Black Hearted Killer (2020 Lifetime)

Black Hearted Killer (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Julie McNivenJon AbrahamsKelley Jakle

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After the tragic death of their daughter, Julie and Dennis decide to donate her organs. They opt out of initiating any contact with the recipients but remain open to meeting if someone reaches out–and someone does. Vera contacts Julie and Dennis to tell them how grateful she is to have their daughter’s heart. But the more time Julie and Dennis spend with Vera, the more she begins to cross boundaries and wreak havoc on their lives.


A woman with great hair is working late alone and hears a knock at the door. A person in a coronavirus mask and baseball hat chase the woman around, eventually stabbing her in the stomach. Then throwing her over a railing. Killing her, obviously.

Cut to another woman getting ready for work with terrible shoes. Her name is Juley and she works in interior design. As she is starting her day Juley gets a phone notification and leaves work suddenly. Her thicc hunky husband is surprised his wife is home early drinking a bottle of wine. (Ooo wine, I must get some.) They received a letter from the hospital. The donor who received their teenage daughter’s heart six months ago has reached out and wants to meet. 

Juley and Dennis meet Vera at a coffee shop. Vera has the correct scar! (I also have a heart condition.) She hesitated to reach out because the death of their daughter was so recent, but she is very grateful. Juley gets upset/cries, and Vera apologizes, leaves her phone number, and rushes off. 

The next night Juley feels so bad about her behavior that she invites Vera for a family dinner at her house. Vera is having trouble finding a job and complements Juley on her interior design skills. Juley is flattered and offers Vera a job, against Dennis’s protests. (He is not a fav and suspicious of Vera.) With good reason. He finds Vera in his dead daughter’s room. Juley is not concerned and tells Vera a story about Peanut and claims she is happy Vera has her dead daughter’s heart because she was a good person. Vera is not and steals a heart-shaped necklace from the room.

The next day, Vera gives Juley back the necklace. She apologizes and says that something overcame her, could it have been Madison’s heart?!?! Juley gives Vera the necklace as a gift and isn’t creeped out at all. THEN she calls her family and offers to pay for Vera’s medication.

Dennis again is VERY against Juley’s decision and wishes she would have at least talked to him about it first. Vera is driving a wedge between the couple, and they fight constantly. He asks her to set some boundaries, and that is the most reasonable thing anyone has said in this movie.

At a house party with co-workers to celebrate Dennis’s promotion, everyone is having a wonderful time. That is until Vera shows up uninvited drinking directly out of a wine bottle. Vera dances awkwardly by the pool and ignores Juley’s request for her to leave. Of course, Vera is the last one at the party. Dennis tells her that he doesn’t want her at their home, and he never wants to see her again. Juley agrees and sends a confused/hurt Vera on her way. 

In the middle of the night, Dennis and Juley are awakened by a car alarm. All of their tires are slashed, and car windows are smashed with a brick. The police are called, and the goofiest looking cop I’ve ever seen shows up—the goofy detective questions Dennis and Juley, who accuse Vera. Without any evidence, there is nothing this goofy cop can do.

Husband of the year, Dennis, picks up his wife from work in a rental car and cooks a romantic dinner for his wife. They are interrupted by Vera, who shows up bubbly and with wine. She is confused about why the couple is so upset with her; she claims teenagers probably did it. Vera pours up some wine for everyone (ooo, more wine is needed for myself.) Dennis aggressively screams for Vera to “GET OUT!” Vera chugs her glass of wine, drops it on the floor, and says, “You’ll regret this.” before storming off. (I think this will be my new house party exit.)  

Juley and Dennis find out that Vera isn’t the recipient of their daughter’s heart. They meet with the REAL teenager who Madison’s heart saved. This family is very appreciative and thankful. Not murdery at all. Many people can benefit from organ donations, and you should consider being a donor. 

While walking through a creepy hallway to her car, Juley notices someone crying on the sidewalk. It is the corona mask killer, and they slash Juley with a knife. She is saved by a pedestrian walking by and is admitted to the hospital. The goofy cop shows up and is no help, per usual. Even when Dennis and Juley tell them that they are sure Vera was the attacker.

Once she is better, Juley and Dennis visit the organ donor place. They take no responsibility for how Vera got their information, but an assistant has some info. The assistant tells them that Vera fits the description of an old co-worker named Riley. Riley stopped working for the company when another co-worker died while closing up. (The woman from the beginning.) Also, the assistant mentions that Vera had a twin who recently died in a car crash. (The same crash that Madison was in!!!)

The two do a quick google search and print off articles to show the goofy cop. The cop is finally piecing things together since Madison was the cause of the accident, Vera is seeking revenge. Juley blames herself because she was texting Madison to hurry home around the time the accident occurred. (Don’t text and drive, folks.) 

The goofy detective interviews one of Vera’s old co-workers named Sugar. Sugar overshares and talks about the time Vera put a handsy customer in a coma. When Suga is done talking to the police, she heads home and is murdered. Vera puts a bag over her head and stabs her. (Poor sugar, we hardly even knew you!) 

Vera texts Goofy Cop from Sugar’s cellphone and lures him to Sugar’s home. Goofy Cop points his gun around and strolls around the house. Eventually going back to his car to be strangled to death by Vera, who is hiding in the backseat. Truly, he should have known better. 

Juley learns about Goofy Cop’s death from Dennis while about to meet up with a client. She still goes inside the house and is surprised to find Vera in a pantsuit holding a gun. (while drinking wine!) Vera owns up to killing the detective, being named Riley, and has no heart surgery scar. Vera blames Juley for killing her twin sister and forces her to say her sister’s name. Juley apologizes and shares in her grief. Juley spits on Vera when she calls her “Mommy.”

Vera forces Juley to call Dennis and pretend her car broke down to get him to the house. Instead, Juley smacks Vera and runs upstairs in the abandoned house. She is followed calmly by Vera, who promises to kill her quickly because she is not a monster like Juley. Vera shoots through the door and thinks shes killed Juley, who is just playing possum. Juley sprays Vera with cleaning supplies and makes a run for it. Dennis arrives just in time and hits Vera with a tire iron. 

The couple runs to their car and back out of the driveway but are stopped by a bloody AF Vera with the tire iron and smashes the car window. Juley gets out of the car, grabs the gun, and shoots Vera dead. The end? Yeah, that is the end! Okay byeeeeee! 

Side Note

Minority Report: Talia, Bethany, Karen, 

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Kelly Jakle has found the right niche at Lifetime for herself. 

After further review, Goofy Cop (Clark Freeman) is hot and from Chicago. Holler at me, Clark!

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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  1. Watching this movie now!!! Fell on the floor laughing when you mentioned the terrible shoes!!! I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

  2. Dennis was such a normal looking hottie. I was surprised when they figured out Vera was a villain so quickly. This one was pretty good but sad because their daughter was still dead at 16. I was hoping we’d end with a cheesy pregnancy announcement or something, but overall it was entertaining!

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