Killer Night Shift (2018 Lifetime)

Killer Night Shift (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Christie BursonSara AntonioCynthia Evans

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A pregnant woman forced to bedrest gets the additional help she needs from two home care nurses. Unbeknownst to her, one of them has a vendetta against her husband and is out to steal their baby!


Creepy imagery of a nursery and a tied up pregnant lady open this movie. Yikes!

Cut to a victorian mansion where kids are playing outside. Inside, Tricia is making a prenatal yoga video for youtube. Her husband, David, writes an email and reads out loud while he types. The house was inherited from his grandmother. The couple is a mismatch. David is way too lame/data-driven to be with serene yogi Tricia. He is also leaving his wife for a job while she is eight months pregnant. 

At a doctor’s appointment, Trish shares with the doctor that she will be home alone for a few weeks while her husband is away. The doctor clears her. On her way out, suspended Nurse Irene bumps into Trish roughly. Everyone is like WTF!

At the store, Trish meets a neighbor named Katy, who is a maternity nurse. Katy gives her some pregnancy tips and recommends some tea. When Trish tells David about her new friend, he is supportive and happy someone will be available to help while he abandons his pregnant wife in a remote location. NBD!

Like clockwork, Trish starts having pregnancy complications. She has severe bleeding and pain. Afraid and with no one else to turn to, Trisha calls Katy, who takes her to the hospital. The baby and mommy turn out to be fine, but Trish is put on bed rest. She has placenta previa and will need to take it easy. Suspended Irene needs to make money and is assigned as the night nurse for Trisha. Irene is no-nonsense and straightforward. (She is also addicted to pills and ransacks the medicine cabinet.) 

Katy, the neighbor, brings over a casserole. Irene is suspicious of Katy and becomes even more so when she doesn’t know the homecare lady named Adel. Tricia thinks Katy is excellent, and that Irene is helpful but has no bedside manner. Katy continues to visit, even if Irene hates her unannounced visits. When Tricia mentions Katy becoming a great mother one day, Katy cries because she is unable to become pregnant and suffered from miscarriages. 

Montage of friendship happens. Katy inserts herself more and more into Tricia’s life as Irene watches on disapprovingly in the background. Irene confronts Katy about being around so much, and Katy calls her jealous/unpleasant. Katy finds a mistake with the pills and tells Irene that she is watching her and will report Irene to Adel. Then Tricia and Katy start to notice that Irene is acting strange. Irene tells Katy to stay out of her way.

Pills go missing, and Irene is fired. Irene begs for another chance and says that she took the pills to sell for the mother’s medical bills. Katy asks Tricia to use common sense, can she trust someone who lied to her? Tricia decides to let Irene go. Irene cries, but before she goes, she looks at Katy’s ID and sees that her real name is Rachel Daulmer. 

With Irene out of the way, Katy takes over the care of Tricia. She gives her new prenatal vitamins and asks her to pump breast milk, so they have plenty before her baby arrives. Tricia thinks it is bizarre and feels isolated when her phone goes missing/laptop stops working. David hears about all the strange occurrences and plans to come home early.

Irene asks Adel for a favor, Adel is reluctant to help because she has no more chances to give Irene. Since it affects Tricia and the baby, Adel looks up Rachel and finds that her medical license was revoked. Irene rushes to the house and tells Katy that she knows the truth. She promises to go to the police but is hit in the dead with a shovel. At first, Katy is shocked by what she has done, but then she doubles down and kills Irene with the shovel, burying her in the backyard. Then Katy cries in the bathroom while washing her hands. 

In the middle of the night, Tricia gets a call from Adel. Adel leaves a voicemail to warn Tricia about Katy/Rachel. Tricia realizes she is in danger, but it is too late, Katy/Rachel sedates her and sets up an OR in the nursery. (Where the movie began.)

Restrained and gagged, Tricia awakens and begs for Katy to stop. Katy/Rachel promises to cut out her baby if Tricia doesn’t cooperate. Katy/Rachel got her license revoked for being too intense and baby crazy. As she is telling Tricia all of this, forcing her to push and deliver the baby. Katy/Rachel takes the baby and feeds her Tricia’s breast milk, leaving Tricia tied to the bed. 

When David arrives home early, he is surprised to find his wife tied to the bed. He is even more surprised when he sees his COLLEGE GIRLFRIEND RACHEL!?!? David and Rachel had a miscarriage when they were in college. He tells Rachel that she is crazy and is angry. Tricia tells David that Rachel is right; they should raise the baby and ask to hold them to say goodbye. While Rachel is distracted and babyless, David charges at Rachel. They struggle, but David is syringed and passes out. Then Rachel puts a blood thinner in Tricia’s IV so she will bleed out.

Rachel goes on the run with the baby, but she takes a long time to put the baby in the car seat. (I mean those things are tricky.) Tricia gets free from her restraints and sets off the car alarm. When Rachel runs back upstairs for the car keys, Tricia stabs her in the back with a scalpel and then knocks her out. Tricia almost saves her baby but is chocked by Rachel. They fight for the last time, and Tricia hits her with a statue saying, “Namaste, Bitch.” 

David, Tricia, and the baby all hug because they are finally safe. Tricia makes a youtube video oversharing; it has zero views. I guess she isn’t an influencer.

Side Note

Minority Report: Adel.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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