Boyfriend’s Deceit (2018 Lifetime)

Boyfriend’s Deceit (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Emily RoseBrad JohnsonJohn Shea 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

While her boyfriend Oliver is away on a last-minute business trip, Annie is pulled over by police for a traffic violation as she is driving Oliver’s car. The police discover a bloody knife in the back of the car and start an investigation. Annie is panicked; she calls Oliver, who is inexplicably furious she borrowed his car, and then disappears. Meanwhile, the police have no record of Oliver existing anywhere. Annie is in denial, but the trouble is mounting as the police are pairing the bloody knife with a recent homicide. Now, Annie has to find what is really going on, and who her boyfriend really is before she is wrongly accused of a murder he may have committed.


Annie Tatum is booked and jailed for a crime she didn’t commit. On her way in transport, the police van is trailed and collides with another vehicle. Annie seizes her moment and frees herself from captivity. (It is very Michael Myers escapes from the mental asylum.) The men from the other car kidnap her, but one of the officers grabs her attacker’s leg and manages to run into the woods.

Four days earlier, Annie is living the suburban dream: making breakfast for her hunk husband, Oliver, in her beautiful kitchen. Annie works as an architect or something, the boss/dad invites her for dinner, and she declines. Oliver is taking her out for the night. On her way home, Annie calls Oliver, and he has a visitor at the door. He says it is a work colleague and promises to be back soon. 

Annie makes a nice dinner and pours some wine waiting for her husband to return home. Oliver comes back briefly and grabs some things and leaves abruptly in a taxi. (He hit a deer with his car.) The next morning Annie wakes up and realizes she overslept and is late for a presentation; she takes Oliver’s car because she doesn’t want to rearrange the car. The pitch goes well, and Annie lands the account. On her way home from work, Annie gets pulled over for a headlight out. The officer says that the license and registration don’t match and notices there is blood on the car and a bloody knife in the back seat. Needless to say, Annie is brought down to the police station. 

Oliver calls Annie, and she tells him what happened with the car. Oliver is angry that she took his car and screams at her. He claims not to know anything about the stuff found in the vehicle. Detective Reyes interrogates Annie about her boyfriend. Oliver is not in the system, and the car was reported stolen. Annie tells the detective that it is all a misunderstanding. She is released, and Oliver ignores her calls. The next morning Oliver’s number is disconnected. Then she goes to Oliver’s work and learns he has never worked there. 

Detectives come with a search warrant and find one of Annie’s shirts covered in blood. They also show her a picture of a dead body to see if it is Oliver. She confirms that it is not and tries to show them a photo of her boyfriend, but her phone images have been wiped, and his photos have been removed from the fridge. Someone has been in her house.

Annie gets a lawyer who helps her with the police investigation. Her boss, Mr. Stein, stops by to check on her, and she insists that she is okay. Then Oliver shows returns and tells Annie that everything is going to be okay. He explains that his name is Ben, and he works for some vague criminal operation smuggling paintings. The criminals were after him, and he killed one of them in self-defense. He hid some of the paintings in Annie’s architectural tubes, and they got mixed up. They try to go back, but Annie gets taken into police custody.

We are back to after the accident, and Annie is running through the woods for her life. Oliver recuses Annie and is set on getting the painting. He gives her a flash drive. Oliver is RUDE to her, so she gets out of his car and runs off and camps in the woods. She ties up her wounds with a ripped up shirt, which is unsanitary, but badass. Annie walks to Karen’s house and tells her about the paintings. They decide to go to the office to get the paintings before someone else can get their hands on them. 

Mr. Stine talks to the detectives and tells them that they have the whole thing wrong. He doesn’t think Annie is responsible for any of this. 

At the office, Karen searches for the paintings. Oliver and his criminal friend are also there. They pretend to have a meeting to gain access to the building. Oliver sees Karen leaving the office with the architect tube and chase after her. Karen throws it in the trash. Come on, Karen, that is a bad idea.

Everyone fights over the tube. The police show up and chase Annie around a parking garage. Mr. Stine helps Annie and Karen get away and uses his influence and money to take care of the police. Mr. Stine tells the detectives that his daughter is innocent.

Annie has the painting and calls Oliver to set up a meeting while wearing a wire. He shows up, and she knows that he cares more about the painting than her. He claims to love her. Annie gets him to talk and incriminate himself. Oliver pulls a gun on her and demands the painting, the detective rush in, but there is no need. Annie kicks the gun out of his hand and then beats his ass with the tubie. She throws the tube over the balcony and hits him with a car causing him to fall off the ledge. He hangs and begs for his life; she leaves him to hang out, and police pull him up. Oliver is arrested. 

Annie makes up with her boss/dad. Yay?

Side Note

Minority Report: Detective Reyes, Karen, Jerry, Robins, officer, Crime Scene investigator. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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