The Evil Twin (2021 Lifetime)

The Evil Twin (2021 Lifetime)

Cast: Tanya ClarkeEmily PiggfordCory Lee

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Synopsis (via Lifetime)

Emily escapes from an abusive relationship by moving back to her hometown only to discover she has a long-lost twin, but her newfound sister might be a murderer. Emily Piggford, Ish Morris, Cory Lee, Tomas Chovanec star. (2021)


The movie begins with a couple in a domestic dispute. Emily argues with her abusive Candician husband, Jared. He is intense; Emily doesn’t have it and literally runs away and hides in some bushes. Her friend Lehah picks her up and takes her to safety. They had back to Emily’s hometown and leave the city behind.

Emily helps Lehah by working in an antique store called BIG Vintage and borrows Lehah’s car to help get her back on her feet. Lenah heads out of town to visit her mother, leaving Emily alone. Emily is paranoid and thinks Jared is following her around town.

People in the town are rude AF to Emily, who seems like a nice lady. One neighbor tells Emily that she “disgusts her.” Linda Carmichael, a real estate who also has a rocky past with Emily. The only nice person in town is a hunk named David. He invites Emily over for dinner with him and his daughter. He is a widower. Is this a Hallmark movie? Haha, no. A man leaves a note on Emily’s car that reads “I’ve Warned You.” Then the guy slams his car into the back of Emily’s and tells “Charlotte” to leave town, or he will kill her. 

Linda fills in many blanks for Emily stating, “You’ve got a long lost twin… and she is a bitch.” (Haha! Okay, Linda!) Charlotte slept with Linda’s husband a week before he died. That is why Linda was so rude to Emily. Emily starts the search for her long lost twin sister. It doesn’t take long, Emily finds Charlotte in the next scene.

The twins have some wine in the back yard, and they compare birth certificates. Once they realize they are sisters, they talk about growing up and their lives. Charlotte moved to town for a man while Emily was running away from one. They hug it out, and Emily goes on her way. Charlotte gets a call from Blake, the man from the car accident. Charlotte is living in his brother’s house and inherited all his money when he died. 

Emily truly thinks she is in a Hallmark Christmas Movie and turns down wine in favor of hot chocolate while on a date with David. Charlotte interrupts the date with a facetime call and sees her sister with a handsome man that she wants. Charlotte grabs a wrist brace and some scissors to begin to impersonate Emily.

Charlotte explains away, copying Emily’s look, and then lures Blake to Emily’s house. He swigs from his bottle of whiskey and breaks into the house with a bat. Just as he is about to attack Emily, Charlotte bursts in with a gun and shoots Blake. Emily tries to stop the bleeding and calls 911. Detectives interview both women, and Emily has more questions for her twin. (Especially after the neighbor shows “Emily” some survivance video of Charlotte luring Blake to be murdered.) Charlotte is just impersonating Emily and kills the neighbor to get the video footage.

Oh man, this movie is kind of confusing. I keep forgetting who is who. Can the Evil Twin wear an eye patch or something? 

Charlotte pretends to be Emily again and tries to seduce Jared, Emily’s abusive ex. Once she gets him riled up, Charlotte pepper sprays him and blackmails him. You’d think this was a good thing, Charlotte avenging her sister. Except she leaves Emily’s business card behind so Jared can track her down. 

Jared finds Emily and is angry. Emily tries to explain about the evil twin, but Jared isn’t buying it. He chases her around a gas station and is hit by a car and killed. Detectives are back on the scene, and Emily blames Charlotte for setting her up. Detectives can’t gather enough evidence and tell Emily just to avoid her sister.

Emily doesn’t take that advice. She breaks into Charlotte’s house and searches for the incriminating footage. She finds a flash drive with hours of footage of Charlotte and Linda’s husband having sex. In one of the videos, Emily witnesses Charlotte suffocating the man with a pillow. 

Instead of leaving right away, Emily watches the footage and is caught by Charlotte, who has a gun and plans to kill Emily in self-defense. Emily defends herself with a log, and then the twins roll around on the ground, trying to strangle one another. Charlotte is victorious… I think? Charlotte hits Emily in the face with a rock and then impersonates Emily again, trying to trick David. 

David and his daughter show up to help take care of a “distraught” Charlotte/Pretend Emily. She attempts to seduce David, but he turns her down in favor of hot chocolate with mint. She tells him she doesn’t like mint, and he realizes she is not the REAL Emily. Charlotte knocks him out cold and kidnaps his daughter.

Emily and David both come to. Emily promises to get his daughter back.

The sisters find each other at the antique store and walk down the aisles while talking trash. Emily pushes a shelf onto Charlotte knocking the gun out of her hands. That is not a problem because Charlotte starts swinging a hammer. Emily also finds a hammer and takes Charlotte out. She saves David’s daughter, and all is good. 

David and Emily move in together. Everyone has hot chocolate and toasts to new beginnings. The end!

Side Note

Minority Report: Emily, Lenah, David, Adele, Detective, 

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Overall rating

🔪🔪 (2 Knives)

🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (5 glasses of wine required.)

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