In Bed with a Killer (2019 Lifetime)

In Bed with a Killer (2019 Lifetime)

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Cast : Jennifer Taylor, Ryan Patrick Shanahan, Al Sapienza

Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Lena and her daughter move to a new town where she meets Michael, the man of her dreams. Little does she know he’s hiding some very dark secrets. And after her new friends disappear one by one, Lena must unravel the mystery of her missing friends before it’s too late.


Beth owns a flower shop and is pretty bad at her job. Need flowers for your wedding? How about roses! A boutineer? How about Roses! She really like roses. After helping an attractive interracial couple (Because it is Lifetime, not Hallmark.) Beth decides to call her boyfriend and tell him that she has made a decision… Later that night she is closing up the shop when her “boyfriend” (who is a hooded figure.) stops by. Beth babbles on about living together but maintaining their independence. The hooded figure is not having it… because they kill her.

Cut to small town USA. Lena and her daughter (Ashley) are excited for a fresh start. The dad/husband is out of the picture and they both miss him very much. (We learn later, he died of cancer.) Lena opens a bakery and her first customer is Heather. (the owner of the coffee shop across the street.) The two grab a plate of cupcakes and go off they go on a town tour. Heather introduces Lena to all the other white female business owners in the town. (On one hand, I’m like “Yes female business owners!” on the other, “Where are all the POCs?) We meet Kayce, the boutique owner, and the yoga instructor with a cupcake phobia (Jenny.) She has a son Ashley’s age (17) and the moms promise to introduce their kids to each other. Then, they stop by the hardware store, but they skip it because the owner, Michael, is a womanizer and is dangerous. Hank is the sheriff who loiters around outside and he seems like a womanizer too. (Insert Womanizer by  Britney Spears) The last stop on the tour of the town is the shuttered flower shop. Heather tells Lena that Beth texted her that she was leaving town and never came back. Beth used to date Michael. Heather insists that something is wrong because it is very out of character for Beth to just up and leave.

Ashley and Lena are having dinner and hear a loud noise. THey go outside and scream they the “have a knife” only to find out  it is their neighbor Charlie. He is a teenager who is lost his basketball over the fence. Ashley is smitten right away.

The next day, over carrot cake at the cafe, Lena and Heather talk about “true crime podcast” and “Netflix docs”. Heather really doesn’t trust Michael who is flirting with Kayce. (the town slut, or so I’ve heard. She is probably really nice.) Stacey is closing up HER shop and the hooded figure shows up again. Stacey is like, “Oh good it you, but why are you wearing that? It’s too hot.” then she babbles on and on. The hooded figure is not having it… because they kill her too.

In yoga class, the girls are wondering where Kayce is because, “they miss her energy”. They start gossiping about Michael and how he used to be a semi-pro fighter who killed a guy in a fight. Michael interrupts them because he is there for his one on one with Jenny. Heather and Lena book it out of there. FOR THEIR SAFETY!!!!

Meanwhile, the teenagers are flirting over basketball. They shoot some hoops and talk. Turns out that Charlie works at the hardware store for his summer job. I guess this turns Ashley on because she asks if he wants to see her room…

Heather finds a hammer in an alley and is convinced that it is Michael’s. He must have used it to kill Beth AND Kayce. Lena tells Heather that she is overworked and offers for Ashley to work  part time to help her get some rest, she also tells her to stop listening to so many true crime podcasts.

Back at the house, Ashley and Charlie are sitting on the bed with their shoes on and Lena catches them, and tells Jenny later, in yoga class. (Jenny also wants Ashley to work in her studio for the summer.)

While closing up her shop, Heather and Michael have a confrontation. He tells her to stop harassing him and she tells him to stop killing people. He is like “leave me alone or you’ll be sorry.” Jenny, the yoga instructor, shows up and they drink tea and talk things through. Jenny blames podcasts also. Michael then goes to Lena to try to clear his name. He tells her that he didn’t do anything and explains that he is just trying to start over.

Charlie and Ashley won’t stop hanging out together. (And by hanging out I mean speaking with extremely. long. pauses.) They end up kissing and Lena catches them again. This time Lena is pissed. She tells Ashley that she is not supposed to be alone with a boy in the house. Ashley blames her dead dad. Charlie is the only one who understand her. (because his dad ran off and now his mom might be dating Michael.) Ashley agrees to work at the yoga studio because it is Charlie’s mom and she will get close to him one way or another.

