Deadly Double Cross (2020 Lifetime)

This movie was actually made in 2017. The tassel purse should be a dead giveaway.

Deadly Double Cross (2020 Lifetime)

Cast:  Victoria PrattChristina CoxSarah FisherHannah VandenbygaartTyler Hynes

Director:  Max McGuire

Written by: Daniel Weissenberger

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Mother, Lisa, is determined to prove that her teen daughter, Amber, is innocent of murdering her older boyfriend.


A blonde woman is walking alone at night and is chased to her car by someone in a hoodie. 

Cut to Lisa, who is a “cool mom.” She borrows her daughter, Amber’s clothes, and embarrasses her. Next, we see another mother-daughter duo Heather (controlling mother) and Kelly. (immature daughter.)

Amber and Kelly are BFF’s and Lisa and Heather are BFFs. That is convenient. Kelly has a new boyfriend, Xander, and tells Amber that she lost her virginity. Amber promises to keep it a secret. Kelly doesn’t know that Amber is dating a much older (and sexy) man named Alex. He gives her a stupid keychain and then makes out by a lake. Alex pressures Amber to have sex and calls her a tease when she refuses. She breaks up with him. Thankfully!

Feeling rejected, Amber cries to her mother, who gives her a nice pep talk. Lisa encourages her daughter to go out to a back to school party. Kelly introduces Amber to her new boyfriend, Xander… who is ALEX. The girls leave the party and decide he isn’t worth ruining their friendship over a guy. (Only Kelly keeps dating him.)

Amber finds out in the next scene. (Way to waste no time, Lifetime.) The girls get into a fight and are suspended from school. Lisa and Heather are dumbfounded that their daughters are lying to them. They get into an argument too about parenting. So much for mother/daughter BFFs. 

Police question Amber and Kelly when Alex falls down some concrete stairs. He is in the hospital in a coma. Kelly doesn’t tell her mother anything about the questioning. Amber tells her mother everything, and Lisa begins to feel like her daughter is a suspect. When Alex dies, it becomes a murder investigation. 

Lisa lawyers up to protect her daughter, and the police show up with a search warrant and tear through Amber’s bedroom. Amber’s cellphone location showed that she left the house the night of the murder. Amber is arrested for murder.

Flash to the night of the murder. Amber was at the scene of the crime and texts, “I HATE YOU! I WISH YOU WERE DEAD!” Which is pretty incriminating. Ambe is held in prison for the rest of the movie. 

Lisa and Heather go on a mommy crusade. First, talk with Alex’s boss at a restaurant and then his drug dealer roommate. The non-threatening roommate says that Alex was a player. They search through Alex’s room.

In the middle of the night, someone breaks into Lisa’s house and spray paints “Stay Away!” on the wall. Then she is followed to her car by the person in the hoodie. It is the drug dealer; he gives her some information. Alex was meeting Kelly that night, not Amber.

Armed with the new information, the police question Heather and Kelly. Now it is Heather’s turn to lawyer up.

Heather and Lisa compare notes. Lisa begins to realize her friend was deterring her from the truth the whole time. She even finds the keychain in Heather’s purse. Lisa flat out asks Heather, “HOW COULD YOU FRAME MY DAUGHTER?” Lisa drops the keychain link she is dropping a mic. 

Heather tries to explain herself. She was sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend, but she met him first. (So it isn’t too creepy.) It is gross that Alex/Xander slept with Heather and then sought out her daughter and daughter’s friend. Truly disgusting. 

Flash to Heather and Alex on the stairs. They argue in the rain. He tells her that it was just some fun and needed a younger version of Heather. He is gross and threatens to post naked pictures of her online. When Heather reaches for the phone, she knocks Alex down the stairs and kills him. 

Lisa records Heather’s admission and tells her to call the police. The woman fight and arms themselves with a fire poker and a cheese knife. The police arrive as Lisa knocks Heather over the railing, killing her. Amber is released from prison and Kelly is SOL. Oh well!

Side Note

Minority Report: None???

Also known as: Precious Things (2017), Lifetime purchased the film four years after it was made. 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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