Killer Reputation (2019 Lifetime)

Killer Reputation (2019 Lifetime)

Cast:  Anna HutchisonMark LawsonCharles Hittinger

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

.Hollywood PR maven Adrienne takes pride in her low profile and good reputation. Yet she risks both to help a fading action star accused of killing his ex-wife. She believes he’s innocent because she knows him better than most; they were college sweethearts. But whoever the real killer is, no one in Gareth’s life is safe, and once again… that includes Adrienne.


An acclaimed actress, named Carly, is awakened in the middle of the night by someone watching TV in her living room downstairs. She angrily rushes downstairs, yells at Gareth to get out of her house, and calling him a loser. The person watching television puts on some black leather gloves and murders the actress. 

Adrienne is an LA hotshot PR person who has started her own PR firm. 

At the PR firm, Adrienne hires a country music star as her first client. Her sister Emily is an artist with a young daughter, and they live with Adrienne. While at her sister’s art exhibit opening, Adrienne gets a notification from TMI, an entertainment news source. Adrienne is shocked to see her ex-college boyfriend, Gareth is the number one suspect in the murder of Carly. 

A Zaddy PR rep calls Adrienne to discuss something, but he gets her voicemail. He leaves a message and goes for a sexy swim, but gets murdered in the pool by the black leather-gloved killer. Later, Adrienne finds the body in the pool and calls the police. When she leaves the scene, the TMI reporter is there, asking her a bunch of questions.

Gareth approaches Adrienne in the middle of the night and asks to sit down with her for some PR advice. Adrienne tells him that she won’t lie for him, but is willing to help an old friend/lover. Gareth claims his innocence, and Adrienne wants to believe him. Her sister Emily doesn’t and is upset that her sister is helping her ex. Adrienne reviews the details of the murder and meets with Gareth’s stunt double, Ian. Ian will vouch for Gareth, and Carly’s relationship was stable, thus changing the narrative. The plan backfires. Ian messes it up in the interview and apologizes to Adrienne by offering to take her out to dinner. Adrienne declines BECAUSE SHE IS A PROFESSIONAL! 

I’m not sure how or why, but Adrienne gets locked in Gareth’s car while it is running in a closed garage. This movie is trying to be suspenseful, but it is just comical. Gareth saves Adrienne and thinks that someone was trying to kill him, not her. He doesn’t want to go to the police or the hospital but gives Adrienne a glass of water. Then he fires Adrienne as his PR rep for “her safety.” Then she invites Gareth to move in with her and her sister. (Emily is PISSED.) 

Remember when I said Adrienne was a professional, she isn’t. Ian takes Adrienne out on a dinner date. Ian is a little jealous that Gareth is living with Adrienne, primarily because they used to date. Before dinner, Ian takes Adrienne on a nighttime hike? His knee gives out, and he limps up the trail. As they look out over the LA city lights, they talk about Gareth’s innocence. Adrienne opens up about the murder attempt, and Ian is concerned for Adrienne’s safety. He cries; he is so concerned. They kiss.

Over martinis, (I’m jealous.) Adrienne learns from a PR lady that Ian was involved in an accident on set, and Gareth saved his life. A fellow stunt woman named Diana died in the fire. The story was buried for insurance reasons, but Ian gives Adrienne the okay to use the account to boost Gareth’s reputation with the press. TMI gets the story, and they cast Gareth in a bad light, saying he was having an affair with Diana and pushed for the stunt in the first place. 

Adrienne thinks something is off, and when she confronts Ian, he yells at her and freaks out. Then when she talks to Gareth, he confirms that TMI is correct. She can’t trust him anymore, especially when she finds him with a gun. Adrienne kicks him out of her house. Shirtless Gareth packs his things and plays with a pair of panties… Ummm what? 

Anonymous texts start coming to Adrienne, and they want to meet up. The anonymous texter claims to have information about Carly and Gareth. They set up a meeting for 9 pm. Ramona, the martini PR lady, accompanies her to the meeting. On the way to the meeting, they are run off the road, and both get admitted to the hospital. Romona is in a coma. (Which should be the name of a song or something.)

The detective is back and questions Adrienne while Gareth is hiding behind a room divider curtain with a kooky old lady. Adrienne is released from the hospital and surprised to see Ian is at her house. Ian informs her that Gareth’s car is totaled and probably responsible for running her off the road. 

Adrienne comes home to find her place ransacked. Emily is missing, and a letter from Gareth is on the counter, demanding a meeting at midnight. When she arrives, she is surprised to find Ian. Ian has Gareth tied up and claims that he saved Emily and her daughter from being kidnapped by Gareth. Things aren’t adding up, but Adrienne is very thankful to Ian. She starts to call the police, but Ian stops her and tells her to kill Gareth. He hands her a gun, and finally, Adrienne realizes that something is wrong. Adrienne takes the gun and points it at Ian. Then he pulls a gun on her. 

Ian didn’t load the gun he gave Adrienne. He was testing her. Then he goes into his villain monologue and admits to killing everyone. Ian is a bad dude, but he is still kind of cute. (I have a problem.) Adrienne reveals all the details that she noticed and contacted the TMI reporter. Then she shows that she is live streaming the whole conversation with a hidden camera. The police show up just in time and take Ian away.

A wedding happens. Adrienne and Gareth get married because they have always been in love. Whatever. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Detectives, PR Lady, Diana, Juan, Ramona.

Reel One Entertainment production. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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