Michael stops by Lena’s house and Ashley invites him in for dinner. Lena is like, OMG I’m so embarrassed but… okay he is kind of cute. Lena and Michael talk about the rumors, she tells him that she doesn’t believe them to be true. They decided to go on a second date together.

Heather goes to the boutique to water the plants and maybe investigate. She sees blood on the wall and calls Jenny instead of the police… Jenny talks Heather out of it and makes her go home and get some rest. Heather doesn’t do this and is starting to think that anyone who likes Michael is in danger. Jenny tells Heather that she is being psycho and that she should drop it.

Ashley starts working at yoga studio and runs her mouth about her mom’s date with Michael. Jenny is like… WTF?!?

While closing up her shop for real this time, Heather is almost strangled to death by the hooded figure but her mop saves her and she runs away screaming for help. The figure chases after her and gets her in an alley. They then steal Heather’s phone and leave her body.

On their second date, Michael is running a little bit late. They go out for pulled pork and hold hands while walking down the brick sidewalk. It is a romantic evening?

The next morning, Lena is surprised to see that Heather’s shop isn’t open. She text Heather and gets a response from Heather that she isn’t feeling well, but then finds her keys in the parking lot. Lena calls Jenny to see if she recognizes them, but all Jenny wants to talk about is Lena’s date with Michael. Jenny tells Lena that Michael isn’t hers to have and he is not her type. She tells Lena to stay away from him and go back to wherever she came from.

Michael comes to the bakery and Lena tells him to stop gaslighting her. (After she hits him in the face with her broomstick, the dude keeps sneaking up on her.) Lena calls Ashley and tells her to go home and don’t hang out with Charlie.

During his private lesson with Jenny, she brings up that Charlie secretly wanted them to get together because he admires him. Jenny caresses his inner thigh and he stops her before she can go any further. Michael knows what is up.

Charlie and Ashley are talking a little faster this time. Charlie is actually embarrassed of his mom and her obsession with Michael. Ashley had no idea that his mom was obsessed and realizes that she probably shouldn’t have told Jenny that her mom and Michael went on a date.

On her way home Lena goes to Heathers house and uses the hide-a-key under the mat to get in. The alarm goes off and Sheriff Hank shows up. He tells her to stop breaking into people houses, and she tells him to do his job and find all the missing people in the town.

Another person goes missing, ASHLEY. Lena looks around her house and then goes over to Jenny’s house and lets herself in. While walking around, Lena discovers a bucket of bleach. Jenny creeps up on her and tells Lena that Heather called her and told her that she has the flu. Ashley was in the backyard with Charlie and wants to stay over for dinner, but Lean tells her no. Ashley throws a temper tantrum. Before they leave Lena uses the bathroom and finds a picture of Michael, Charlie, and Jenny together. While trying to leave, Lena finds Kayce’s phone (with a shoe case on it) and Heather’s phone (with a coffee cup case.)

While in the bathroom, Jenny roofies Lena’s wine. They sitdown while the kids “play” and Jenny interrogates Lena about her date with Michael. Lena skips the wine, texts Michael to get the police, and goes to leave. Jenny grabs a knife and holds it to Lena’s throat. She tells her that she will gut her daughter.  (Ashley and Charlie play basketball as this is all happening.) Jenny forces Lena to leave with her. They struggle in the front yard over the knife and the police/Michael come.

Jenny acts like Lena is the killer and Lena is like “R U SERIOUS?” The Sheriff is confused but Lena comes up with a plan. Lena kisses Michael which causes Jenny to rage out. Jenny admits to “murdering the skanks” so her a Michael could be together. Charlie and Ashley finally stop play H.O.R.S.E. and come to the front yard. Charlie is heartbroken that his mom is a murderer, but doesn’t seem too surprised.

Michael, Lena, Ashley and Charlie all play basketball. Michael adopted Charlie and Lena promises that everything will get easier with time. They decide to go on another date. Mother and Daughter both find romance. Which is why this movies originally title was… A Deadly Romance.

Side Note

Heather is dressed like a stereotypical hipster and it is hilarious.

Title is misleading, on one gets in bed with a killer. So disappointing.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪  (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. I love in the beginning when Beth is “designing” (I use that term loosely) the couple’s wedding flowers and she asks them, “How they knew who was worth giving up all their dreams for?” Even the actor playing the groom kind of cringes at the question for a split second. Classic Lifetime! Maybe I’ll start using that line at engagement parties to spice things up.

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