Web of Lies (2018 Lifetime)

Web of Lies (2018 Lifetime)

Cast:  Shoshana BushSpencer NevilleSarah Fischer

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Whitney, a social media influencer, moves back to her hometown in Boston to start a new chapter in her life. She has a blossoming career and an attractive next-door neighbor, Mike, but Whitney’s sister suspects Mike’s erratic behavior. When someone tries to sabotage Whitney’s career and her sister suddenly goes missing, Whitney must determine if Mike is truly the man she’s falling for or if he’s hiding a dark secret.


Blonde Sisters Meghan and Whitney move back home to their childhood house. Their parents recently passed away. Whitney was living in LA and needed a break. She gets a call from her BFF/Assistant Maya about a work gig. (She is a social media influencer trying to make Boston a thing.) Whitney is single and notices the hunk next door, which is taking care of his mother. Whitney invites him to a party she is hosting for local social media influencers. He declines. (Haha, cold.)

At the party, Maya introduces Whitney to a social media influencer with 8.8 Million followers named Lucas. He offers to help her build her brand, but Whitney is hesitant because she had a stalker in LA who found her house online and took photos of her in her home. (YIKES!) Mike shows up at the party and isn’t impressed with Lucas or any other social media people. A guy named Greg shows up and asks Whitney for a selfie-and kind of creeps her out. Mike and Greg get into a physical altercation, and he throws Greg out of the party.

The next day Meghan does some social media stalking but has no luck. She goes next door to confront Mike about treating her sister right. Whitney is embarrassed and brings some mail over to apologize. Mike answers the door shirtless, and Whitney isn’t mad about it. He explains that he is social media illiterate and went to high school with Whitney. She never noticed because she was super popular and he wasn’t. They kiss.

Whitney goes to dinner with Lucas for a business meeting and shares a story with her. A commenter named WhitneyBigFan seems jealous and sends Whitney threatening messages. Lucas dies in a car accident. It was deemed a drunk driving incident, even though Lucas only has one glass of wine a dinner. Whitney is confused and angry because a drunk driver hit her parents and killed them. 

Meghan thinks her sister should be more concerned and meets up with the guy from the party named Greg. He tells her that someone hired him to be there and create a scene. That someone’s handle was WhitneyBigFan. Meghan is sure that it is Mike and looks through her sister’s old yearbook. Mike is in the background of pictures, looking longingly at Whitney. This sister goes above and beyond and breaks into Mike’s house. She checks on Kathy, Mike’s mom, who begs for help and finds a mysterious locked room.

Mike and Whitney are out on a date and find Meghan in the house. Mike is pissed, but Meghan explains that she was trying to help Kathy. Then a co-worker tells her that Kathy and her husbands were clients of his. They never had a son. 

Whitney doesn’t listen to her sister’s concerns and continues to date and drink wine with Mike. They make out, and he spills wine on her blouse. While she cleans up the spill, she is shocked to see one of her towels in his bathroom. He explains to them that it was from the night of the fight. He washed it and was going to return it. Whitney feels paranoid, but she is right to be concerned. 

Meghan is kidnapped and not answering Whitney’s calls. She knows something is going on and goes to Mike’s house to figure out what is going on. She breaks in through the same window Meghan used to break in and hears Kathy screaming for help. Whitney finds the locked door and breaks off the lock leading her to the basement where Megan is being held.

Also in the basement are photos of Whitney everywhere. Whitney unties her sister and realizes her mistake. Mike sneaks up behind her and tells her that he just wanted to connect with her. He thinks they belong together. Whitney fights Mike off with a gas tank or something? I guess she kills him because he is wheeled away on a stretcher. 

The sisters sit on the curb, wrapped in a blanket, and drinking coffee. Whitney decides to double down on her social media career and be more authentic online. She starts the Lucas Bryant Foundation, which focuses on online security and bullying. Whitney is using her voice for good now; she still gets a creepy comment and puts the commenter on blast. (But not really.) The sisters plan on going ziplining. Can this movie be over now? They toast to new beginnings while. Mike uploads a new video for Whitney to see from… prison? 

Side Note

Minority Report: Maya, Lucas, Greg,

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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