Nightmare Best Friend (2018 Lifetime)

Nightmare Best Friend (2018 Lifetime)

Stars:  Rosslyn LukeJackie MooreBrandon Howell 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Katy is delighted to reconnect with her old high school friend, Gina. But when Gina’s boyfriend, Ray, also shows up, it turns out that the surprise reunion wasn’t so impromptu after all as the couple wants Katy to help them rob her workplace.


Katherine Gross is a building manager with two young children and no life. She leaves works late at night and is followed by someone in a ski mask on a cell phone. (In a Lifetime movie, you NEVER want to be in a parking garage at night.) She makes it to her car and drives away as the masked figure gets a text to make his move. Multiple robbers break into the building and shoot a cutie security guard.

In the suburbs, Katy and her adorable TV children play by the pool. Her neighbors Judy and Jarome, are over for a cookout. Katy kisses her hunky husband, Andy, and dreams of taking a vacation when she gets a message on Facebook from her middle school friend, Gina. It says 

See you soon!” and the doorbell rings. Gina is on their doorstep. Katy is not concerned and decided to take a day trip to their old high school. (Andy is very supportive of his wife and takes care of the kids. I’m in love with him.)

The day trip goes well until Gina has some road rage at a guy in a leather jacket. He pulls a knife on them and then kisses Gina. The man is Gina’s boyfriend, Ray. It is all a big joke. As Katy throws something away, Gina and Ray talk in hushed tones about getting the information. Later, Gina asks Katy if she could help with something illegal. They are shady.

Speaking of shady, another man sits outside the family home and watches Andy and the Kids. 

The real reason for Gina and Ray found Katy was so she could go into the robbed bank (or whatever the building is) and get the weapon. Tommy’s brother found Katy on social media and made Gina and Ray track her down. Gina promises she didn’t know what was going on, but Katy is involved now and being held hostage. 

Katy tries to reason with Gina to leave Ray while they stop to get generic allergy medicine. Katy tells the pharmacist to call the police while Gina gets water. The pharmacist almost calls 911 but is stopped by Ray with a gun. Ray takes the pharmacist to the backroom and stabs him to death.

Katy refuses to go along with it until she finds out her family is being held at gunpoint by Tommy, who facetimes to show her he is serious. For some reason, everyone goes to bed, and Ray sleeps with a gun in his waistband. Katy sneaks away and sends Judy an SOS text. The neighbors go over to check on Andy and the kids. Andy sends them away and claims everything is fine.

The next morning, Ray handcuffs Katy and shows her more footage of her family with the gunman. This movie drags so much. I swear that they have breakfast with Gina’s mom, go on a drive, check into a hotel room by the office building, look at more footage of her family WHO CARES!

Katy goes to her building and says she need to pick up a few things. The cop gives her two minutes to get what she needs. Ray text her with his lame cell phone. A security guard stops Katy when she is inside, and she doesn’t get what she needs. Then she breaks into the building and sneaks around inside, but a cop is watching the world cup on his cellphone. Katy cuts off the signal so he will go outside for better reception. Katy finds the gun in a utility closet as VIP detectives enter the building. They all catch her and tell her she is not supposed to be here. They look through her bag and don’t find anything.

Gina calls Katy and tells her the code work “Fushia” from when they were kids. Katy pulls the gun on Ray, and he knocks the gun out of her hand. Gina grabs the gun and points it at Ray. Gina had removed the bullets from his gun. She promises that he will go to jail again. They all fight as police come to the hotel room. Ray grabs a shard of glass and holds it to Gina’s neck, but Katy shoots him. Ray calls his brother to finish off the family. The whole sequence is so stupid and overworked.

At the house, the kids escape from a window in the bathroom to a fire escape that they were told not to play with! Tommy catches them and holds all of them at gunpoint in broad daylight in the front yard. Police arrive and tell him to drop the weapon. Katy and Gina show up and disobeys police orders and try to reason with Tommy. They tell Tommy that Ray was trying to pin everything on him, and he hasn’t done anything wrong. Tommy puts the gun down, and the police arrest him anyway. 

Three months later, Katy, Andy, and the kids are leaving for a well-deserved vacation. Gina stops by on her way to jail to apologize, and Katy forgives her!?!? This movie is terrible. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Judy and her husband, Cop, Detective, hotel cop.

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Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime

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