The Wrong Mr. Right (2021 Lifetime)

The Wrong Mr. Right (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Vivica A. Fox,  Anna Marie DobbinsKrista AllenEric RobertsDominique Swain

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Jessica (Anna Marie Dobbins) moves back home after college and is surprised to find her mother’s new boyfriend, Paul, is moving in as well. While working at a restaurant owned by her mother’s best friend Sandra (Vivica A. Fox), Jessica observes Paul fighting with another woman and enlists the help of Sandra and private investigator Hal (Eric Roberts), who suspect something very strange. When Jessica discovers Paul is not who he seems; she sets out to prove he is the wrong Mr. Right. Krista Allen, Rib Hillis, Dominique Swain also star. (2021)


Another “Wrong Series” with Ms. Vivica A. Fox! 

The movie starts off with Lifetime KWEEN, Krista Allen, in an interesting outfit. (Overall sweatpants? Should I buy them?) She plays Tracy, a recently single mother with a daughter who is only a few years younger than her. Tracy gets a call from her daughter, Jessica, warning her about her new boyfriend, Paul. Then Tracy is chloroformed. Title card!

Flash to two weeks earlier. Jessica works at a restaurant named Joe’s Diner, owned by Ms. Vivica A. Fox. (So they should probably rename that restaurant to Ms. Vivica’s) Ms. Vivica A. Fox is quick to remind Jessica that women over 40 have sex, OK! Jessica is busy flirting with a line cook named Rick, cutie Olivier Paris, when they notice Paul, Jessica’s mother’s new boyfriend arguing with a woman. He also pushes the woman. Jessica shares her concerns with Tracy, who chooses to ignore her daughter’s concerns and sides with Paul. (Paul is living in their home and calling Jessica “Kiddo.”

Ms. Vivica A. Fox and Tracy go out for drinks and truth-telling. Ms. Vivica A Fox shares Jessica’s concerns about Paul. Tracy is still running of endorphins from her basketball game and wine. She isn’t concerned! 

Meanwhile, Jessica finds Paul’s fake ID/pictures with other women and calls Ryan to tell him about it. Paul eavesdrops on the conversation and knows that Jessica is onto him. At dinner, Paul clears everything up about the fake ID and his past relationships with Shannon, his ex-girlfriend. There is a lot of backstory here. Eventually, Tracy sides with Paul. Poor Jessica. 

Jessica continues to trap Paul in his lies. She tricks him into lying about a brother named John. Tracy invites John over for dinner, and surprisingly, John shows up! (Jessica rudely checks his ID. HAHA!) While the brothers play basketball, Jessica looks up John on social media. When Ryan shows up to help Jessica snoop, they play some two on two instead; John and Paul take off their shirts for some Shirts V Skins. Lifetime… I love you. 

ERIC ROBERTS SHOWS UP?!?!? Not sure why, but also not complaining. He acts while holding a pencil, and that is all I know.

Of course, Paul is paying John to pretend to be his brother. John ups the price he is charging Paul and is then murdered in the bathroom. 

Tracy and Paul go out to dinner, and he literally pulls a “Look over there!” to take out a ring and propose. Tracy accepts, and they plan to get married in a week. Jessica is horrified and concerned for her mother. Tract begs her daughter to be happy for her.

Rick has a shower scene, and I’m very thankful for that. His father walks in on him and talks about not getting into trouble. That, of course, is advice that will go unfollowed. Jessica, Ryan, and Eric Roberts go on a mission to expose John. 

John calls Eric Roberts and invites him to a bar to straighten things out. He is murdered. 

Ms. Vivica A. Fox is back and cautious about John and his motives. Tracy flips it on Ms. Vivica A. Fox and says that she is jealous. (OH HELL NO!)

Jessica tracks down John’s ex wife, played by Dominique Swain, who confirms all of her fears. John is doing all this because he has mommy issues. John is using Tracy for money. Jessica tries to warn her mother, but it is too late. Paul is onto them and convinces Tracy to sign a legal document that connects their bank accounts.

Tracy FINALLY realizes that Jessica was right and is chloroformed. Jessica is next, and then Paul ties up the women in the living room. He reveals his devious plan to steal all their money and staging a robbery that kills Jessica and Tracy. He pulls out a gun just as Rick rushes up to the house. Thankfully Rick calls 911 before rushing in to save the day. Too bad Ms. Vivica a fox shows up first and shoots John. It is random AF, but when Ms. Vivica A. Fox says the titular line. It is so satisfying.

John gets away, leaving Jessica and Tracy with some PTSD.

John heads to Texas and target on some old ladies in a cowboy hat.

Side Note

Minority Report: Sandra

The writing on this one wasn’t my favorite. There was a lot of telling, not showing.

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪 (3 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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