The Nanny Murders (2021 Lifetime)

The Nanny Murders (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Coby Ryan McLaughlinKennedy TuckerMia TopalianArianne Zucker

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

When Jamie is hired by famed business magnate Warren to be his children’s nanny, she is delighted to work for her idol. But after he makes unwanted sexual advances, she discovers that he has a dark side that he’s willing to kill to keep secret. Mia Topalian, Arianne Zucker, Coby Ryan McLaughlin star. (2021)


Jamie moves into a new place with her BFF//musician friend named Claire. They are trying to make it big in the city, but Jamie has trouble finding a job. The girls play darts and worry about what they are going to do for money. Jamie continues to interview for jobs and lands a nannying job thanks to her friend Zack. She will be working for a big shot author/business mogul, Walton Page. Jamie has to sign an NDA, and it is all very serious. 

After her first day of babysitting, Jamie sits down with her new employer for a drink in his home bar. (Complete with neon lighting!) Jamie is thrilled to be working with her hero! Even if he is accosted by an enraged man looking for his sister who is missing. Someone who is also missing in Walton’s wife. 

Jamie and Zach go out on a date at a fancy dinner. They toast to possibilities. 

Back at work, Jamie notices Walton and his wife, Sheryl, having a physical altercation. Then Walton Page makes a pass at her, and Jamie decides to beat him at his own game and get her power back. She plans to stay on the job and set boundaries. Walton seems to respect her for talking with him and gifts her watch?

That is until pool day when a shirtless Walton jokes about moving his chair far enough away from her and then puts sunscreen on Jamie—making her feel uncomfortable. She goes home and punches a punching bag angrily. Her friend, Claire, tries to talk some sense into her over some whipped cream smoothies. 

Jamie feels overwhelmed and trapped in the job because a letter from Walton Page would mean everything. She is also helping him with his business. Jamie opens up to Zach, and he tells her to return the watch, and they decide to start dating.  

When Walton kisses Jamie, she rushes out of the house and tries to give her notice to Sheryl, who gives her the day off to “collect herself.” Jamie has no one to talk to because of the NDA. She reviews the contract with Zach. It looks ironclad. Someone throws a brick through Jamie’s window while Walton watches on the surveillance camera while literally eating popcorn!!!??? 

Jamie makes a proposal and demands a position in his business in a high powered job with a substantial raise. He pours her a glass of whiskey and starts negotiating a deal. He offers her a lot of money and gives her another gift. (A red scarf?) Jamie puts the scarf on and suddenly goes woozy; she is dragged through a hallway and is almost raped. She fights to getaway.

Jamie confronts Sheryl about what happened. Sheryl spills on how she met Walton. Sheryl won’t go against her husband for the sake of her daughters. Jamie tells Sheryl that she will fight. 

Walten breaks into Jamie’s house, and Claire goes missing, or maybe she doesn’t. Claire shows up with a list of nannies that have gone missing. They find the man from the beginning of the movie whose sister disappeared. All she left behind was a red scarf…

Jamie stops by the house to talk to Sheryl, and Walton tries to pay Jamie off for her silence about his date rapping. Jamie tells him that she is going to stop him from victimizing other women. He reminds her of the contract she signed and almost strangles Jamie, but his daughter walks in talking about a bed story. Jamie takes the opportunity to get away and hides in the daughter’s room until it is safe for her to escape. Jamie runs into the woods in the middle of the night.

The next day, Walton takes care of Ryan and Zack. Then he stops by her house with his girls and some icecream. Walton threatens Jamie’s family. He calls himself a shark (He even chomps his teeth, LOL!) and Jamie a minnow. 

Zach is in the hospital, and Jamie sits with him in the ER. He has been badly beaten. One of Walton’s hitmen threatens Jamie, but it doesn’t stop her from getting revenge and setting things right.

Jamie and Claire break into Walton’s house and looks for evidence of him paying off nannies from before. They find the live feed that Walton set up in their home and realize they are in over their heads. 

The hitman continues to come after Jamie and is waiting for her in the backseat of her car. She bites him and gets away, riding on a scooter to Claire, who is tied up at home. Jamie and Clair are both captures and taken to Walton’s abandoned office building.

Walton is now wielding a gun and telling Jamie how much a disappointment she is. She plans to kill her like he did the other nannies. Sheryl shows up with a flash drive. She distracts Walton long enough and grabs the gun. She has been recording Walton the whole time and working with the police to build up evidence against her husband. She tells him to smile for the camera. I love this twist.

The police arrive and take Walton away. Jamie gets a new job with Zach, Claire, and Sheryl is their new boss/mentor. Walton is convicted of murder. They all celebrate with a champagne toast and dance around the office while high fiving. 

Side Note

Minority Report: Annette, Paramedic, Interviewer, Nurse,

Written and directed by females! 

Also known as Nanny’s Killer Scandal or Nanny Danger

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Overall rating

🔪🔪🔪🔪 (4 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷 (3 glasses of wine required.)

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