Killer Grandma (2019 Lifetime)

Killer Grandma (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Kelly Sullivan, and Nana Visitor

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Melissa, a happily married woman with an eight-year-old daughter invites her husband’s mother to live with them. However, Melissa comes to realize that Grandma is unhinged and wants to kidnap Melissa’s daughter to replace her own dead child


It is the 70’s and two kids playing while a mother irons. The kids play too close to the pool, Megan falls in and drowns while her brother tries to save her. The mom continues to iron while listening to soap operas.

Flash to the present day, Melissa and Tom are attractive white people who make out while he is shaving. (and has his shirt off to show off his hot body.) They have a sassy daughter named Annie. Melissa has a lot of single girlfriends (Haley, the babysitter, and Courtney, a photographer friend.) who are all the same and are working on a jewelry line.

Meanwhile, Yvonne (an elderly woman with a cute short haircut.) is getting released from a mental institution. The doctor (who is a POC and a woman, YAS!) tells Yvonne that she will have to adjust to the imperfect world that she is heading into. Yvonne asks that her son not be contacted because she wants to “surprise him.” She moves into her house and opens a box with her dead daughter’s things and just wants her daughter back.

Yvonne fixates on Annie at school and follows Haley after she picks Annie up from school. Then Yvonne follows Haley home and poses as Annie’s grandma. She tells Haley that her babysitting services are no longer needed. When Haley questions her, Yvonne hits Haley in the face with the door and then smothers her with a pillow killing her. She then hums like a serial killer. Yvonne text Melissa as Haley and makes an excuse as to why she is leaving town.

Tom and Melissa are making dinner when the doorbell rings. It is Yvonne. She actually IS Annie’s grandma… she is Tom’s mother?!?! Melissa and Annie are thrilled to meet her, and Tom is a little less enthusiastic. Yvonne gives Megan’s creepy doll to Annie and then tells her that she is going to take her to visit her in her new house. Tom chugs wine while Melissa and Annie beg him to let Yvonne stay with them for the night.

It turns out that Tom doesn’t have the best relationship with his mother. He tells Melissa that his mother blamed him for his sister’s death. (Which isn’t wrong.) He is also suspicious as to WHY his mother was in the mental hospital for so long. Melissa is unfazed and convinces him to let Yvonne stay and help take care of Annie. But, just for a week or two.

Yvonne bonds with Annie, while mistaking her Megan. Yvonne has a flashback, and it turns out she killed her husband. Yvonne is nervous because they have a pool and also is suspicious of Courtney. Melissa tries to calm her nerves by saying that Courtney is like a sister to Tom. Which was the wrong thing to say. Yvonne has a new enemy and basically calls her fat.

While babysitting, Yvonne notices the kids playing too close to the pool while cutting apples. She runs out with the knife and tells the kids. Basically threatening them. Courtney captures the whole thing with her camera. Yvonne sees her filming and knows that she has been caught. Yvonne shows up at Courtney’s apartment and demands that she delete the video. Courtney realizes that things are about to get violent and throws hot coffee on Yvonne. Instead of running away, Courtney runs to her laptop, drops the file on a shared drive, and is then stabbed in the head by Yvonne.

Melissa learns that BOTH of her friends have been murdered, and she cries and rests her head on Tom’s shirtless torso. Melissa says that she is thankful for Yvonne and doesn’t know how she would get through this without her support. Melissa backpedals on that in literally the next scene. Melissa wants Yvonne to check in with her and keep a routine after Yvonne goes missing with Annie for hours. Melissa even decides to tell Yvonne that they would like her to move out.

Yvonne cries and manipulates Melissa into letting her stay. Yvonne always tells Melissa that she and Annie are the only family she has. Melissa is like… what about your son, Tom? For some reason, Melissa does not see all these red flags. Yvonne even hits Melissa with her car “on accident” while pulling out of the driveway.

The final straw is when Melissa is picking up Annie for a party, and they are nowhere to be found. Yvonne dresses Annie up in a Wednesday Addams dress and brings Annie to the party herself. After the party, Annie tells her mom that she thinks Grandma is weird. Melissa asks Tom to talk to his mother.

Tom talks to Yvonne while she is folding laundry. He asks her to move out, and Yvonne starts with the hysterics. Yvonne yells that Tom didn’t save his sister. Tom turns it around and blames his mother for Megan’s death. Yvonne can’t handle the thought of that, so she pushes Tom down the stairs and hums while she packs her bags.

In the guest house, Melissa finds the file on the shared drive and realizes that Yvonne is a danger. She runs to the main house and finds Tom at the bottom of the stairs. Tom is rushed to the hospital and will need to stay overnight.

Melissa goes to pick up Annie from school but learns that Annie has already been picked up by her Grandma. Yvonne has taken “Megan” to her house to live. Melissa sneaks into the home while Annie and Yvonne eat mac and cheese with hot dogs. Yvonne notices Melissa and grabs a knife. To get away, Melissa and Annie lock themselves in a room, but can’t get out through the window.

Deciding to fight, Melissa hides her daughter in the closet and goes to struggle with Yvonne. Yvonne ends up getting stabbed in the stomach. Melissa gets her daughter, and they leave with Yvonne’s body on the floor, with no consequence.  

The jewelry line is a huge success! Yvonne is back in the mental institution and is apparently fine… you know, despite the mental illness that is glossed over in this film. 

Side Note

Part of “Mommy Mayhem” marathon

I added an extra knife for the amount of shirtless Brett Zimmerman (Four gratuitous scenes)

Also, the murders of Melissa’s friends are never resolved.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime


  1. Agree this film could have done a lot more with resolving the murders and the mental illness but…Lifetime. The “elderly” actress who plays the titular character, Nana Visitor, actually played the beloved Kira on DS-9, and is only 61. Obviously this movie would have been 100 times better if it were called “Killer NANA.”

  2. Did yiu even watch the movie? It was the old bitch’s fault her daughter died. She let two young children who couldn’t swim play by the pool. You’re probably a shitty mom. And you’re racist bullshit is tiring.

    1. Racist bullshit? Are you sad that not everyone is a cishet white boy in these things? You can go literally everywhere else for that.

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