My Wife’s Secret Life (2019 Lifetime)

My Wife’s Secret Life  (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Kate Villanova, Matthew MacCaull, Jason Cermak, and Marnie Mahannah

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Laurel’s life is filled with terror when her one-night stand lover, Kent, later begins stalking her. She learns that Kent’s ex-wife was a client of her lawyer husband James. Kent is enraged because he believes that James had a part in ruining his marriage. Seeking revenge, Kent devised a deadly scheme to “accidentally” meet Laurel and destroy her perfect little life. Kent’s plot takes a deadly turn when Laurel decides to fight back.


A wife comes home to her family and gets an anniversary surprise party that has ended. Her adorable kids and more adorable husband have been waiting for her all night. She is a workaholic and was out late. James, her husband, tells her that she works too much, and they argue. She doesn’t trust him because he cheated on her before. The relationship is strained, and they go to bed, angry. 

Laurel walks through the woods with her friend, Angela, and they talk about their relationships. Laurel makes a wish to have one day without her family drama! Little does she know she is about to get that wish! James books a romantic getaway, but Laurel shuts him down and tells him that she has to go away for a conference.

When she gets to the conference, Laurel is surprised to find out that her room has been canceled by phone. Laurel is going to stay at a cheap motel instead. In the lobby, she bumps into a handsome stranger, who looks a lot like her husband. (Who is back home getting hit on by his co-worker.) The stranger sees Laurel in the hotel bar and asks to sit with her for lunch. His name is Kent. Lunch turns into wine on the terrace. (Which sounds lovely.) Laurel opens up about her troubles with her husband (without mentioning her husband.) They toast to forgetting their real lives. They get caught in the rain and drink a whole bottle of wine. Blowing off their meetings. 

Before things can go too far, Laurel tells Kent that she is married. They make out anyway. As she walks away, Kent watches her like a wolf. 

Laurel makes it to her crappy motel. James calls, and they get into another fight. She hangs up angrily. Things turn around when Kent calls and invites Laurel over. He has one of her earrings that fell off. She eventually goes to Kent’s room, and have pretty hot sexy time. (Like extended sexy time.) The next morning Laurel and Keeneth go for round two. Laurel tells him that she hasn’t cheated before, and her husband cheated on her. She just wants to forget the problems with her husband and bury the reality of her marriage falling apart. Laurel tells Kent that she wants to leave things in the hotel and not pursue a relationship with him. She takes a shower and cries.

Back with her family. Laurel and James’s relationship is still on the rocks. He insists on taking a romantic weekend. Even after he sees a hickey on her neck. Later in the mirror, Laurel recalls the sexy time she had with Kent. 

James gets put on leave for his work because someone calls and says he is stealing money. Meanwhile, Laurel gets a call from Kent, he wants to take her to lunch. She initially turns him down… but he surprises her lobby. Laurel realizes that she has a severe problem. She goes down to the lobby and tells him that he is being inappropriate. Laurel is concerned because Kent knows things about her that he couldn’t possibly know. When she tells him that they were a one night stand, Kent shows her a sex tape he made on his phone without his consent. Laurel tells him she is not going to ruin her marriage for him. He doesn’t get the hint and keeps messaging her.

Angela babysits the kids while James and Laurel are on their trip. In the parking lot, she gets into a fender bender with… Kent! He lays on the charm and convinces her and the kids to have pizza dinner with him. He tells Angela that his name is Michael and apologizes profusely for the accident. He manipulates Angela into telling him where James and Laurel are staying. 

At the romantic getaway, Laurel is excited to spend some QT with her husband until she sees a man who looks like Kent in the lobby. As she is getting a massage, she keeps flashing to when she had sex with Kent and fantasizes that the masseuse is Kent in a towel. 

Laurel realizes that she needs to come clean to James. He thinks she is getting revenge on him for cheating. She tells him that she is having flashbacks and is sickened by her actions. James leaves to cool off and go get ice. He is, of course, pushed down the stairs by Kent and taken to the hospital. James is surprisingly banged up, and Laurel admits that she thought she saw Kent in the hotel, and he has been mildly stalking her.   

The couple decides to go home and try to return to normal until Laurel finds a single rose on the bed in their bedroom with a love note. James recognized the poem on the letter and realizes it is his client’s husband named Kent Anderson. This man is abusive, manipulative, and dangerous. Kent is getting revenge on James, the lawyer in his divorce case. 

The couple decides to be proactive and be on the defense. The husband and wife set up a security camera and put trackers on their phones. These tactics don’t work. While getting some files from work, Kent attacks Laurel in the elevator. She makes her escape when the elevator opens, and a crowd of people forces Kent to let her go,

Laurel and James tell Angela all about what is happening. She agrees to take the kids to Disneyland to get them away from any danger. Little do they know that she is going on a date with Matthew… who is actually Kent.

Angela and Matthew/Kent have their date, and she overshares again!!! Telling Matthew/Kent all the details on Laurel and James’ plans with hiring a private detective and everything. She even tells him about the kids and the trip she is taking. Angela is a very trusting woman. She also has no chill and needs to stop oversharing so much. (It is none of his business!!! Or her business to tell.)

James gets served paper by a young punk who then slams his own face into a parked car to make it look like he has been assaulted by James. The police take the young guys’ side and take James into custody. 

The private detective brings evidence of Kent being a predator. They review footage from the hotel, and he shows Laurel a file on Kent. His real name is Ryan, and he witnessed his mother getting stabbed to death. He has a history of domestic abuse and is an all-around bad guy.

Laurel gets her kids out of the house and then is immediately held at gunpoint by Kent/Matthew/Ryan. He leads her to her car at gunpoint in broad daylight, the neighbors see and call the police. Kent/Matthew/Ryan drives her to a secluded woods. They talk and walk. Kent/Matthew/Ryan admits to doing all this for revenge on James, who “took away” his wife.

The Detective gets the call from the neighbors and calls James? James is furious that Laurel has been kidnapped, but remember that in the divorce case, he worked Kent/Matthew/Ryan kept a property in the woods in the settlement. The rush to that property.

Meanwhile, Kent/Matthew/Ryan is getting ready to kill Laurel. She begs him to let her go so she can go back to her kids. Kent/Matthew/Ryan promises to get James and Laurel’s kids after he kills their parents. Now fighting to save her kids, Laurel grabs a log and smashes him in the face. She runs through the woods and is chased by Kent/Matthew/Ryan with his gun. James and the detective are also in the woods. The detective finds Laurel and tries to save her, but he is shot in the stomach. James calls 911 and follows in the direction that Lauren and Kent/Matthew/Ryan headed.

Laurel is tied up, and Kent/Matthew/Ryan is about to shoot her when James tackles him. They brawl, and Laurel struggles to free herself. (This is a very damsel in distress situation.) UNTIL Laurel gets her hands free and saves her husband. Shooting Kent/Matthew/Ryan multiple times.

James goes to the hospital, and I guess Laurel and James’s marriage is okay now? The detective may have died. Who knows! (Correction: “As soon as James wakes up, he asks about Sheffler. Laurel states that Sheffler is in intensive care and will be okay, and James breathes a sigh of relief.” Via Gail. Thanks Gail!!!)

The movie ends abruptly, leaving me with more questions then I did when I came into it.

Side Note

This movie is NOT a part of the “Ripped from the Headlines” series. Haha. Not based on a true story. This movie is also not a sequel to My Husband’s Secret Life or My Husband’s Secret Wife.

I did appreciate the gratuitous shirtlessness Matthew MacCaull. 

Minority Report: Police Officers and Detectives.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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