Engaged to a Psycho (2020 Lifetime)

Engaged to a Psycho (2018 Lifetime)

Stars: Anna HutchisonAudrey LandersMelissa Bolona

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Deanna and her fiance Karl travel to his family’s estate, where they plan to be married. But someone in Karl’s family is determined to stop the marriage in the simplest way possible: by killing the bride!


The movie starts with a “young” Jason-Shane Scott with swoopy bangs. He plays Karl and is getting married to a young blonde girl named Nicole. He locks her in the stables and sets them on fire… Karl is not a nice guy!

Deanna is a home chef and is Karl’s new girlfriend. (Karl’s hair is much better.) He proposes to her with an ugly ass emerald ring. Thankfully he buys her a house and throws a surprise engagement party in its back yard. The wedding is in a week. Deanna isn’t thrown off by this at all and is excited to meet his family in Kentucky. 

The family lives in a gaudy mansion, and the actors are attempting their best southern accents. Ivy is Karl’s snobbish mother, Ruby is Karl’s adopted sister, and his father died when he was young. They all sit down to tea (Really whiskey) and talk about Deanna’s coconut allergy. Meanwhile, someone dressed in black and gloves to steal Deanna’s epi-pen and throw them in the trash. Then the gloved assailant sprays coconut oil spray on the wedding cake samples and kills the chef Sebastian. (Who is practically the lobster from Little Mermaid.) 

The cake tasting starts well enough until Deanna goes into anaphylactic shock. Instead of calling 911, Ivy rings a bell. (It is hysterical.) A man in a pageboy hat finds the EpiPens in the trash and saves Deanna. In all the commotion, the maid finds Sebastian’s body, and Ruby is quick to rationalize that he must have fallen. The family is not the least bit concerned about the death of Sebastian. (They do offer to pay for the funeral, but of course, will not attend.)  

Ivy hires Karl’s ex-girlfriend from high school to plan the wedding that is happening in a week. It is awkward, but not as awkward as Ivy is obviously pushing her agenda to get Karl and Sienna back together. Deanna gets pissed, and Karl comes clean about his previous engagement and the fire. He claims to have tried to save his fiance. So maybe he didn’t lock her in the stable. 

Shirtless hunk alert! Karl is awakened by a frantic Deanna whose necklace with her mother’s wedding band on it goes missing. Karl calls a staff meeting, and they all search for the lost jewelry. Ivy seems particularly annoyed. 

The ladies drink mimosas on a boat and talk trash about one another. Sienna bonds with Deanna and tells her that Ivy hates everyone. Then Ruby informs Deanna that Sienna is still in love with Karl. Speaking of Karl, he is on the boat too, literally flexing his muscles. I love Karl. While taking photos, Deanna falls off the ship and cannot swim. Then she is saved by Karl. Sienna goes back later to investigate the boar and notices that the railing has been tampered with and takes photos. She is caught by the person in gloves and killed. The gloved killer sends a text to Karl saying she is leaving town and then throws it in the ocean. Jimmy, the man in the pageboy hat, sees the murder and gets killed also. 

Deanna needs to relax, and it is suggested multiple times by Karl and his family that she “take a sauna.” Jenny, Deanna’s sister, joins her in the sauna, and they get locked in. Ivy saves them and tells them the door has been sticking lately. Deanna is convinced someone locked them in. 

With the rehearsal dinner looming, Deanna and Jenny search Ivy’s room. They can’t find the neckless but throw aside some BLACK GLOVES! Ruby catches them redhanded and promises to keep it a secret since they are all sisters now. Ruby gets upset at dinner, and Deanna sits and talks with her. Deanna learns that Ruby is a bit possessive of her adopted brother. She is holding him to a promise never to leave her. Yikes!

A bachelorette party happens, but the fun doesn’t last long. Deanna finds Jimmy’s body and is 100% sure that Ruby did it. 

Wedding speeches happen. Jenny makes a beautiful speech and then is followed up by a drunk Ruby. Ruby’s statement fails to mention the bride and only praises Karl. Deanna storms off, and Karl won’t accept responsibility for his sister’s actions. Ruby follows and listens to the whole conversation. 

It is revealed that Ruby is obsessed with her adopted brother and set the fire (with a candle.) that killed his fiance years ago. Ruby goes to the stable and grabs a gas can. 

It is finally the wedding day! Ruby gives Karl the wedding ring, and he promises to always be there for her. Then she steals his phone. Ruby texts Deanna to meet him in the carriage house before the wedding. Deanna rushes to the stables and tells Ruby to show herself. Ruby punches Deanna in the face and ties her up. Ruby admits to killing Nicole.

Karl learns that his phone is missing, and so is Ruby. He pieces everything together and runs to save his soon to be wife. Ruby pulls a pitchfork and stabs Karl with it. Deanna untiles herself and knocks Ruby’s head on a pillar and then ties her up. Ruby cries that Ivy and Karl are her only family. Then she sets fire to stable. Deanna drags Karl out and goes back in to save Ruby. A true hero.

Karl and Denna celebrate with their families in a very cheesy scene, while Ruby rots away in an insane asylum with a burned face. 

Side Note

Minority Report: There are no people of color in this movie. 

Written by Lifetime favs Lindsay Hartley & Jason-Shane Scott

Also known as Murder at the Mansion

This movie is being featured as an LMN premiere, but was filmed in 2018, 

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Overall rating

šŸ”ŖšŸ”ŖšŸ”ŖšŸ”Ŗ (4 Knives)

šŸ·šŸ·šŸ· (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Ā© 2018 Lifetime

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