My Christmas Prince (2017 Lifetime)


My Christmas Prince

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Stars: Alexis Knapp (Pitch Perfect)

Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Samantha, a dedicated teacher in Manhattan, returns to her hometown of Maple Falls, Wyoming every year for Christmas. This year, she’s delighted when her boyfriend Alex, a European diplomat from the tiny country of Madelvia, decides to joins her. Samantha later discovers Alex is actually a prince destined for the throne, turning her entire world upside down. Realizing that staying with Alex means spending her life in the constant glare of publicity and giving up the job opportunity of a lifetime, Samantha must decide if she loves Alex enough to make the transition from teacher to royal – or will it be too big a leap for this small-town girl?


Samantha gets an offer for a BIG promotion. She is a teacher and lives in New York and is dating a diplomat. (Who is kind of goofy looking.) She in on her way to Wyoming for Christmas and will think about the promotion there.

Alexander, the “Diplomat”, calls his mother (who looks like his grandmother) and tells her he isn’t going to be coming home for Christmas and instead will be in Wyoming with “Sam”.  This whole scene happens with Callum Alexander’s shirt off… which I appreciated, thanks Lifetime! Once in town Alexander gets pulled over by the police (Patrick, Samantha’s ex-boyfriend) and heads to surprise Samantha and spend Christmas in Maple Falls. He does surprise her, when the annoying waitress recognizes him and screams about how he is a prince!!!!! Alex explains himself and apologizes and Samantha forgives him. She is excited to show him Maple Falls.

Back at the palace in Madelvia, the Queen and King (Mr. Sheffield) learn that Alexander is in fact dating an American Samantha (not Sam). They send their assistant woman, Felicia, to the states to investigate what is going on AND to remind Alex that it is the parents right in Medelvia to choose who he will marry.

Felicia arrives and is very stuffy. She tells Alexander that he needs to embrace his duty as a prince. He tells her that he loves Samantha and doesn’t want to scare her off. Felicia agrees that Samantha is lovey and she wont meddle in his relationship with her. That won’t stop the Queen mother from meddling. She sends Clara, Alexander’s to be wife, to Maple Falls to bring him back to Madelvia.

For some reason we go on a Christmas Hayride and Baroness Clara shows up. The Maple Falls paparazzi and reports get really out of control and Samantha is scared off. She is hurt that the Queen of Madelvia doesn’t want her to be Alexander’s girlfriend. She doesn’t want to be a princess, she just wants to make the world a better place.

Alexander and Clara have a heart to heart and are both relived to realize that they don’t want to be together and are going to go against the queen’s wishes. With that out of the way he must now win over Samantha. He shows up at the Mistletoe Mambo event (I missed what it was exactly… because who cares!) and interrupts her speech. He tells her that he loves her and they are crowned king and queen of the event, haha. Kill me please!

The families talk over Skype and all if cool, I guess. A year later Alexander and Samantha are dancing in the palace ballroom dressed to the nines, they kiss. The end.

Side Note

Not to be confused with A Christmas Prince on Netflix, which is not a viral sensation. (Everyone is telling me, I HAVE to watch it.)

This is Callum Alexander’s first movie! (He has a theater background)

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Overall rating

🎄  (1 Christmas Tree)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2017 Lifetime

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