Psycho Stripper (2019 Lifetime)

Psycho Stripper (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Karissa Lee Staples, Tyler Johnson, Mark Hapka

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

A week before her wedding, beautiful dance studio instructor Amber Clarke suddenly finds herself the obsession of Hunter, the brooding, sexy, exotic male dancer from her bachelorette party, who is harboring a very dark vendetta and will stop at nothing to keep Amber from tying the knot.


Outside of Naughty Boyz, a male strip club, a hunky cowboy named Boone is ogled by drunken bachelorettes. (the literal worst people in the world.) He declines their advances because he has a girlfriend and then heads to his car. Boone is followed by another cowboy (in a black hat, we know he is a bad guy.) and is beaten with a tire iron. Later, the bachelorettes find his body, and we get the title card. Perfect start of a Lifetime movie.

Amber is a soon to be bride. She has her bridal shower with all her girlfriends. (Who are all super attractive.) We learn that Amber’s mother passed away a few years ago, and her father sends the veil that her mother wore to their wedding as a gift. The girls all going out the same evening for the bachelorette party. Before going out, Owen, the groom, shows up for a little afternoon delight. After a lame sex scene. They talk about his ex, Meghan, for some reason.

The girls get all dressed up and are a flurry of annoying. They surprise Amber by taking her to her dance studio for the party. (Amber is excited, but I would have been like… “can we go somewhere else?”) We get a dance montage, which includes lots of shots, popping champagne, and a literal choreographed dance? Okay, Amber’s friends are extra AF.

Then the male strippers show up, and suddenly, I’m interested again! We have your typical Chippendales guy, a football player, and a firefighter. Me personally, I was MOST into the football player, but the firefighter gets the most screen time. Amber tells her friends that she is having so much fun and runs to the bathroom. On her way to the toilet, she bumps into the firefighter named Hunter. He is charming and actually respectful. (Oh, just kidding. He attempts to roofie Amber.) To bad, Margo (Lisa Ann Walter) Owen’s overprotective mother shows up. She is a party pooper and shuts it down.
The next day, at the studio, Hunter shows up to sign up for an intermediate ballet class. (He is a dancer, after all.) Amber’s friend, Taryn, flirts with Hunter while he waits for the session to start. In class, Hunter and Amber have sexy touching when she “corrects his form.” After class, Amber is looking for her wedding book, it has gone missing, and I’m pretty sure Hunter took it.

Hunter does some light stalking of Owen and his mother. He then texts Amber to let her know he found her wedding book. The book has all her guest info and Amber’s address and phone info. She is a little weirded out by him having found the book but brushes it off.

Amber gets a wedding gift from Hunter, it is a photo collage thing. While looking for pictures on Owen’s laptop, she finds pictures of his ex, Meghan (who looks shockingly similar to Amber.) She picks a fight with Owen over dinner about because all this couple does is talk about Meghan.

While closing up the dance studio, Taryn has a dance solo that lasts a really long time. She doesn’t realize that Hunter is also in the studio and watching her. He eventually comes down and, unfortunately, doesn’t kill her. Hunter and Taryn have sexy dance time, and then they have sex while he looks at a picture of Amber. The next day, while getting their hair done, Taryn brags to her friends about her conquest, and they tell her to be careful… he could be A PSYCHO STRIPPER!

They are right because Hunter kills the owner of the salon, for pretty much no reason. After he kills the salon owner, he shows up at Amber’s rehearsal dinner uninvited. Owen recognizes Hunter but can’t place him. Everyone is weirded out that a male stripper is at their rehearsal dinner. Taryn asks Hunter to leave, but Owen is still suspicious and kind of jealous. Hunter doesn’t go and picks a fight with a party guest. Owen and Hunter talk and “clear things up.” Still, really, everyone realizes that Hunter is obsessed with Amber, and it gets awkward.

Hunter hires a girl to pretend to be having an affair with Owen. The girl is TERRIBLE at her job and admits everything under a little pressuring from Amber. Amber then confronts Hunter about it, and he (of course) lies. He then gives her some lingerie and tries to kiss her. Taryn comes to the rescue and pushes him off of Amber.

Amber learns of the murder of the salon owner, who doesn’t matter, and they have to decide if they are going to postpone the wedding. Before they do that, they go to the Naughty Boyz club and talk to the Chippendales guy and the football player guy. Turns out, Hunter was a last min replacement for Boone!!! Hunter didn’t work at the strip club and was actually Megan’s ex-fiance. Owen puts it together that Hunter’s real name is Preston.

Amber and Owen call the police, and Detective Allen shows up. He is not a hot cop and seems pretty bad at his job. Margot tells him what is what is what because she is a badass. They decide to call off the big wedding and do a little wedding in the country house instead. As they are canceling on all the guest, Hunter sends wedding invitations with HIS name on them to everyone on the guest list.
The country house is more like a mansion. Amber, Owen, and Taryn are setting up for the low key wedding. Just a few family friends show up, and most of them get murdered by Hunter, who sneaks onto the property with a stolen car.

Amber, Owen, and Taryn find their dead friend and freak out. Amber goes to call the police and runs into Hunter. Hunter gives his villain monologue and admits to killing Megan. (Owen’s ex.) It is all revenge, and Hunter’s plan for stealing Owen’s fiance is an eye for an eye. Owen gets knocked out by Hunter when he tries to save Amber.

Taryn and Amber try to run from Hunter, but he finds them and kills Taryn. Amber hides under a bed while Hunter looks for her. Owen comes to and grabs a bottle of wine; oh wait, no, he grabs the stripper firefighter ax from Hunters costume. On a balcony, Amber sprays Hunter with hairspray, which causes him to fall off the balcony and onto the ax. (Which may be the most extravagant and random way to kill someone.)

Three months later, Owen and Amber get married to their remaining family and friends. They are ready for happily ever after.

Side Note

Minority Report: Danielle and Russ. (Who both survive this movie, THANKFULLY!)

Overall rating
🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)
🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)
*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. Thank you!!!! I started watching this movie last night and fell asleep right when they found out the Psycho stripper was Preston. I didn’t want to watch again but wanted to know what happened. Your synopsis was better than the movie! And your minority report was great and appreciated! I was You’re awesome, thanks again 🙂

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