I Want My Babies Back (2017 Lifetime)

I Want My Babies Back (2017 Lifetime)

Stars:  Vanessa MarcilBrooke NevinStephen Snedden 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Kelsey Larsen’s dream finally came true: beautiful twins from an in vitro procedure. But when Kelsey needs home care, the nurse she hires is none other than the egg donor herself — and the crazy woman has come to claim “her” babies!


Kaylene has a perfect life. She has a hunky husband, Drew, and adorable children. She goes for a bike ride in a hot pink outfit and is hit head-on by a car. Even in the hospital, she is perfect. Kaylene has a broken leg and a few scratches but looks beautiful. Her nurse Vanessa takes care of her in the hospital while her husband talks to a detective. The detective thinks that it is intentional. (No skid marks at the scene and Kaylene was clearly visible.) 

When she is released from the hospital, Vanessa offers to help the family as a home nurse. The kids, Zoe and Toby, take to Vanessa quickly. They show her around the house and eventually to her room. Vanessa will be living in the house with the family. Kaylene tries to help Vanessa by telling her odds and ends, but the nurse is quick to push pain pills on Kaylene to keep her incapacitated. 

In a terrible wig, Vanessa seduces a male receptionist at a fertility clinic. She was an egg donor and is the biological mother of Kaylene and Drew’s kids. Now she has proof. She kills the cute receptionist. He may be the hottest guy in this movie. RIP, hot guy. 

Drew is a pilot who leaves for a few days for work. Vanessa is in charge of the kids. Kaylene’s sister or friend Samantha stops by for a visit and is surprised to find her sister passed out in bed, strung out on pills. Samantha is concerned that Kaylene is out of it, and Vanessa is basically raising her children. Vanessa listens to the conversation on a baby monitor. Samantha questions Kaylene about Vanessa’s past and offers to take off work and help with the kids to take the burden off the nurse. When she leaves, Samantha confronts Vanessa on her problematic pain management techniques. She also loudly announces that she is allergic to peanuts, which you should never do in a Lifetime movie. (Samantha is so stupid she announces it TWICE!)

With Samantha out of the house, Vanessa takes the kids and Kaylene to the backyard pool. While the kids play, Kaylene opens up about her IVF and that she is thankful to have twins. Vanessa listens on but seems jealous. Drew comes home from work early to find Vanessa in a sexy bathing suit. Vanessa brings up him checking her out and tells him that she liked it. Drew is uncomfortable.

Kay tries to push back on the pain pills, but Vanessa explains she has to stick to the schedule and strives to maintain control. Kay gives Vanessa the weekend off to spend time alone with her family. Vanessa isn’t thrilled about this and lets the family dog Pickles out and blames it on the absent-minded Kay. The kids are very impressed with Vanessa, who replaces the lost dog with a new dog that they want to sleep in her bed. 

Samantha is on her way to Kay’s appointment for a doctor’s office and gets into an accident while looking for her EpiPen. (There was peanut residue on her steering wheel.) The accident is fatal. Kay is upset and wants to stop taking the pills because they are clouding her judgment. Drew and Kay decide to go away for the weekend to tell the kids about their aunt’s death. Drew gives Vanessa the weekend off and tells her that Kay is going to stop taking her medication. Vanessa is upset but still hangs around in a bikini by the pool.

Out of her pain pill haze, Kay takes photos of Vanessa by the pool and brings it to the hospital to show the nurses and get more information. Kay learns that no one knows Vanessa, and she has never worked for the hospital. For some reason, she brings the information to Vanessa in the pool. Vanessa attempts to drown Kay but fails. Kay realizes that her family is in serious danger and drops the kids off at the neighbor’s house.

A thick (in the best way) police officer arrives and is very confused/concerned. He tells Vanessa to leave the premises. Then Kay gets a call from Drew, who already knows about the incident he was speaking with Vanessa directly. Drew thinks his wife is crazy, but she searches and finds footage of Vanessa letting the dog out of the gate on purpose. 

The research also brings Kay to Vanessa’s mother’s house. Vanessa’s mother informs Kay about her daughters’ inability to have children due to an ovarian issue. The meeting is cut short when Kay gets a call from the fertility clinic. They tell her that there was a data breach, and Vanessa was working at the clinic when it happened and is Vanessa’s egg donor. That clinic majorly fucked up.

Drew comes home fore work again and finds Vanessa with a gun. She tells him that she is the biological mother of his children. Then she forces him and the kids into her car to go for a little drive. They go up to a cabin and are terrified of Vanessa. Drew plays along with it to keep Vanessa from going off the deep end. He kisses her by the stairs to attempt the grab the gun. They struggle and go flying over the railing, falling a full story. 

Kaylene runs around, looking for her family. (It is hysterical because she is in a cast!) She tracks her husband’s phone and calls the detective to give her a ride. When they come upon the cabin, they are immediately shot at. Kaylene gets the kids to safety as Vanessa sets the house on fire with Drew passed out inside. Kaylene, in a cast, fights with Vanessa and uses her cast as a weapon. She knocks Vanessa out and then drags her husband to safety. The house burns down as the family embrace. (This may have used up all of Lifetime’s special FX budget for 2017.) 

Side Note

Minority Report: Kay, Detective, A Nurse.

Formerly known as The Wrong Mother but renamed because it is not part of “the wrong series.” featuring Ms. Vivica A. Fox

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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