Candy Cane Christmas (2020 Lifetime)

Charismatic leads can’t save this Christmas Movie. (Which features zero candy canes.)

Candy Cane Christmas (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Beverley MitchellMark GhaniméDerek Johns 

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Since childhood, Candy Cane Lane has been Phoebe’s favorite Christmas tradition of an entire neighborhood decorated for the holidays. This Christmas, however, the neighborhood decides to skip the decorations, crushing her spirits. As Phoebe is searching for a new tradition to cheer her up, she realizes that it’s not the traditions we cherish but the people we spend them with. While preparing for her new tradition, Phoebe stumbles upon the final thing her Christmas was missing: love!


A family drives through a Christmas light display and the little girl, Phoebe, is excited to see Santa. She takes a picture with her best friend Laurie and wishes to visit Candy Cane Land every year, no matter what.

Flash to grown-up Phoebe and Laurie, who now run a successful flower shop. Phoebe is still obsessed with Candy Cane Lane. Too bad Louise sells her house and will no longer be putting on Candy Cane Lane anymore. Phoebe volunteers to do it, but Louise shoots down the idea. Phoebe has trouble coming up with new Christmas traditions and needs to lighten up.

In a coffeeshop, hunky hunk Eric flirts with the barista (He isn’t interested because she is too young.) and buys coffees for his coworkers in the Veterinarian office. His coworkers want to set Eric up because he has been single for A YEAR! (An you even imagine!) Eric stops at Phoebe’s store as she is closing and rudely asks her to open up for a Christmas emergency. (It is like the boy who cried wolf because it is just flowers for a date. Oh, wait, even weirder, his Aunt Maggie. She wants him to start a family and settle down.) Phoebe graciously helps him and thinks her is cute… but has a girlfriend.

Both single people set up their Christmas tree. Eric has trouble, and his tree looks a mess. At the same time, Phoebe thinks outside of the box and decorates her tree in a new way! Pheobe and Eric run into one another at the grocery store by almost taking the same hot cocoa sample. He lets her take the sample cup and writes his number on it. Smooth move! She doesn’t call, but they run into one another again at Erik’s office. Then they go for coffee.

Phoebe helps decorate the nursing home with her coworker Joe. Aunt Maggie messes with her and almost causes Phoebe to fall off of a ladder. (Eric wouldn’t like that!) Eric shows up to visit his aunt, and the couple to be are shocked at the coincidence. Phoebe puts it together that the flowers she thought Erik bought for a girlfriend were for his aunt. She asks him out on a hot cocoa date after he tells her that both his parents are dead. Super romantic. Read the room, Phoebe. 

Laurie sets up Phoebe on a dinner date with a guy named Greg. Greg takes her out to the same party that Erik and his coworkers go to. They run into each other AGAIN. The relationship just isn’t taking off even though both of them want it to. More misunderstanding about dates happen. They are frustrated and reeling from breakups. They better figure it out soon because this movie only has 40 mins left.

We finally get back to Candy Cane Lane. (Ya know, the title of the movie.) Phoebe shares memories of her childhood and loving the tradition. Eric makes plans for a special surprise, recruiting Joe and Laurie to help him. 

The most annoying Christmas movie trope happens. Phoebe overhears Eric’s coworkers talking about his ex, and she thinks they are getting back together. (Even though Taylor Swift made it very clear they are never ever ever getting back together.) Eric quickly clears things up with Phoebe about his ex-fiance. 

Eric takes Phoebe to his new Candy Cane lane for foster kids. They have decorations and gifts for the kids. Then the two go to a quite place and Eric gives Phoebe and kisses her under the mistletoe. The end.

Side Note

There is horrible background music in this one. It is relentless. 

No Candy Canes in this movie. I feel cheated. 

Minority Report: Laurie, Louise, Sylvia

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Overall rating

🎄🎄 (2 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷🍷 (4 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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