Twin Betrayal (2018 Lifetime)

Twin Betrayal (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Jen LilleyPeter DouglasJason Olive

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

In the midst of a fierce custody battle, a struggling single mother is framed for the murder of her wealthy father by her ambitious identical twin.


Jess is going through a messy divorce and raising her young son. Jess packs for a Texas work trip (the worst kind.) with her friend Maddy and talks about her baritone ex named Lars. He is a lawyer and is going to use her troubled past against her. (She was arrested with drugs when she was a teen.) 

When Jess arrives in Texas, everyone suddenly has terrible southern accents!!! Jess’s reservation is lost, and she is rescued by a man Texan named Harry. He invites her to dinner and charms her pants off and then into a little black dress. They dance the night away (in a restaurant where no one else is dancing.) They end their romantic night with a passionate kiss. Jess calls her friend Maddy and gushes, Maddy tells her friend to go sleep with that man. Jess does, and a sexy sex scene happens.

The next morning, Harry’s accent is gone. He blackmails Jess for $70,000 because he made a sex tape and was hired by Lars to damage her reputation in court. Was the one night stand worth it? I’d still say yes. Harry is hot AF.

Maddy and Jess speculate about how despicable Lars is and wonder how he pulled this all off. Jess talks to her rich father to ask him for money, and he tells her no. The father tells Jess if she isn’t careful, he will cut her off as he did with Jess’s twin sister… ALLIE.

Cut to Allie, who is drinking wine at a bar with her wealthy boyfriend. She runs into Maddy and gives her a business card. Allie wants to make amends with Jess because they had a falling out years ago. Jess doesn’t want to meet up with her sister, because Allie is a bitch. (According to Jess.)

Jess reluctantly meets up with Allie with the intent to ask for money. Allie tried to steal Lars from Jess, and that is what broke up the sisterhood. Allie promises to help, but she doesn’t have the money. The twins meet with Harry and freak him out. (Mostly because they are dressed the same. I HATE when twins do that.) They tell Harry that he slept with the wrong twin and have an audio recording of him blackmailing them. There is no way he can prove who he slept with because they are identical. Harry rushes away and screams at them in his ever-changing accent. 

Allie asks her sister to return the favor and meet with a man in Mexico. Jess crosses the border. When she returns, she is detained by an officer. Oh, wait, her is just returning an ID and asking her out on a date. 

The police show up at Jess’s house and inform her that her father has been murdered. Jess has no alibi because she was impersonating her sister. At the funeral, the detective questions Jess about her argument with her father about money. (The maid saw.) The detective suspects Jess because she is the sole beneficiary in the will. Maria also wants Jess to give her more money. Everyone is after Jess because she stands to inherit 10 million dollars.

Allie is scheming, of course, and working with Harry to set Jess up for the murder. Jess goes to the hot detective and tells him her sister’s plans. The officer at the border is going to be vital to corroborate her story. It checks out with the detective. Jess and the detective head to Allie’s house to question her.

Allie has an answer for everything, even the officer asking her out on a date. Somehow Allie got the information that Jess was withholding from her sister. 

Harry breaks into Jess’s house and demands the money that Allie owes him. Jess and Harry make a plan to entrap Allie in her lies. It doesn’t work because Harry is murdered too, and Jess ends up in prison for the murder. 

Jess relies on Lars, of all people, to help her. Since Lars is a lawyer, he represents Jess in court and works on getting evidence to exonerate Jess, or does he? He is working with Allie too. 

Jess wears a wire and pretends to be Allie to entrap Lars. It works! Lars and Allie go to jail, and Jess is reunited with her son, who hasn’t been seen, the whole movie. Jess talks with the detective and he asks her out on a date… then he notices a strange wording that Jess uses. Could Jess actually be Allie? Sure!

Side Note

Minority Report: Maddy, Maria (A housekeeper to a rich white family? No.), police detective, Custom Agent, Mexicans,

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Overall rating

šŸ”ŖšŸ”Ŗ (2 Knives)

šŸ·šŸ·šŸ· (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Ā© 2018 Lifetime

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