The Psycho She Met Online (2017 Lifetime)

The Psycho She Met Online (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Charity SheaChelsea HobbsMatthew Lawrence

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Karen’s husband, Andrew, is hospitalized after a car accident that takes him away from his high commission job. With a brand new house to pay for, the couple decides to rent out their spare bedrooms. After having luck with several guests, they are contacted by Miranda, who plans to stay for over a week–their longest booking yet! They decide to take a chance on her. Plus, it might be nice for Karen to have some legitimate company while Andrew is in the hospital. The two get along well, but as Miranda becomes overly involved in Karen’s life and another guest vanishes, Karen starts to suspect that something is off with her formerly perfect houseguest–and Miranda may have much darker intentions.


The movie starts with a car accident. EMTs are on the scene, and one female EMT recognizes her husband in one of the cars. Her name is Karen, and his name is Andrew. (A long-haired Matthew Lawerence.) She rides with him to the hospital and is comforted by her co-workers. Andrew survives the crash, but the other driver wasn’t so lucky. The other driver was a young woman who had been drunk driving. 

With Andrew out of a job and stuck in the hospital longterm, Karen is convinced by her BFF Aubrey to rent out a guest room. The listing gets posted on Vacay and Stay, and Miranda finds the place. She needs a room because she got into a fight with her boyfriend, who calls her a skank. (She is a Russian stripper, but you shouldn’t disrespect sex workers.) 

Miranda moves into the room and will be staying for eight days. She unpacks and hides some documents under the bed. Then she goes through all the drawers in the house and makes copies of the house keys. She also finds old photos and stuffs them in her bra. Karen comes home from work and gets ready for bed, unaware that she is being watched on a nanny cam. 

Karen gets some backstory. Her mother committed suicide when she was diagnosed with cancer six months ago. She shares with Miranda, who is very interested in Karen’s family and more so interested in Andrews. Karen has car trouble the next morning, and Miranda gives her a ride to work. Then she visits Andrew in the hospital to learn more about Karen’s mother. Miranda also meets Andrew’s brother, Tyler. They flirt a lot. 

Miranda, Karen, and Aubrey go out to lunch and have some girl talk time. They talk about boys and wine. Miranda gets jealous when Aubrey calls Karen her sister. (sorority sister.) Like, so mad, she grabs a knife under the table. YIKES! She also gets jealous when Karen rents out another room. The other guest leaves to go out for the day but forgets something and see Miranda hacking Karen’s computer. Caught, Miranda invites herself to go hiking with the man and kills him on the trails. Then she packs up his stuff, throws it in the trash, and writes a bad review. 

Miranda is too clingy and overshares about her past. She was in foster care, and her parents gave her up for adoption. Karen starts to place some boundaries, especially when Andrew is released from the hospital. Karen spends more time with Aubrey, which sets Miranda into a rage. 

Aubrey starts to have a bad feeling about Miranda and follows her to the strip club. Aubrey takes pictures to prove to Karen that Miranda is a liar. Karen confronts Miranda about lying about her job. Miranda calls Aubrey a bitch. Karen is agitated with Miranda’s aggressiveness and kicks her out of the house. In a last attempt to keep her relationship with Karen, Miranda presents her birth certificate, proving that they are sisters.

Karen feels obligated to continue the relationship. She asks that Miranda move out and find a place while they get to know one another better.

Things begin to come unraveled when Miranda is pulled over by the cops. Her car is reported as stolen, and she is taken into custody. The police also find the body of the other houseguest in the woods. When Karen picks up Miranda from jail, she sees a rental application Miranda filled out with Karen’s information. That is the final straw, and they kick Miranda out. Miranda cries and smacks herself in the forehead. (Haha!) 

With no one left to turn to, Miranda sets up a date with Andrew’s brother, Tyler. The date goes well, and the two hookup. Tyler doesn’t see text messages/calls from Andrew warning him to stay away from Miranda. Tyler realizes that Miranda isn’t right in the head and finally answers the phone when Matthew Lawernce calls. Miranda hits him in the head with a wine bottle.

Karen looks into the birth certificate and adoption agency. Then Karen goes to a detective friend, and they discover that Miranda met her mother three weeks before she died in Mexico. It appears Karen’s mother’s suicide was staged, and Miranda killed her.

Miranda makes her way over to Andrew and stabs him. Karen comes home and finds her husband stabbed on the ground. She charges at Miranda and accuses her of killing her mother. Miranda holds a butcher knife over Karen and gives her villain monologue. I guess she killed the mother because she was withholding information. (We see flashbacks of Miranda strangling the mother and staging the suicide, in case you didn’t get it.) As she is talking, a police officer comes into the house and shoots Miranda dead.

Tyler and Andrew both survive and drink beers together while Karen makes dinner. She gets a notification from Vacay N’ Stay, and she turns it off. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Graham 

This movie is SUPER Canadian.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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