Rediscovering Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Rediscovering Christmas (2019 Lifetime)

Cast: Jessica LowndesB.J. Britt

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Mia is a window dresser in a big city department store, living and breathing Christmas for months to get the store ready for the holidays. But now that the season is actually near, all she wants is a tropical beach getaway with her sister Sara. However, plans change when Sara begs for Mia’s help putting on the annual Snowflake festival in their home town in Vermont. Just when she thought she was out – Santa pulls her back in!


Mia has a RED coat and works in the city as a window dresser. When her sister, Sara, needs help with the Snowflake Festival in their home town, Mia agrees to come home for the weekend. While driving to Connecticut, Jessica Lowndes treats us with some actually decent/cute singing. 

At a coffee shop, Mia meets Adam. He is old fashioned and likes to read a paper and coffee. He thinks less is more, and Mia loves to put ALL the marshmallows in her hot chocolate. Mia calls Adam boring, which is pretty rude! (He thinks it is flirty thought.) After picking up some pie, Mia joins her father, sister Sara, and adorable niece Grace. They are excited to spend the weekend together; it is the first Christmas they’ve been together since the matriarch passed away. Three years ago. 

Adam is working with Sara on the Snowflake Festival, even though he is a lawyer. The event hits a snag when they lose their venue for the Christmas Eve dance. Adam is all about tradition, and when Mia suggests a barn for dancing, he is like, “Don’t quit your day job.” They sexy argue while touring the barn. 

The barn okayed for the new venue, and the whole family pitches in with the cleaning and decorating in a tidy montage set to “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Mia suggests some more ideas for new decorations, and Adam shuts her down because it is not CHRISTMAS TRADITION. He agrees to consider her fancy ideas if Mia goes with him to the Christmas festival and see it through his eyes. Adam knows everyone’s story, and Mia listens politely but wants kettle corn. 

 Adam’s focus on the tradition is stemmed from his family Christmas tree farm lot was sold to build offices. He takes Mia to see, so she understands his point of view. He asks her to say in town a bit longer to help. Mia calls in sick to her job and asks Emily to take over the window dressing (Which doesn’t go well.)

Mia works to bring the festival into the 21st century with posters, a website, and social media. She is also finding inspiration from the past; she looks at old photo albums of her mother. Adam is also open to new ideas when social media takes off. The barn decorations are also coming together. The two are starting to become a real team. 

With everything in place and Mia on her way back to town the next day, Mia and Adam dance in the beautifully decorated barn. They almost kiss but don’t. Before she leaves, Adam gives him a poem that his grandparents wrote called “Snowflake Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses.” The next morning, a newscaster comes to cover the story and questions a little too in-depth about the tree farm, offending Adam. He tells Mia to butt out of his life and go back to the city.

Emily gets in trouble with the store boss and has to redo the windows completely. She calls Mia and begs her to come back and help. Instead of assisting, Mia plunks out some chords on a piano and is working on a song version or the poem Adam’s grandparents wrote. THEN she goes back to the city to help with the genius idea of merging Christmas and the 4th of July. It is not successful, and the store boss is disappointed in them. 

Mia discovers the heart of Christmas is… TRADITION! She tapes some old photos to the glass, and it is the crappiest window display I’ve ever seen. The people in the movie seem to love it, and Mia gets a promotion.

The Snowflake Festival Dance happens, and Mia shows up looking fantastic. She joins her family and, more importantly, Adam. They apologize to each other. Then Mia sings the song she wrote based on the poem about Snowflake Wishes and Christmas Kisses. Adam loves the song and Mia. He is very touched by the gift and takes Mia to make a wish on a snowflake. They both wished for the same thing, LOVE! Then they kiss by the Christmas tree. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Emily, Adam, Adam’s mom, 

The movie features interracial romantic leads, which Hallmark would never do because they are catering to Million Moms.

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required)

*Photo Credit: © 2019 Lifetime

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