Romance at Reindeer Lodge (2017 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries)


Romance at Reindeer Lodge

Stars: Nicky Whelan and Josh Kelly

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Synopsis (via Hallmark)

A group of adults from different parts of the country have sworn off partaking in holiday events. Two of those people are Molly and Jared. Upon arriving at their destination, they discover it’s a Christmas themed ranch. With no flight out until after Christmas, the group ends up staying. The Christmas activities eventually melt everyone’s cynical hearts and Molly and Jared’s love blossoms.


Molly is all about work, but what is she to do when her POC boss closes the office for two weeks to celebrate their new app reaching half a million downloads! Jared on the other hand has to get a place off the books at his job despite being heartbroken over a recent break up. They are both on a flight to Jamaica (she won a contest.) What she doesn’t know is it is Jamaica, Vermont. Dun Dun Dun!

After landing in Jamaica, Vermont with a dead phone and no flights out (the airport is closing) Molly meets the Reindeer Lodge owner who has a suite for her booked. She goes to the car and who is there? Jared, the jerk from her flight. They will both be guests at the lodge.

The Reindeer Lodge owner (Beth Broderick) LOVES Christmas and she told the radio DJ to say Jamaica, Vermont. Oh, Well! She also tells them that the lodge has no wifi, but they DO have flannel PJs and a Christmas question of the day. This lodge is sooooooo annoying.

Out on the town, Molly goes shopping and runs into Jared. They go grab rum punch and take a horse drawn carriage back to Reindeer Lodge. On the way we find out that they are both from single family homes (Her dad died and her mom now lives in Florida with her new husband and he just sent Christmas with his Dad, Mom is dead????) They both aren’t the biggest fans of Christmas, which is funny they are staying in a lodge where Christmas exploded.  

Turns out the Reindeer Lodge, has no reindeer. They just wandered off and never came back. The lodge is in foreclosure. Molly reads the owners mail and tells Jared that they have to do something. Not before she does to comfort another guest (who is having a difficult time with her husband who was working on a reindeer picture book, which is now ruined).

Next, we have a decorating scene….

Molly and Jared decided to cook a fancy dinner and find some Reindeer from Canada. (Delivered from Northern Quebec, to be exact.) They decided to hold an auction to raise money to ship the reindeer to Reindeer Lodge.

When Jared’s dad arrives it turns out that he owns the deed to the Reindeer Lodge!!!! Molly is angry that Jared lied to her and she tells him off. Just in time, she gets a flight back to Chicago. Before she leaves, she stays to make sure the auction goes off without a hitch, too bad literally no one shows up, well Jared’s Dad does. Whoops, spoke too soon! There was a cow blocking the road and the whole town had to walk up instead. The auction is a HIT!

Jared and his Dad have a conversation about why they aren’t that close. They agree to work on their relationship and vow to not let another year go by without making time for family.

Molly heads to the airport and makes a work call, where her client asks if she has a life. When reaching into her bag for her ID, she pulls out a reindeer ornament that Jared carved out of wood, just like she always wanted. She heads back to The Reindeer Lodge to find Jared outside by a big tree.

“Sounds like the whole world is taking a rest,” she sasses.

They apologize and admit they were both afraid to take a chance on love. They embrace and the reindeer come back to Reindeer Lodge! There are eight of them in the forest and are the symbol of true love. Must have been some Christmas magic.

They run out to see them and then Kiss, while looking at the Reindeer at Reindeer Lodge.

Side Note

They said “reindeer” in this movie, at least 100 times.

POC Alert: The boss in the beginning and also an actual young couple who are in love and guests at the lodge.

Jamaica, Vermont is a real place. Population 1035…

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Overall rating

🎄 (1 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷(5 glasses of wine required)

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  1. But is Molly’s dad really dead? “One Christmas Eve, when I was eight, my dad left work and got caught in a snowstorm. After that it was just me and my mom.” So he froze to death? Pretty grisly, Hallmark. Was he walking home? Did he freeze in his car? Or is this like going out for a pack of cookies and never coming back? Why does Mr. Reindeer Resort say, “That’s the Christmas spirit” when he clearly means “That’s the spirit?” Why isn’t there any penalty for lying your ass off? So many questions. This is by far the worst (but only) Hallmark Christmas movie I’ve seen the whole way through. Reindeer Lodge’s many Christmas traditions and tinsel fire hazards spackle over its lies like icing over the heroine’s crappy gingerbread man. I kind of want to watch it again… here, does this eggnog smell off to you? Sniff it! Sniff it!!!

  2. You might not like Romance at Reindeer Lodge and you are entitled to your opinion, but it’s just a feel good Christmas movie and is not nearly as annoying as you are! Because of the negativity of my post, I will be surprised if you post it at all.

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