Hidden Intentions (2018 Lifetime)

Hidden Intentions (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Ashlynn YennieChris McKennaPaige Searcy

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When her estranged Aunt Jordyn shows up on their doorstep shortly after her mom’s funeral, Sophie suspects something is not right. As she uncovers Aunt Jordyn’s true intentions and mysterious past, Sophie discovers Aunt Jordyn isn’t who she says she is and quickly finds her life in danger.


A woman in an off the shoulder sweater cries while talking around her home. She packs one shirt and then looks at a picture of herself? Oh no, it is her sister who died in a car crash. Then she is strangled to death by another woman who seems like she knows and isn’t threatening. 

Recently widowed father, David, is trying his best to raise his two teenage children. Sophie and Noah are sassy teens. In particular, Sophie wants to spend time with her boyfriend, Luke, for comfort instead of her family. 

A woman stops by in the middle of the night and claims that she is Jordyn, David’s dead wife’s estranged sister. David sees the resemblance and offers for her to say with him. Initially, she rejects the offer but wants to meet her niece and nephew. Sophie is VERY unimpressed. When David asks Jodyn to move in again, she accepts. As Jordyn rolls her suitcase by the pool, she catches Sophie, making out with a hunky shirtless Luke.

Jordyn is interested in Luke because she looks at his ID and goes to his house. She forces him to get in his car and then attempts to seduce him in a parking lot. Luke can’t resist, and they have sex in the car. Afterward, Jordan demands that he break up with Sophie, or she will tell everyone that he forced himself on her. 

Sophie is broken-hearted when Luke calls off the relationship, and Jordyn comforts her. (Even though she orchestrated the whole thing.) Sophie starts coming around to Jordyn. Sophie asks what happened between Jordyn and her mother. Jordyn says the sisters grew apart after their parents died, and it was hard to reconnect.

David gets Jordyn an interview for a job at his firm because she is “good at SEO.” (LOL, okay.) They decided to hire internally and hired someone named Phil Carlson. Jordyn rips up a shirt, screams into a pillow, and then looks his ass up and kills him. Obviously. (She flirts with him at the grocery store, goes to his house and talks about guacamole, stabs him, and then drinks wine like a lady.) With Phil out of the way, Jordyn gets the job.

Jordyn then seduces David. They kiss, and he protests. Jordyn convinces him it is okay, and David takes off his shirt to reveal a surprisingly buff bod. (Get, it David!) They get it on, and then Jordyn moves in more permanently. (Against Sophie’s wishes.) Sophie thinks David is replacing their mother with Jordyn. I mean, she isn’t wrong.

Sophie doesn’t trust Jordyn as far as she can throw her, so she snoops through her things. She finds a lockbox with a birth certificate, social security card, and a driver’s license. Sophie takes photos and is almost caught by Jordyn but makes up an excuse that she was looking for a necklace. Jordyn gives her the ugliest necklace she can find, haha.

Another sex scene happens.

Luke finally comes clean to Sophie about Jordyn’s blackmailing. He also calls her a “middle age lady.” (Which is extremely rude.) Luke begins to trail Jordyn wherever she goes. He follows her to a deserted storage unit and sees her with a stolen painting she took from Paul’s house. Later, Sophie and Luke meet with someone who knew Jordyn. When Sophie asks about Jordyn and shows him a picture, he tells her that it is not Jordyn; it is her roommate. The two teens then go to the storage unit and find a dead body in a deep freezer. Sophie calls her dad to warn him. (She also sends him a text of the body.)

While David is on the phone with Sophie, Jordyn overhears the conversation and rushes out of the office. Sophie comes home expecting to find her father but instead finds Jordyn with a tire iron. (See photo above.) They get into a scuffle, which includes some hair pulling and a lot of punching. Jordyn screams, “Now it is your turn to DIE!” while knocking Sophie out. Then she strangles her with a think wire while talking about the REAL Jordyn.

Jordyn gets distracted by David coming home, and Sophie seizes her opportunity killing Jordyn with the tire iron. (I like that the woman saved herself, also where was her brother this whole movie!?!) Sophie makes her dad promise not to let anymore long lost relatives into the house. The family hug on the couch.  

Side Note

Minority Report: Sharon, Cops. 

Also Known as Buried Secrets

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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