The Christmas Yule Blog (2020 Lifetime)

The Christmas Yule Blog (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Sara CanningAlison ArayaZak Santiago

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Caroline Williams, a well-known social media travel writer, is given the assignment to cover a hundred-year-old Christmas parade in the small town of Carte De Amor, New Mexico. Not excited about the assignment, Caroline goes anyway and meets a high school music teacher, Oscar Ortiz, who introduces her to a side of Christmas that she has never seen, with different traditions and meanings. In the twelve days before Christmas, Caroline falls in love with Christmas all over again and finds true love for herself.


San Francisco in a blog firm? Caroline is a travel writer, and she is assigned to a story in rural New Mexico for a human interest piece. She will write twelve blog posts for a “Christmas Yule Blog.” Caroline takes a train and gets a ride from a music teacher in a cowboy hat named Oscar. He loves his smalltown and isn’t into her “city judgment.” Oscar takes her to Mama and Mr. C’s (who looks like Santa) house. The house has no wifi, lattes, or cell service. They sell it as a place to uncharge. Big City girl Caroline is not happy. (She is also rude.) 

Oscar invites Caroline over to his parent’s house for dinner. He lives with them with his young son named Sean. (Sean also wants to be a writer.) Despite being in New Mexico, the town is the most Christmasy town in the world. (According to Oscar.) They wear ugly Christmas ponchos and have a parade because, why not! Caroline wins the contest and posts about it on her VLOG. (Not blog)

Christmas tree decorating happens, and the town Christmas tree lighting is next. Oscar and Sean have a great father-son relationship. They have bonded since his wife Judy died and the moves back from LA. Oscar sings, “Oh árbol de Navidad.” It is so wonderful to see LatinX representation from a LatinX writer and performers.

On the 6th blog post, Caroline places a wish on the town Christmas tree. Then she makes Christmas tamales with Oscars’ family. She is embracing family traditions. They get into a flour fight while Sean records them on his phone. 

Oscar plays a guitar concert and seems very happy that Caroline is in town, even if it is just for work. I think Caroline even sings harmony on a song? Is this going to turn into the Vontrap family singers?!?! They decide to go on a coffee date and explore their obvious feelings for one another. 

The two make Luminarias together. After seeing them lit up, she is filled with the Christmas spirit. Caroline is conflicted, though, because she gets a call from Valerie and is offered a promotion. She spends a lovely tradition of sharing memories of loved ones who have passed on at Christmas time. It helps keep those who have lost loved ones from feeling sad and comforted by memories—such a nice tradition. 

Caroline tells Oscar about the job offer, and he is supportive. He tells her to follow her dreams. She promises to come back, and Oscar tells her that he knows she won’t. “You got me breathing again.” he thanks her as she cries. Caroline leaves town before she gets onto the train; she is given a gift from Mr. C. It is the ornament she wanted from the store. Whatever. This is almost over. Lets finish it up, yeah?

Before she can get on the train, Caroline sees a bunch of single ladies getting off the train. They want to experience the town that she describes in her blog. Caroline replaces her wish on the town tree and stays to surprise Oscar and Sean. (Who are marching in the town parade.) Caroline pops out of a horse drawn carriage and says “Hey Mr.Merry Christmas!” half heartedly. She tells him that she is in town to be with him. “Oh árbol de Navidad.” plays and it is a sign. Oscar and Caroline kiss. She will live in town and work remotely.

Side Note

Minority Report: Oscar, Sean Camilla, Betty, Sam, Roberto, Valerie, Mostly a LatinX cast, which is cool! 

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Overall rating

🎄🎄🎄 (3 Christmas Trees)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: © 2020 Lifetime

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