Revenge for Daddy (2020 Lifetime)

Revenge for Daddy (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Sarah ButlerJoely FisherSamantha CopeClayton James

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Lisa’s father is killed in a hit and run, we discover that he has a secret daughter from his first marriage. Her name is Marie, and she is a convicted murderer, out on early release from prison, and driven by a single purpose–revenge. Living under a secret identity as Bethany, Marie has connived her way to living and working close to Lisa, lurking and planning her revenge as payment for the life she feels cheated out of–a life she feels their father unfairly gave to Lisa. Marie has set a deadly trap for Lisa to take back what she is owed, leaving Lisa, her mother, and their friends to fight for their lives against the murderous sister she never knew.


A woman with bangs runs in flip flop platforms from a person in a hoodie in a mask. She is almost stabbed to death. 

The woman’s name is Lisa, and she likes rock climbing. Her friend with a top knot, Abby, encourages her to date and not be so sad because her father died in a hit and run a year ago. They meet guys at a bar, but it turns out to be a surprise party for Lisa. Lisa’s martini drinking mother, Barbara, also encourages Lisa to try online dating. (Everyone really wants Lisa to find a man.)

At work, Lisa photoshops herself with a guy from an online dating site to send to everyone, so they get off her back. Her co-worker/enemy/IT Specialist Bethany hacks into Lisa’s computer and posts the photo on social media, the man in the picture is somehow notified with facial recognition. He is interested in Lisa and online stalks her. Then he real-life stalks her while she is on a run by the lake. They meet-cute at the gym, and it gets let cute when the man admits to stalking her online. Lisa isn’t put off and spends time with the man, whose name is Michael. 

On their first date, they go running and are incredibly competitive. Lisa is impressed with Michael’s athletic ability. Then they go out for a drink. They drink lots of wine, which makes me want some wine. Michael goes to the bathroom and is confronted by Lisa’s drunk ex-boyfriend, Bobby. Michael beats the shit out of Bobby. Detective Liz Willis sees the whole thing and is not impressed with Michael. She tells him she will be watching him. Lisa, on the other hand, is thankful Michael hit Bobby because she thinks he is an asshole.  

Another night at another bar, Lisa gets jealous when Michael dances with one of her co-workers named Nina. She storms off but feels a little woozy, and her vision gets blurred. Lisa wakes up outside on the ground next to a murdered Nina. The police question Lisa and tell her that she is lucky to be alive. Somehow Lisa is not a suspect????? Oh, wait. She is a key witness AND a number suspect. Cool, cool, cool.

In police custody, Lisa is questioned and informed that her fingerprints are on the knife. They go through a laundry list of evidence against Lisa. Lisa maintains her innocence, even though she can’t remember anything from the night before.

Lisa is released back into her mother’s care with an ankle monitor. All of Lisa’s coworkers’ visit and Barbara seems to know Bethany from somewhere, but she can’t place her.

Lisa even goes back to work and is given Nina’s cases. While she is going through Nina’s computer, she finds files and files of murder cases. Nina was working on solving Lisa’s father’s hit and run case and had caught the killer. Things with Michael aren’t cooling down either. Lisa invites him to move in with her. Thankfully she has a flashback to the night at the bar and realizes that Michael is shady. He tells Lisa that she has issues and is clueless. Michael is the worst. 

Determined to solve the case, Lisa pokes around the murder scene and then later meets her coworker, Ethan, at her job. She finds Ethan knocked out on the floor and Michael’s gym ID by the fire extinguisher. On her way to the car, Lisa gets attacked by the masked figure, but detectives save her just in time. (Her ankle bracelet tracker saved her.) 

Bobby is a police officer, I guess. He was searching into Bethany’s past and finds out her real name is Marie Dickson. Marie is the daughter of Lisa’s father from his first marriage. She was in jail for murder for 15 years for killing her mother’s boyfriend. (This is very convoluted.) 

Bethany breaks into Barbera’s house and ties her up, as well as Top Knot. Bethany holds them at gunpoint and tells Lisa and Ethan that she killed Lisa’s father. Bethany goes through her villain monologue, and Barbera calls the police behind her back. The police don’t show up Detective Willis does. The detective gets shot, and then Bobby shows up to save everyone too. Bethany gets shot and killed  

At a work party, Lisa and Michael are reunited. They decide to give things a real shot without the suspicion of murder and namecalling. I hope that works out for them.

Side Note

Minority Report: Nina, Detective Taylor, 

Loved Joley Fisher on Ellen as Paige in the ’90s.

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Creative Arts Entertainment Group never heard of her.

Overall rating

🔪 (1 Knife)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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