A Predator’s Obsession (2020 Lifetime)

A Predator’s Obsession (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Julia BlanchardJackson DockeryHouston Stevenson

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After being saved from a shark attack by a brooding stranger, a young woman discovers she has reason to be suspicious.


A man is on a boat with a shark serving up some chum and eventually himself? The man jumps into the water and pets a shark. His name is Daniel, and he is cute in a beachy way.

Alison is taking care of her little brother, Kevin, and takes him to the beach for the day. She is joined by her boyfriend, Carson, and BFF Rhiannon. They sit in beach chairs fully clothed while Kevin goes jet-skiing with a bunch of other kids. Daniel runs drives the boar and takes the kids out. Little do they know the shark is lurking under the water. (We see the shark with some special effects.) The jerk kids untie the raft when it is Kevin’s turn leaving him stranded with the shark.

From shore, Alison realizes Kevin is in danger and rushes into the ocean to save him. She must be an Olympic swimmer because she makes it to Kevin. Brother and Sister are both in danger and are being chased by a CGI shark. Daniel pulls his boat up and saves them with a flare gun and then I think he punches the shark. Daniel becomes instantly obsessed with Allison and caresses a bracelet while crying and talking about doing better this time.

Daniel “Search Bots” Allison and finds her address/social media. He goes over to Alison’s house is about to sneak into her bedroom to watch her shower, but Carson beats him to it. When Carson does it, Alison thinks it is sexy? I like the shot here of Daniel looking through the window at the couple as the camera pans out.

Later, Daniel lip syncs “You Made me Love You.” in the car while talking Alison some more. Alison runs into some car trouble, and Daniel offers to give her a ride. He asks her a bunch of questions on the way home. Alison and her mother invite Daniel over for dinner.

Daniel practices his greetings for Alison in front of the mirror and slaps himself whenever he gets it wrong. When he arrives at dinner, her charms everyone. He is disappointed to see Alison’s boyfriend Carson is also at the dinner. Daniel excuses himself and goes to Alison’s room and kisses a tissue she used. 

Carson is suspicious of Daniel and breaks into his place finding an ID. He almost gets caught but escapes from a basement door. To gain sympathy from Alison and her family, Daniel beats himself in the face. Like punches himself in the face over and over. He claims he was attacked in a home invasion and didn’t feel safe. Alison’s mom and stepdad decided to let him rent the spare bedroom. Alison brings up some towels and watches Daniel rub the shark bites his shirtless bod. She may not be into it, but I sure was. Carson is not into Daniel living in the house, and he tells Alison that he thinks he is a creeper. Carson is right, of course, but that doesn’t stop Alison from telling Carson he is jealous. 

At a bonfire on the beach, Carson and Alison make up. Daniel and Rhiannon hit it off and make out. The two go off on their own and make out on Daniel’s boat. He keeps asking about Alison, and Rhiannon is confused when Daniel pours his drink on her. She quickly turns it into foreplay and sexily slips out of her dress and heads to the cabin. (Tossing her mace filled purse to the side… she is gonna need that mace.) Actually, she doesn’t. Rhiannon lives to see another day. 

Daniel bonds with Kevin by giving him a pocket knife. Daniel doesn’t bond with the stepdad. He tells the stepdad that Alison and Kevin hate him and want him dead. Then he maces him while he is driving, chokes him out, and then feeds him to the sharks. Bye Stepdad. 

Then Daniel takes out Caron by knocking him out with an anchor and hooking him to a crane dangling him for shark feeding time. Carson gets eaten, but Daniel takes his cellphone and text Alison to blow her off. More CGI sharks are featured in this scene. It is like Sharknado without the tornado part. 

Alison is all dressed up with no one to take her out; Daniel makes his move. He takes her out and then kisses her. I guess she got over Caron standing her up pretty quickly. The next morning Daniel brings Alison breakfast in bed. (Including a mini bottle of Tropicana.) Alison tells him that she is still with Carson, and the kiss was a mistake. Daniel throws the tray of breakfast down and begins yelling. Alison’s mom goes all mamma bear on him and puts him in a chokehold. She kicks him out and changes the locks. (Side note: Did no one notice the stepdad is missing?)

When Rhiannon hears about what happened, she is turned on and seeks out Daniel for another round. When she sees his place, she asks him if that is where he keeps the dead bodies. Daniel says, yes. Then he takes her to his bedroom. After the hookup, Rhiannon sneaks out. Before she leaves, she snoops around the basement and finds dead bodies in the freezer. She shouldn’t have been surprised. He literally told her. Daniel catches her and kills her with a harpoon. Before she dies, Rhiannon sends Daniel’s real name, “Bruce Cane.” to Alison via text.

Alison “Searchbots” Bruce Cane and finds a bunch of news stories of him saving a girl from a shark and stalking her. Alsion calls her mom and Kevin to tell them they are all in danger. It is too late Kevin and Alison’s mom are being held captive by Daniel. He sends Alison a picture and tells her not to go to the police. He lures her to a candlelit dinner and forces her to sit with him. 

At the dinner, they drink wine and eat lobster bisque or whatever. Alison begs him to leave Kevin out of the whole thing; she doesn’t realize how dangerous the situation is. When Daniel/Bruce admits to killing her loved ones, things start to click for Alison. He proposes to her, through tears, Alison agrees and kisses him.

When Kevin arrives as a server, Alison takes her opportunity and pours hot soup on Daniel/Bruce. She grabs Kevin, and they run off, but Kevin is wearing a shock collar, and Alison gets tasered. Kevin is tied up in the kitchen, and Alison wakes up on a boat. Daniel/Bruce shows her Alison, her mom in a shark cage, and slowly lowers her in the water.

Once the mom is submerged in Shark-infested water, Alison dives in. CGI sharks attack the cage, and Daniel/Bruce brings them up. Alison appeals to Daniel/Bruce and tells him that she loves him, and they are meant to be together. He is convinced and gives her the keys to the cage. While holding a flair gun, Daniel/Bruce forces Alison to get into the cage too.

Meanwhile, Kevin uses the pocket knife to untie himself and sneaks up behind Daniel/Bruce and stabs him. Alison’s mother makes it on the dock and grabs the flare gun shooting Daniel/Bruce and kicking him into the ocean. Alison, still in the cage, grabs Daniel/Bruce and feeds him to the shark.

The shark swims away, and the family is safe.

Side Note

Minority Report: Fisherman, Police Officer,

The location for filming was beautiful. Nice change of pace.

Also known as Stalker’s Prey 2 (I wonder what happened in Part 1.)

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)


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