Deadly Assistant (2019 Lifetime)

Deadly Assistant  (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Jeannette Sousa, Breanne Hill, Keenan Tracey

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A woman’s attempt to reconnect with her estranged family ends with murder and suspicion


We start off in some type of meditation room that is also a murder room? A woman is tied to a massage chair and screams.

Next, we are in a yoga class, and the teacher’s pet Maya (and crispy blonde) is speaking in a breathy voice for no reason she is dating the teacher’s son, Charlie. (who is sober) Amanda (a brunette) is late to the class but brings a flower and is actually the instructor, Lauren’s sister. Turns out, Maya is the assistant in the yoga studio, and she could be deadly. Ian, Lauren’s husband, also works at the studio… he has a strained relationship with Amanda. (Turns out she saw Ian having an affair on her sister, and that is why she has been away for so long.)
Charlie is in his towel and hears a noise and gets startled, it is just Maya. They talk about Amanda and how it is awkward that she is back. They speak more, but Charlie has his shirt off, so I wasn’t paying too much attention.

At family dinner (plus Maya), Lauren asks Amanda to join the family business and help with social media. Lauren tells Ian and Maya that they will need to deal with it, but Ian is very resistant to having Amanda back. Lauren shuts it down and tells them that she only cares about her sister’s opinion. Amanda agrees to think about it, much to the disappointment of Ian and Maya.

At the grand reopening, with no one there, Lauren is a nervous wreck. She gives her speech but starts gasping for breath, and her lips start to turn purple. Lauren dies of heart failure, and we are, comically, immediately at her funeral. WTF? Charlie has started drinking again, Maya is all over Ian, and Amanda looks sad but cries not a single tear. Amanda’s high school boyfriend, Josh Stone, is at the funeral and is a homicide detective. He gives Amanda his card and tells her that the toxicology report will be ready soon.

Amanda is disgusted to see that Maya is using Lauren’s death for publicity and promoting her own intentions. Maya has taken over the classes at the studio. She is working with Ian to take over the business and pay off loans with Lauren’s life insurance. They might not be collecting anything because Josh Stones finds a high dosage of colchicine in her system. Amanda can’t believe her sister would do that on purpose. She is so off base that she thinks it is Charlie’s fault and confesses her thoughts to Maya. They go through Charlie’s orders and see that Charlie ordered the drug online.

I think Charlie is setup to overdose and fall, and it is made to look like an accident. He is in a coma. The detective (who is beefy, did I mention.) thinks that Charlie is a person of interest because he has the same drugs in his system that were found in Lauren. Amanda and Maya tell him that he is wrong.

Amanda listens to some audio files of Lauren’s meditation, but it doesn’t work. We get a montage of their lives moving on as Lauren’s voice plays. Maya and Amanda are growing closer and are working on the business together. That is until she sees Ian putting the moves on Maya. Maya is upset and crying, she tells Amanda that she has everything under control.
Charlie awakes from his coma, and the family is relieved. Alone in his hospital bed, a person in nurses scrubs comes in and injects something into Charlie’s IV, causing him to code blue. The detective thinks that someone was trying to kill him and has an officer stationed outside. No one will be admitted to see his, and Lauren’s death is a murder investigation. Amanda, Maya, and Ian are the number one suspects.

Ian admits to Amanda that he DID have an affair on Lauren all those years ago. He tells Amanda that he would never hurt Lauren, but Amanda takes it as a confession. This woman truly is not listening, or maybe I’m not fully paying attention to this movie because it is soooo lame.
The beefy detective gets a call for shots fired at Ian’s house. Amanda rides along with him and stays in the car but gets out to investigate a noise. Maya is found in the house and is bloody. Amanda screams because she finds Ian knocked out with a gun in his hand. Ian claims his innocence as the beefy detective takes him into custody.

Amanda realizes she may have made a mistake and should have gone after Maya. She calls Charlie to see what he was doing on the computer. He says that Maya asked him to use the computer. Maya creeps behind her and hits her in the face with something.
We are back in the meditation room, and Amanda is the woman tied up. Maya blames Amanda for ruining everything. Maya was the woman that Ian was having an affair with three years ago. Amanda breaks free and hits Maya with some meditation rocks and kicks her through a window. Maya is dead, dead, dead.

This movie is almost over, over, over. Amanda and Charlie run the studio now, and Ian is sorry for everything. Amanda is ready for the fresh new start, and Lauren would be proud of her because she has finally found peace?

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Side Note

Alternative Title: Poisonous Protege

Minority Report: The bartender? Nurse? They didn’t have a name…

Overall rating
🔪 (1 Knife)
🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)
*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. This is a great review, in fact it’s more entertaining than the movie! I love, love, love the hilarious ending. Thanks Patrick. Next time I’ll check in here to see how much wine I’ll need before I watch a new or an unfamiliar Lifetime movie!

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