My Daughter’s Psycho Friend (2020 Lifetime)

My Daughter’s Psycho Friend (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Taylor BlackwellAvery Kristen PohlCerina Vincent

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Sierra moves to Los Angeles with her family and goes to a new school, she encounters the devious and psychotic Lexi and her posse of friends. Soon afterward, at a party, a teenager dies as a result of a Lexi prank. When Lexi tries to frame Sierra for the kid’s death, Sierra fights back, putting her own life in danger.


In a suburban town, two high schoolers, Lexi and Kaitlyn, are on the phone with 911 dispatch while looking out the window. As the swat team arrives. They show up at the house across the street, and the girls begin to laugh. They pranked the neighbors to get revenge on Scottie. This prank is called “Swatting” (Which is so rude!)

In another suburb in Colorado, Sierra as worried about switching high schools and moving to LA. She drives with a cross country with her dad (or maybe Guncle?) Cue an unnecessary driving montage. When they finally arrive, they part the U-Haul in front of Scottie’s sold house. Lexi and Kaitlyn are still looking out the window and decide that Sierra is cute. They march over in their cheerleading uniforms and invite her to a roller skate rink. (Is the 80s?)

It is a ROLLER RINK! (Haha) I’m not sure what is happening here. I am mostly distracted by costuming on extras. Lexi, (sorry you have to call her Alexis if you haven’t earned this bitches trust yet.) is a terrible person. She lies and thinks everyone cheats. Lexi even invites Sierra to her house to smoke weed. (Maybe Lexi isn’t so bad!) Lexi lives in her house alone because her mom is never home. (Speaking of the mom, she is played by the Where’s Waldo of Lifetime movies Caia Coley.) 

At a party at Lexi’s house, it is a teenage dream. (Not the Katy Perry kind.) Everyone is drinking out of empty solo cups and dancing. Lexi goes through a knock off version of Janis Ian’s clique monologue in the lunchroom from Mean Girls. Then she roofies a kid named Jack so her friend can “take advantage of him.” They laugh maniacally. Jack wanders outback and falls into the pool and drowns. Lance (who looks VERY similar to Jack.) jumps into the pool and tries to save him. The police arrive, and so does Lexi’s mother, she is rightfully pissed. 

The next day at school, Lexi is annoyed they are doing an autopsy. She is generally terrible, and Lance stands up to her. Sierra backs Lance up, and they start to have a romance blooming. Lexi and Kaitlyn deviously plot their revenge against the new couple. 

The autopsy results come back, and Jack had GHB in his system. Sierra’s parents warn her about alcohol at parties and tell her to “just say no” and leave. Sierra sulks off to her room and calls Lance. They decide to find out who sold the drugs to Lexi and stop her from doing this to guys in the future. 

Sierra had a DRAMATIC dream where Lexi comes into her room and tries to kill her. It is a high key camp, and it is very LOL-worthy. 

Lexi and her mother, with lip fillers, meet the police in a library. The police threaten to press charges against the mother for neglecting to supervise her daughter and inadvertently supplying alcohol to minors. The mother freaks out and throws her daughter under the bus. Lexi’s mother and father both don’t want her, and I don’t blame them. She is the worst. The police interrogate all the students from the school in the library, and everyone denies knowing anything.

Sierra and Lexi get into a physical fight in the hallway. The whole school turns on Lexi, and everyone hates her. Sierra gets rescued by Lance, who breaks up the promises that everything will be okay. “Scouts honor.” Things aren’t okay. Lexi pulls the file and goes into the principal’s office to steal the master locker combination file. Lexi puts GHB in Sierra’s locker.

The principal calls a meeting. Sierra’s parents are horrified, and no one listens to Sierra, who claims it is a setup. She blames Lexi, but the principal suspends Sierra while the police look into the case. Sierra runs out of the meeting and confronts Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn calls her a psycho. Eventually, Sierra’s parents come around and believe their daughter. 

Lexi and Sierra decide that they need to convince Sierra to not talk to the police. Kaitlyn calls Sierra and asks her to meet up in person. She agrees and sneaks out of the house in an extended sequence. The girls meet at a lake. Lexi immediately admits to giving Jack the GHB. She tells Sierra and Kaitlyn that they both saw her do it and thought it was funny, so they are all accountable. Lexi realizes that Sierra was recording the whole conversation on her phone. Lexi grabs a bat and hits Sierra with it. Then she smashes the cellphone. 

Kaitlyn reluctantly helps Lexi put Sierra in her car and make it look like a suicide. They pour GHB in her mouth and push the car into the lake with Sierra’s body inside. This took a dark turn!

Sierra’s parents realize that their daughter and the car are gone the next morning. Sierra wakes up the following day neck-deep in water and starts freaking out. She breaks out of the car and drags herself on shore crying hysterically. Her parents find her by tracking her phone and rescue her. They take her to the hospital where a doctor makes a bunch of baseball puns…

Lexi gets kicked out of the house by her mother. That isn’t going to fly with Lexi, so she pushes her mother over the stair railing, killing her instantly. Police find the body and suspect Lexi.

When Kaitlyn wants to go to the police and finally stands up to Lexi. Lexi attempts to push her friend down the bleacher stairs but suddenly stops when the football team comes to practice on the field. (Note to ladies in a Lifetime movie don’t have conversations on the stairs. EVER!.) 

Lexi does more “swatting” this time to remove the armored police car parked outside of Sierra’s house. Lexi bust into the house with a gun and is coming to kill Sierra. Lexi and Sierra’s dad get into a verbal altercation, and Lexi shoots the dad. Sierra and her mother make it look like they climb out of a bedroom window. Lexi takes the bait and screams out the window, not realizing Sierra is sneaking up behind her. Sierra pushes Lexi out the window. 

Sierra’s family are all so proud of her. They even have a pool party!

Apparently, Lexi survives the headfirst fall from a second-story window and goes to jail where she isn’t the queen bee. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Kaitlyn, Patrygoers, Principal, Police detectives, doctor.

I gave this one an extra knife for the campy delivery. The script itself was redundant. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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