Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies (2020 Lifetime)

Pretty Cheaters, Deadly Lies (2020 Lifetime)

Cast: Kate DrummondSebastien RobertsKeara Graves

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

After being tricked into a compromising situation by her cousin Madison, Hanna, a high school senior, thinks she can stop her cousin’s blackmail scheme by taking her college entrance exam for her. But nothing is enough for Madison, and her plans soon become deadly.


A teenager sits in her kitchen in the dark and is attacked. As someone with a knife approaches her as she says, “What are you doing here?” She knows her attacker.

Cut to Amanda, mother of the teenager making breakfast. The teen’s name is Hannah, and she is fine now. Amanda wants to invite her new boyfriend, Cameron, over for dinner. Hannah is supportive but more focused on making the best possible resume to get into college. Captain of the cheerleading squad, valedictorian, pretty, and has an afterschool job at the mall. She has it all. 

In contrast, Madison is a 30-year-old high school student who spikes her coffee with vodka and has an unsupportive father named Michael. Madison is a rich bitch and pays for whatever she wants. Madison drinks at school and gets in a car accident off camera. Amanda works at the hospital where Madison is admitted, and we learn they are related. Michael and Amanda get into an argument about his parenting of her niece. (Amanda’s sister died, leaving him to raise her Madison himself.) Michael tells his daughter to be more like Hannah but still buys her a new SUV.

Madison recruits a cute boy named Drew to do her homework. Hannah has a crush on him and comes over. Madison lures Hannah over to her house with hand-me-down clothing in exchange for helping on her college admission essay. Hannah doesn’t want to cheat but tries on dresses while drinking “mocktails.” made by Madison and laced with drugs. Drew hears music and joins the party. Then Madison takes pictures of Drew and Hanna making out. (and then later nudes of a passed out Hannah) Drew suspects Madison of drugging Hannah and drinks the drink to check. He gets into a horrible car accident when he passes out at the wheel. 

The next morning, Madison shows Hannah the pictures and blackmails her. Then Madison breaks into the test prompter to get him out of the room, so Hannah can impersonate her cousin without being seen by someone who knows Madison. The deal is done, or so Hannah thinks. Madison extorts Hannah for more favors. Like, writing all her college essays and doing her pre-calculus homework. 

Hannah realizes that Drew (who is in a coma) was working for Madison before her. When Hanna confronts her cousin, Madison holds a nail file to her neck and tells her that she has it good because she has a parent who cares about her. Then Madison transfers schools so Hannah can do all her homework in all her classes. 

Madison blocks contacts from Hannah’s phone and her friends and then turns them against her. Hannah is caught changing grades in the middle of the night at school. She is kicked off the cheerleading squad for missing practices, and her BFF stops talking to her.   

A hot teacher is onto Madison and tells her that he knows about the swap. He threatens to reveal the truth. She runs into him with her car in broad daylight. Not her best move. 

Amanda also starts to realize that Madison is manipulating her daughter. Hannah tells her mother everything. Amanda goes off on Madison’s father about his daughter drugging Hannah and Drew. Michael can’t hear that his daughter is a cheater and a criminal. He finds the blackmail photos and knows it is true. Then detectives stop by to investigate the teacher’s death, and Madison is their number one suspect. 

Back to Hannah in the kitchen, the intruder is Madison attempting to blackmail her cousin again. Hannah and Madison struggle over the phone but are interrupted by Amanda. Madison grabs a knife and tries to stab them. Michael shows up, and he talks his daughter down. 

Hannah visits an awake Drew in the hospital and is back on the squad. Madison is in jail but has the support of her father. So that is nice.

Side Note

Minority Report: Jill, Cameron, Beatrice, Cheerleader, Coach, Ms. Davis, Detective

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Overall rating

πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

*Photo Credit: Β© 2020 Lifetime

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