Babysitter’s Nightmare (2018 Lifetime)

Babysitter’s Nightmare (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Brittany UnderwoodJet JurgensmeyerShanica Knowles 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Taking on a babysitting job, Daphne finds danger lurking in every corner and must survive the night from a malicious killer.


A young babysitter named Claire, who has seen a nanny camp or two. She is taking care of two young kids Seth and Madison. The babysitter invites her boyfriend over and orders a pizza. Seth is a prankster and jumps out at the babysitter. Annoyed, Claire puts him to bed but gets a call from the mother who sees someone else in the house. Claire doesn’t call the cops and does what every girl in a horror movie does in this situation, goes upstairs. She gets murdered by way of a plastic bag over her head. RIP, Claire! 

Daphne is a pediatric nurse who has recently been fired. Jeremey, her hot ass hell, co-worker, didn’t stand up for her when a child dies on her watch. (Dr. Mixer asked Daphne to get him a coffee and didn’t watch her patients while she left.) She breaks up with him because he is a physician’s assistant. Her best friend, Kaci, tells Daphne that she has been wronged and promises to help her get back on her feet. If by back on her feet includes babysitting. She could make $300 a day for watching Toby, a kid with diabetes, and a fear of flying. 

Who is looking out for Kaci, because she is stalked in the NICU and is almost murdered by a hooded figure?

Karen interviews Daphne and hires her based on Kaci’s recommendation. (The asshole boss who fired her.) Karen takes the job, and she is confused about why Karen picked her with the mistake she made, which caused a child to die. Karen tells Daphne that she understands mistakes happen and trusts her with Toby for the weekend.

Daphne orders a pizza, and the delivery guy is a creeper! After Toby is in bed, the pizza man returns. He says that Daphne overpaid him, she tells him that it is okay, and he asks why she is still home alone with the kids. Daphne makes up a lie about the parents being home, too, because she feels uneasy. Then she grabs a rolling pin for protection and calls Kaci. 

The next morning, Daphne finds a discarded pizza delivery recipe in the yard. Then she hears noises in the house in the middle of the day and calls 911. It turns out to just be the cleaning service. Daphne overshares about being fired from her job, where she lives, and her relationship status? Like, gurl, just let the maid clean the house. The police show up and are surprisingly cool that Daphne called them mistakenly. The cop offers to even look around the premises. 

After the cleaning lady leaves, Daphne gets ready to make dinner and notices that her phone is missing. Jeremy stops by and tries to apologize and win Daphne back. She kicks him out of the house, and he gets murdered in the driveway. Daphne continues to look for her phone and can’t find it. When she asks Toby if he has the number for the cleaning service, he tells her that they don’t have a cleaning service!!!

Kaci comes over and sees that Daphne is spooked. She offers to spend the night, and they think that the maid took the cellphone. They drink wine and point out all the strange things going on and eventually blame them on Jeremey. When they get ready for bed, Kaci and Daphne notice the gate was opened, the spare keys and Kaci’s cellphone is missing. Then the doorbell rings, but no one is there. Daphne grabs a knife and puts windchimes on the front door. Then they tie sheets around the doors, while Kaci uses a corkscrew as a weapon. 

A car is honking in the driveway the girls go out to investigate. They tell at Jeremy, but as they get closer to the vehicle, they see he is dead. When they turn back to the front door, they see the hooded figure with a knife. The run around the house and enter through the backdoor to get Toby. 

They split up! Kaci gets her car keys, and her purse and Daphne gets Toby. The windchimes sound by the front door, and everyone knows that the killer is in the house. Kaci is the first to run into the killer and is more offended when the hooded figure wastes a wine by smashing a bottle then when they kill her with it. 

Daphne and Toby are upstairs hiding from the killer. Toby is so frightened, and this kid is an adorable little actor, good job, Toby! Daphne sends him to use a walkie talkie as a distraction to miss direct the killer. The plan works, and they make it to Toby’s room and use a throw ladder to escape out the window. Toby is deathly afraid of heights, Daphne gives him a pep talk, and he overcomes his fears. They make it down together.

The hooded figure is after them, and they run to a parked car. Daphne has to get the keys and realizes that she will have to go back into the house. She finds Kaci’s body and cries until she hears her cellphone ringing. It is Karen; Daphne tells her to call the police. The hooded figure stands up, and it is the maid, Audra. Audra is the mother of the kid that Daphne neglected in the hospital. Audra is pissed about that, and she also doesn’t like babysitters. (Her husband cheated on her with their babysitter, Claire.)

Daphne apologizes, but Audra tells her that it is her consequence for her actions. Daphnie runs to the pool and uses a pool net as her weapon of choice. They struggle, and Audra goes flying in the pool. Daphne grabs a pool chair and smashes Audra in the face. She gets the car keys and gives Toby his insulin. She is almost home free when Audra pulls her out of the car. 

They struggle again; this time, Daphne uses her nursing skills and syringes. Audra in the temple. (It is like Botox, but not!) Toby and Daphne are safe; they hug in the driveway. Later, she visits the family, who are surprisingly welcoming to the girl who almost got their son murdered. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Kaci

I feel bad for the pizza guy. He was just creepy looking and not a murderer. 

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2018 Lifetime

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