Did I Kill My Mother? (2018 Lifetime)

Did I Kill My Mother?

Stars: Megan Park, Austin Highsmith, Dane Rhodes |

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A young woman’s mother is found dead in the home they both live in a year after her fathers unsolves suspicious murder. The police think the daughter may be responsible so she and her friends must prove she is innocent.


Natalie gets into Law School, her Mom is excited. Her Dad dies in an accident the same night!!!

Flash to a year later. Allie is the town drunk who walks home from the bar, like a responsible adult. Natalie gets into a drunken argument over her boyfriend Ethan with her mother and says she is moving out. As Natalie walks up the stairs a yellow sports car pulls in front of the house

The next morning Natalie finds her mother dead in the kitchen. The police come to give us exposition and investigate the crime. Nick (The chief of police and a family friend) questions her and then puts her up in a motel, for safety. Her bartender/friend (POC), Shelby, helps Natalie get settled and tells her that Ethan is a bad guy.

At the bar we meet, ETHAN! He is also a drunk and belligerent, arguing with Shelby. He grabs her wrist and tells her he needs to talk to Natalie. Shelby kicks him out of the bar, just like she did last night. Ethan walks to his YELLOW SPORTS CAR.

After her mother’s funeral, Natalie get picked up by a cutie Stephen Colletti (From Laguna Beach?!?!?!?) he knows her name without her telling her. Turns out her is a crime writer who was working on a book about a case her father was working on about a mafia family. He tells her she is in danger and that his name is Brody.  

The police start to suspect her, specifically the lady detective. Nick brings Natalie sweet potato fries (They were her mom’s favorite.) and tells her that he needs to take her into questioning soon.

Weird things keep happening to Natalie is getting ice and being followed by a creepy man, Ethan shows up in her motel room, and Stephen Colletti is randomly in her mom’s house taking pictures!

Natalie and Stephen Colletti take a meeting together. (Shelby is also there negging him about his bad reviews on goodreads.) He tells Natalie that her father was into some crazy mafia stuff and her mom night have been a loose end they were trying to tie up. Natalie might also be a loose end. He then moves into the motel room next door. Dun Dun Dun!

Back at the bar, the girls start to play detective themselves. Just like a Broady Long crime novel. Shelby talks through the suspects with Natalie. Including each other. Shelby because she didn’t want Natalie to go to Law School and Natalie for inheritance.

The real detectives have cleared Ethan, he has an Alibi. The lady detective sets her sights on Natalie poking holes in her story. Like a glass of water with condensation by her bed… Stephen Colletti tried to warn her that the cops would implicate her. Not one to be a suspect, Natalie steals some documents and takes them to Stephen Colletti. They learn that the documents were redacted and the lady cop was on the shift the night her dad died. They also learn that the crime scene was staged. The two start falling for eachother. (Because both his parents died too in a car accident.)

An intruder is in her mom’s house and Natalie cuts their arm. The police are called and keep blaming Natalie. They arrest her when they find her finger prints a bookend in her car, I’m assuming that was used to kill the mother?

Nick lets Natalie go, because he has go her back. He even tells her that Stephen Colletti is a bad guy. He has assault charges and shouldn’t be trusted. He even pretended to be a cop to get footage from a neighbor’s house.

The footage shows Ethan’s car outside the house. As they are reviewing the footage, Shelby interrupts and tells Natalie that he is writing a book about her. The title of his book is A Daughter’s Betrayal and he was at her mom’s funeral. Natalie can’t trust either of them and is “taking time to trust herself.”

Natalie goes back to the house and calls Nick to show him new evidence. Ethan interrupts them and gets into an altercation. Nick shoots him in cold blood. Natalie notices her is bleeding on his arm, it was him!!!!!!!! Nick “arrests” Natalie and throws her in the back of his cop car.

Lady cop and Stephen Colletti team up (Well, she arrests him for impersonating a cop.) but he shows her the footage of nice getting out of the car.

Nick was in cahoots with the mafia. In his evil villain monologue he admits to killed the father AND the mother, they were getting too close to unveiling his shady cop business.  Natalie kicks him in the balls and runs away. Lady cop comes and tries to stop Nick but is over powered by him and he knocks her gun away. Natalie comes BACK and grabs the gun.

We get a flashback! Nick is talking with the mother and we see him grab the bookend and bludgeon her to death.

Stephen Colletti comes and distracts Nick long enough for Lady Cop to grab the gun away from Nick and arrest him.

Shelby, Stephen Colletti, the nosey neighbor, and Natalie all eat sweet potato fries. We flash to the last time her Mom and her talked. Natalie’s mom brought the glass of water and told her she loved her. It was nice.

Then my DVR cut off.

Side Note

Reel One Productions

Megan Park was also in Hallmark’s Once Upon A Prince earlier this year.

Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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