at the aquarium and marvels at the sharks; Randy kicks her out.

Mark tells Walter that he wants to break up with Carissa, and Walter seizes the opportunity to hook up with an older woman. Walker tries to charm Carissa by calling her vintage. It doesn’t go well, and Carissa gets butcher knife out. I think he is dead.

Melanie hides her scars with her hair and tells Mark that she can’t see him anymore. Mark crawls back to Carissa and gets suited up for a pitch meeting for his app. The programmer offers him a job but passes on the app. Carissa wants to celebrate Mark’s new job, but he wants to be his own man. As he turns to leave, Carissa hits him in the back of the head violently. Mark wakes up in a sauna tied up in his boxers. He begs for her to let him go. Carissa rubs him while telling him that women are not playthings, and she will use him as he used her. I’m pretty sure she rapes him. Then she burns him with a hot poker and tells him to relax. Next, she gets out her gun.

Tanya hasn’t heard from Mark in 24 hours and searches for him. She asks Randy for help, and he kind of just stands there like an idiot. Tanya gets a text from “Mark” but really from Carissa. At Carissa’s house, Tanya reluctantly comes inside for a cocktail. Over wine, Carissa tells Tanya that she thinks she is crazy. Then she pulls a gun on Tanya and forces her to handcuff her and get into the sauna. 

The gun only has one bullet and Carissa forces, Tanya, to choose who dies. Mark or herself. Carissa locks them in to think about who should die, but she leaves the gun. Tanya grabs the gun and points it at the door all night. More shots of sharks swimming as time passes. Tanya decides to kill herself but suddenly gets an idea. She takes hot stones and screams, making a loud bang. Then Tanya lays on the floor next to the gun. She is playing dead and then beats the “shit out of this bitch.” (I mean she really did.) Super violent fight scene. 

Tanya drags Mark out of the sauna, and Carissa is close behind. Randy throws a trident and kills her. Okay, King Triton.

Walter is alive, and Melanie’s face is still scared. They join Mark on a road trip to college. Tanya is less overbearing and trying to let her son make his own choices; she is also back with Randy. (He did save them with a trident.) Before the movie ends, Walter’s new girlfriend pulls up; she is a senior citizen.   

Side Note

Need help? Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.

Minority Report: None

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2015 Lifetime

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