Her Worst Nightmare (2018 Lifetime)

Her Worst Nightmare (2018 Lifetime)

Cast:  Claire BlackwelderBryan LillisTim Bensch

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

It’s been a year since Dakota was rescued from a grim, terrifying basement, where she was kidnapped and abused by a monstrous man. Now she’s trying to move on with her life and get away from her past by pursuing a degree in psychology. But the normal life she had starts to unravel when she realizes someone is stalking her with reminders of her haunting past. Dakota is convinced that her kidnapper is back again, but no one will believe her claim. Now, fearing for her life, yet determined to no longer be the victim, Dakota needs to uncover her tormentor and end this nightmare for good.


Three women are kept in a basement against their will. Dakota, Terri, and Linda are prepared to fight for their lives. The SWAT team rescues them from captivity. 

Flash forward to a free Dakota attempting to resume life as a college student. Dakota is recognized by an aspiring student journalist named Addie. A hunky TA named Max helps run the class and takes a special interest in Dakota, so does her professor. (I am just untrusting of men while watching this movie, I guess.) 

Dakota needs to keep her GPA up to continue working in a creepy library. Some weird things start to happen to Dakota. A blonde student follows her, Addie continues to pressure Dakota to talk with her, and items from the basement begin to appear. Dakota calls the detective who worked on her case, just to make sure her captor is still in prison. (He is.)

Dakota contacts her captivity mate, Terri (now going by Cynthia), and shows her the items she has received. Terri is angry that Dakota would even involve her in this and wants to move on with her life. Then Dakota shares everything going on with her TA, Max. He is supportive. Maybe too supportive. He invites Dakota to stay with him and his mom. 

With no one left to turn to turn to, Dakota takes Addie on her offer to look into the case. Addie helps gather evidence; they find some paperwork in the state prison that shows Professor Campbell has visited the prison. In class, Dakota is aggressive with her professor. On her way home, she is almost run over by a car. 

Addie continues to use her journalist skillz and learns that Linda killed herself. Dakota goes into a dramatic monologue about living with PTSD and struggling with trauma. It is well-acted, so that is good!

Professor Campbell invites Dakota to join him at a private bar. For some reason, she goes, and he flirts with her. Dakota tells him about her past and accuses him of working with her captor, Kurt Weber. Professor Campbell claims to have never met the man and shares that a family friend abused him. He is a victim too. They come to an understanding. Max shows up at the bar and buys Dakota a shot. She now suspects Mac, as she probably should have all along. Max follows Dakota into the bathroom, and she runs away frantically. 

Max catches her and chains her to a bed. He was visiting Kurt Webber and has been obsessed with the case and of Dakota. Max watched VHS tapes that Kurt had hidden and learned how to mentally mess with Dakota into thinking Kurt was out to get her.

When Max steps away to make a phone call to Addie, Dakota realizes she is not the only one being held captive. Another female TA is chained behind another door. Dakota frees her, and they climb out of the basement window. Dakota doesn’t make out and is pulled back by Max. Dakota stabs Max with a knife, ending her terror. 

Back in class, Dakota becomes the next TA and presents to the class about the trauma and PTSD. 

Side Note

The lighting and sound design in this movie were QUITE a mood. I was not into it. 

Claire Blackwelder was pretty good. I’ve like to see her doing more Lifetime movies. 

Minority Report: Addie, Reporter

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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