My Husband’s Secret Wife (2018 Lifetime)

My Husband’s Secret Wife 

Stars: Helena Mattson & Josh Kelly

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Recently married, Avery finds out that her new husband, Alex, has another wife. Devastated, Avery decides that the only decent thing to do is to inform the other wife, Melanie, of Alex’s deception. But instead of being angry with Alex, motherless Melanie seeks to steal Avery’s son, Jack, and to eliminate the competition.


WE START OFF WITH A CLOWN AND A CREEPY SMILEY FACE EMOJI lurking around a child play place. Avery is taking pictures of her son, Jack, going down a slide. When her son doesn’t come down the slide she realizes he has been kidnapped by THE SMILEY FACE EMOJI MAN. Thankfully a handsome stranger (Alex) saves Jack from THE SMILEY FACE EMOJI MAN and starts asking Avery if she is okay… and what day of the week it is. They fall in love and we get the title card.

Two months later, Avery and Alex are married. Avery is an artist and directly after the wedding ceremony (Like during the reception.) Avery shows him the pictures and life size sculptures of horses. She also talks about her first husband, Jesse’s tragic death but doesn’t give any details. Meanwhile a shady brown haired woman is watching them in very tall grass.

Kat, Avery’s sister (just back from paris) is suspicious. Not only did none of Alex’s friends show up to the wedding, what was he doing at kids play place anyway… he doesn’t have kids. Alex asks her to give him a chance, but he is onto her not liking him. He event tells her that he is planning on apoding Jack, he wrote up the papers… because he is a lawyer and can do that.

After tucking Jack into bed we get a long sex scene. (On the squeyest bed.)

At Avery’s art gallery, a new buyer Melanie Jone. It is the brown haired woman who was watching them in the tall grass. She buys a piece called “Wild Horses”

Avery’s life couldn’t be better! Alex is a great husband who can read her mind. He even bakes cupcakes for her sons school when she forgets after a long stressful day. He is leaving town for two weeks but will make it up to her. While Alex goes out to pick up ingredients for the cupcakes and leaves his phone behind, he gets a text from M that reads:

“Love U. Can’t wait to see u tomorrow. Xoxo”

Avery discovers the text and starts shaking and runs upstairs to take some anti-anxiety medicine. Later that night, while Alex is asleep she tries to break into his phone. She is almost caught but does a good job faking it. She is not even messing around.

The next morning Avery pretends to be the perfect wife in a pick robe. She tells Alex she loves him and will sign the adoption papers, but as soon as he is gone she throws that robe and is fully dressed underneath. She trails him and see him come to the house of a Melanie Jacobs and he kisses her on the doorstep.

Avery tells everything to her sister, Kat, who talks her out of her suspicions??? She tells her to just let things play out and makes Avery give her the address of the woman to “throw it out” but she puts it in her purse.

Despite her sisters warning, Avery goes to the woman’s house and confronts the Melanie Jacobs. Melanie tells Avery to stay away from her husband, she might have left Alex a few years ago but she took vows with Alex. Melanie tells Avery that she isn’t able to have a child and it has ruined her marriage with Alex. Avery can give Alex the one thing she couldn’t, a son. Melanie begs Avery not to take him from her. Avery, for some reason, wants to fight for Alex.

Avery confronts Alex about his polygamy, she dramatically stomps around the room. Alex apologizes and says that he was going to break up with Melanie. She takes him back, but then is haunted by nightmares her accident with her husband. (She was pregnant and they hit tree.)

There is a side story about the horse statue having special meaning. Kat and Hue (Avery;s assistant.) secretly go get the horse and then we get a artist montage of Avery working on the piece. After finishing, Avery goes outside to an alley and is almost run over by THE SMILEY FACE EMOJI MAN.

Later, at Avery horse reveil, the horse has been vandalized. Avery blames Melanie, which causes a scene. Melanie slaps Alex and then Kat realizes that she recognizes Melanie from the wedding. She warns Alex again that she is onto him. Melanie follows them from the gallery and  Avery calls the cops on her, the cops come and take Melanie away.

Melanie sneaks into the gallery, messes with Avery’s pills, and then seduces a conventanly shirt less Hue. Hue doesn’t fall for it and calls the police. Before he can tell them too much on the phone, Melanie hits him with a sledge hammer.

Once Avery gets to the studio she takes one of her pill and starts to feel dizzy, falls and cuts her wrist on the horse statue. The camera goes all hazy and Melanie sneaks up behind Avery as we go to commercial.

Avery wakes up in the hospital and Alex tells her that she has overdose and tried to kill herself. He says he wants her to get better for Jack. Kat isn’t buying that her sister would do that though and demands that Jack stay with her family.

In the middle of the night, Melanie stops by the hospital to apologize to Avery. She admits to vandalizing the horse and tries to convince Avery to get revenge on Alex for double timing both of them. He is the bad guy not them. They make a blood sister pact, like seriously prick their fingers and smear blood together.

Avery realizes that she is in trouble and leave the hospital. She goes home and kicks Alex out of the house. She wants it to just be her and Jack. Unfortunately, THE SMILEY FACE EMOJI KILLER is still out there. Avery finds his mask in the shower and high tails it out of there to her country house.

Things are starting to come together, Kat discovers Hue’s body and knows talk Melanie did it. Kat goes to Melanie’s house and takes some pictures, but if taken away by a black gloved hand and thrown in the basement. It is Melanie, duh. While Melanie is interrogating her with the flimsiest piece of tape ever, she discovers that Avery is st the country house (where the wedding was at the beginning of the movie.)

Avery is in the country playing horse shows with the cutest child actor ever, she realizes that she has no service. While she is distracted, Jack goes missing. Avery goes looking for him and finds Melanie with a gun instead. Thankfully, Melanie is a bad shot and only shoots Avery in the arm. As Melanie tracks Avery, Alex shows up. Melanie thinks Alex is on her side and gives him the gun to finish off Avery. Too bad he shoot her instead, killing her. Jack is still missing and Alex tells Avery he will help her find him.

Avery finally gets reception and learns from Kat that Alex is THE SMILEY FACE EMOJI KILLER. She plays along with Alex and they drive to safety. They go back to the house because Jack has to use the bathroom, Avery tells him to hide while she handles Alex. She grabs a HORSESHOE and smashes Alex in the face.

Alex explains everything to Avery with intercut flashbacks. Turns out Alex targeted Avery to steal Jack, his plan then was to marry Avery and killer her and THEN take jack. Avery acts like she is listening but again she uses the horseshoe to knock the gun to the ground. Avery grabs the gun and shoots Alex.

Back at the art gallery, everything seems back to normal. Avery’s horses are a hit and she even gets hit on by a handsome stranger. Avery rejects his offer because she has everything she needs, and doesn’t need no man! OKAY! YES. THANK YOU LIFETIME.

Side Note

Josh Kelly was in Hallmark’s Romance at Reindeer Lounge (2017)

The amount that Jack Kelly had is shirt off, added a heart

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2018 Lifetime


  1. You stated that Melanie was “motherless.” I think you meant to say she was “childless.”

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Briana Evigan. Shows her acting skills by playing the villain, a 180 from her roles in my favorite movies with her (The Good Nanny, Once Upon a Holiday).

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